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Alex Waldie Early College High School Liaison

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1 Alex Waldie Early College High School Liaison

2 Large State University We are a large, selective, Research 1 institution (very high research activity) with 24,000+ undergrad and 10,000+ grad students on campus. Our students compete at the highest levels academically.

3 Hard Work at NC State Students who enrolled as part of our fall 2014 freshman class (4,420 students) applied with the following averages: SAT Critical Reading and Math: 1,248 ACT Composite: 28.4 Weighted/Unweighted GPA (4.0 scale): 4.41/3.66 Rank in Class: 13% Dual Enrollment Credits (800 students): 21.2

4 Academic Resources at NC State While we do offer many academic resources, there is little opportunity for remediation in most subjects All grades earned at NC State are permanently recorded on the student's academic transcript. Keep in mind that whether your student comes to NC State or not, they will be required to send their NC State transcript to any college or university that they apply to.

5 Academic Resources at NC State Early College Liaison –Academic Advising Appointments –General assistance navigating NC State/resources Professor Office Hours Disability Services Office Undergraduate Tutorial Center Department sponsored tutoring opportunities Tutorial-based math lab located in SAS Hall Access to NC State libraries Some Career Development Center resources

6 Moving Into Junior Year… Initial advising appointments… –Checking in for beginning of the semester –Discussion of any necessary resources –Continued conversation about major and career exploration Registration advising appointments… –Appointments are late March-April – discuss classes for 2015 fall – take place after completion of MA placement test. –Credit hours can vary by student (1-4) Based on needs of student, high school requirements to complete, placement tests, etc.

7 Registration for 2015 Fall Registration opens for ECHS population in mid-April (after all current degree seeking students) –Courses scheduled by Liaison – no action needed by student While process starts mid-April, it can take up through the summer to complete all schedules –Students will be provided with final schedules during their first weeks back in August. Once schedules are set, they are locked to prevent changes by student

8 Which classes does my student take? Advising is an individualized process that takes place with each student based on their major and career interests Advising is cross-curricular for your students, meaning that selection of the general education courses are catered to the major of interest for your student. –This is true even if the student ultimately chooses not to apply to NC State. Mr. Waldie cannot guarantee transfer credit acceptance at other institutions, but he can help the student to figure that out. ECHS students are Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) and do not have access to full course catalog. –Course consideration also includes availability of classes and department approval in some instances.

9 Things to Remember… The students will be treated like NC State students and are expected to perform accordingly –This includes actively participating in class discussion, completing homework and assignments on time, etc. Many students find when they first get to campus, that they have to advocate for themselves a lot more than they previously had to. Report cards and progress reports don't get sent home, and it is expected that the student keeps track of their progress through the course –If they do need help, they need to be able to take ownership of their situation and alert the instructor to identify resources early Students must have strong time management and organization skills in order to be successful.

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