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Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) 106 Barnard 704-687-2596

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1 Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) 106 Barnard 704-687-2596

2 The Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) welcomes you back to UNC Charlotte. Returning to college can be both challenging and rewarding! OASES is committed to supporting and enhancing the educational experiences of the adult learner. Below are three important steps you should take to ensure your academic success. General Education Advising Appointment Online Orientation Getting Started Seminar

3 OASES SOAR Advising & Registration NinerNET 49er Express Financial Assistance 49er Card Student Health Parking Graduation Important items readmitted students need to know before the semester begins:

4 Office of Adult Students and Evening Services assists in recruiting and retaining students by providing accurate academic advice and information to prospective and enrolled adult, evening and weekend students. For more information click here

5 Students may choose to attend one of the many scheduled SOAR orientation sessions prior to their first semester. Visit for additional

6 Before registering for classes, students must consult with an academic advisor. OASES advises students about their general education requirements. Extended office hours are provided during the fall and spring semesters as well as summer terms. Students who have declared a major should seek advising from their departmental advisor prior to registration. Registration information can be found in Banner, via 49er Express or at

7 Campus information is primarily communicated through your personal email address. New users must create a password for access to email and 49er Express. NinerNET is required for course registration, campus computing and to apply for graduation.

8 49er Express is the universitys computing network. Secure access is gained through a NinerNET username and password. 49er Express provides access to the library, computing assistance, and other campus services. Visit

9 Banner is a self-service application for the retrieval of student account, record and registration information. It can be accessed at For student computing technical support, please contact 704- 687-6400 or

10 OASES has a scholarship program for adult and non-traditional students. Details can be found at

11 Please complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at if you are interested in applying for scholarships or federal aid to attend UNC Questions about financial aid can be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid at 704-687- 2461 or

12 Semester fee schedules are available at

13 All students need a valid student ID card. The card can be used for building access, to make purchases on-campus and to check- out library books. 49er Card information can be found at

14 UNC Charlottes Student Health Center can administer all required immunizations for students entering the university. Information related to student health and immunizations can be found at All UNC Charlotte students must have up to date immunizations to be enrolled in classes.

15 Students are billed for health insurance upon enrollment unless they complete a waiver. Visit for further

16 Information about parking and transportation services is available at

17 Interactive maps are available at

18 Students are required to submit an application for graduation prior to the deadline each semester. The deadline dates are early each semester and posted on the academic calendar at

19 OASES looks forward to helping you meet your educational goals through the 49er Readmit Program. Please stop by Barnard 106 or call us at 704-687-2596 soon!

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