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1 The Consortium of Universities and Colleges of the Washington Metropolitan Area CUWMA CUWMA Information… for Undergraduate Students GU – Gallaudet University.

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1 1 The Consortium of Universities and Colleges of the Washington Metropolitan Area CUWMA CUWMA Information… for Undergraduate Students GU – Gallaudet University

2 2 The Consortium ( @ CUWMA) Program Gallaudet University participates in @ The Consortium of Universities and Colleges of the Washington Metro Area cross-registration program – a inter- institutional cross registration process permits students enrolled in degree programs at one institution to register for an * approved course that is being offered at another institution which is a member participant. Web Link: http://www.consortium.org * Course/Program Exceptions App ly

3 CUWMA Member Institutions O American University O The Catholic University of America O The Corcoran College of Art & Design O Georgetown University O George Mason University O George Washington University O Howard University O Marymount University O National Defense Intelligence College O National Defense University O Trinity University O University of the District of Columbia O University of Maryland (College Park)

4 4 UG Students Must Meet the Following Criteria: Be a full-time degree seeking student* Be in good academic standing** Must have completed all conditional courses Must be at least a second semester freshman ~ Opportunities to take additional Consortium courses is contingent on successful performance in a students currently enrolled Consortium course ~ * Full time status is not a requirement in the summer * * GPA of 3.0 is advisable to attend most Consortium schools

5 5 Appropriate Reasons for Consortium Program Participation Include: Augment/enhance a students degree program Challenge a student visiting another school with different class structure/environment Broaden their college experience if doing well overall at Gallaudet Consortium cross registration authorization and processing by GU Registrars Office will not guarantee enrollment

6 6 Resident School - Home School The students academic records will show Consortium grades & credits as if taken at the home school (Gallaudet) The student pays tuition at their home school Interpreter services are provided by the visited school ~ ~ Students may have to forfeit interpreting privileges when two (2) classes are missed or be held responsible for final interpreting charges

7 7 To Start the Authorization Process: Know your academic program plan & your GPA Discuss your interest/reasons for wanting to take a class at a Consortium school with your AA Determine if you meet all criteria requirements ( See slide 3 ) and check the semester or summer session start dates on the institutions academic calendar. Review the course description with your AA to see if the class is appropriate (see slide 4) Obtain the UG Consortium Authorization Form (Forms are in the Registrars Office or Online at Complete the student sections of the Authorization form Make an appointment with the UG Consortium Advisor to discuss and review your request (Check with Academic Advising Offices) Submit your authorized cross registration request form 5-6 weeks prior to the semester/session start date for best processing and outcomes. There are no guarantees with any request.

8 8 Student Responsibilities The student must pay their own course/lab/material fees to the visited school Student is responsible for transportation & parking at visited school Student is responsible for all library book/material returns and fines * Student will have a transcript block applied to home school records if there are Consortium charges at the visited school * * Student may also have a library block applied if books are not returned impacting future course enrollment at home school

9 9 FYI: Checklist for Participation Need good academic standing & campus status Need to clear all Gallaudet & Consortium debt before new term begins Students carrying debt to any Consortium institution – may not have future success in cross registering and their GU transcript release will be blocked. Should be aware of commuting times between a GU course & a course at any visited school Students may not drop a Gallaudet required program course to request a Consortium course

10 10 Authorization Forms & Perms: Complete student areas of the form before seeing the UG Consortium Advisor - attach the course description & scheduling information Make sure you are aware of special permissions needed QQ Contact … Indicate if you need an interpreter Bring a copy of your semester schedule to your meetings with your AA and the UG Consortium Advisor

11 Additional Concerns: Interpreter concerns need to be discussed with the UG Consortium Advisor and if unsure please email the Consortium Coordinator before you submit your requestConsortium Coordinator Students selecting request for an interpreter – please note that The Registrars Office will submit the interpreting request to the visited school with their cross registration request. Discuss campus housing/dorm concerns with the Consortium Coordinator (i.e. late fall class dates, early spring meeting dates and variable summer dates)

12 12 Consortium Web Link: Current Undergraduate Consortium Advisor Mrs. Thelma Schroeder Academic Advising Offices * Gallaudet University Consortium Coordinator : Barbara Proctor – Registrars Office * Appointment Needed – Schedule Ahead …

13 13 Visit the Registrars Web Link for General Information Registrars Office Chapel Hall 101 Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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