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Fall 2005 LAB #11: MAMMALIAN ANATOMY Histology, Fetal Pig Dissection.

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1 Fall 2005 LAB #11: MAMMALIAN ANATOMY Histology, Fetal Pig Dissection

2 Histology The slides you will be examining Photos by T. Chubb/J. Trout

3 Epithelial Tissue

4 Kidney (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium) 40 x100x 400x

5 Kidney (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium) 40 X 400 X 100 X This is from a slightly different area of the kidney

6 Esophagus Stratified Squamous Epithelium (non-keratinized) 40 X 100 X 400 X

7 Connective Tissue

8 Bone 100 X 400 X Central canal All the little fine black lines are the caniliculi osteocyte

9 Blood

10 Muscle Tissue

11 Skeletal Muscle 40 X 40 X (ls) 100 X (ls) 400 X (ls) Cross section do not use nucleus

12 Cardiac Muscle 100 x 400 x 40 x nucleus

13 Smooth Muscle 40 x 100 x 400 x (cs) 400 x (ls)

14 Nervous Tissue

15 100x 400x Cell body of neuron

16 Fetal Pig Dissection

17 Dissection: Definition: The process of careful separation for detailed examination & analysis. TAKE YOUR TIME! Look BEFORE you cut!

18 Fetal Pig After external examination, make your initial cuts as shown (follow your lab manual).

19 Internal Anatomy Following the lab manual, carefully dissect your specimen. Find all features listed on your “Checklist of Structures”.

20 Fetal Heart vs. Adult Heart Is there a difference? Why is there a difference? ….Think about it!

21 NORMAL HEART (Adult) NORMAL HEART heart.htm


23 DEMO: Sheep Heart Dissection External Examination Use the demonstration sheep heart to complete your “Heart Diagram” Handout.

24 DEMO: Sheep Heart Dissection, (cross section view) http://

25 DEMO: Sheep Brain (lateral view)

26 DEMO: Sheep Brain (inferior view)

27 TODAY’S PLAN: 1.Observe histology slides (8). Sketch & label on your “Tissue Types Handout”. (use your lab manual as a guide, Ex. 32). 2.Fetal Pig Dissection: done in pairs. Follow handout & use your manual, Ex. 33, 34*, 35. Identify all structures on the “Checklist of Structures for the Fetal Pig Dissection”. 3. Observe DEMOs: Sheep Heart, Brain, Shark.

28 Post-Lab Assignment: To be completed TODAY: (1) histology slide sketches, (2) I.D. pig anatomy, (3) adult heart diagram. To be turned in NEXT WEEK: Lab Manual Questions Exercise 34, pages 573-574.

29 CLEAN UP! Dispose of all specimens in the RED BIOHAZARD BAG/BOX provided. Wash all dissection tools & set out to dry. Wipe down your lab bench. Wash your hands before leaving.

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