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AVAYA IP OFFICE The Power of We™ Driving Lower TCO, Simplified Management and Higher Levels of Productivity Purpose: Overview of how Avaya IP Office lowers TCO, simplifies management and drives greater productivity Audience: Midsize businesses – IT Managers and/or CIOs Presenter Name Title Date © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

2 What’s Happening in the Market Recognizing What’s Important to You
Agenda What’s Happening in the Market Recognizing What’s Important to You About Avaya IP Office How Avaya Makes Customers More Successful Closing Thoughts Agenda © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

Consumerization MEGA TRENDS IN TODAY’S ENTERPRISE Patterns of Work There are many trends in impacting Today’s Enterprise Consumerization iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, wii, Netflix have all changed the expectations of your employees and your prospects and customers Patterns of work Mobility, demise of the 9-5, globalization, always-on, technology shifts have shifted your ability to respond to those customer needs – generally in a positive way, but the trends do pose challenges? Who pays? Who’s accountable for security? Etc., etc. Economic imperatives Drive for profit and growth, containing costs, rapid response to new business opportunity, customer centricity Economic Imperatives © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

4 Device and Application Proliferation
Location Independence Device and application proliferation Location independence Balancing growth and costs Balancing Growth and Cost © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

Cross-Company Teamwork is Slow and Unproductive Decisions Accelerated by Anywhere / Anytime Collaboration People Define the Collaboration Experience, Not the Technology Documents, Devices and Networks Rule Imagine a world where … Communication is Avoided Deep Collaboration is Rote © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

6 The Power of We™ Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable The Power of We™ Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 6 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

7 Avaya IP Office is 100% right for all of them.
99% of all businesses are small or medium. Avaya IP Office is 100% right for all of them. RDA, 99% of all businesses worldwide have fewer than 250 employees. Avaya IP Office can support up to 1,000 users across 32 sites from a single platform.

8 Avaya IP Office Recognition Frost & Sullivan Product of the Year Award 2011
This award was evaluated on 4 criteria: Value for money Product features & benefits Go-to-market strategy Market potential & customer adoption “In recent years, the small and medium business segment has grown in importance, becoming the target for a wave of enterprise communications products catering to their specific needs. As a result, capabilities that were once reserved for large enterprises have now made their way into the small business segment. With over 200 thousand platforms installed and over 6 million users worldwide IP Office from Avaya successfully presents SMBs with easy IP and unified communications migration path.” -- Dorota Oviedo, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

9 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 9 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

10 Avaya IP Office Single, Scalable Unified Communications Solution
Proven Track Record of Success 7.5 Million users worldwide since 2002 launch Avaya is #1 Worldwide – SME Systems* Global Reach Recognized, Award Winning “Product of the Year” 2011 – Frost & Sullivan Tech Innovator 2010 – CRN Magazine 25% Lower TCO – Tolly Report (2010) * Dell Oro – Revenues – 1Q 2011 Includes Traditional Key/Hybrid, IP-PBX Small, Hybrid IP-PBX Small Calendar Year Small Platform Revenue Totals - Dell‘Oro Group Other vendors in the study: Cisco, IBM, Interactive Intelligence, Mitel, Shoretel, NEC, Microsoft © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

11 Avaya IP Office Avaya Aura®
Avaya Meets The Needs of All Market Segments Serving Small, Midsize and Large Enterprises Avaya IP Office Designed for SME Markets Up to 1,000 users across 32 sites (Max of 384 users per server) Avaya Aura® Designed for Midsize and Large Enterprises Scales to hundreds of thousands Avaya provides unified communication and collaboration solutions for each of the three main markets on the previous slide IP Office targets the small & medium side business up to 250 users. It can expand up to 1000 users which may be across 32 locations depending on the communication needs. In the midsize and large enterprise space we have the Avaya Aura platform: Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise targets the users, and also serves small customers who have sophisticated needs and are implementing advanced collaboration such as video. This is the Avaya Aura platform for unified communication with expansion to advanced collaboration applications Branch Solutions can tie into the midsize solution or a full Avaya Aura multi-server architecture depending on the need. Branches are typically users. The Avaya Aura B5800 at the edge is ideal for large branch networks. Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise Avaya Aura® 5 100 250 1000 10,000 xxx,000s Small Medium Midsize Large Fortune 1000 # of Users/site

12 Seamlessly Connect Locations
Administration Extend customer service hours Lower TCO - Centralize Messaging Long distance toll charges Intercompany Call Charges Hop on/Hop off Improve Staff Collaboration ‘Hot Desking’ – anywhere Receptionist

13 Only Avaya IP Office Delivers One Solution for All of SME
Designed for SME Markets Up to 1,000 users across 32 sites (Max of 384 users per server) Single Platform Built from ground up for SME No other vendor has this 5 Products = 200 users 7 Products = 500 users 9 Products to scale* 11 Products = 300 users 13 Products = 600 users 26 Products = 1000 users** 5 20 250 1,000 10,000 xxx,000s VSB Small Medium Mid Market Large Fortune 1000 * Shoretel requires two different models; 4 of one and 5 of another to reach1,000 ** Takes 24 to get to 500; Two more products added in 2011; 2nd product, BE3000 has 300 user capacity

14 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 14 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

15 Unified Communications
Focused On User Experience Uniquely Structured to Meet the Needs of All Users Across the Network USER PRODUCTIVITY OTHER OPTIONS Receptionist Office Worker Mobile Worker (Preferred) Power User Tele- Worker Agent Supervisor n/a with Basic Optional Hardware & Software Choose Based on the Number of User Types you Have (One Time Seat License) Warranty & Services GROUP COLLABORATION Basic Telephony IP Telephony with Mobility Unified Communications UC and Contact Center IP Office Basic Edition IP Office Essential Edition IP Office Preferred Edition Pre-requisite: Essential Edition IP Office Advanced Edition Pre-requisite: Preferred Edition Accessories & Adjuncts Pre-req: Basic Edition One Edition License Covers All Users on the Server (I.E. Location) Application Partners VOICE, DATA AND VIDEO PLATFORMS AND DEVICES Financing Communications Server Data Multi Media Endpoints Multi-site Options

16 (UC with Preferred Mobility) (IP Telephony/Essential Mobility)
Avaya IP Office Editions Price & Value Comparisons based on Customer Needs +$2,295 NPL (Total: $4,735) Advanced Edition (UC with Call Center) +$1,895 NPL (Total: $2,440) Preferred Edition (UC with Preferred Mobility) Adds to previous: +$495 NPL (Total: $545) New Track, measure customer service Password protected call recording with search, replay, archiving Alarm notifications Detailed actionable reports IVR Text To Speech Visual Basic Scripting Essential Edition (IP Telephony/Essential Mobility) Adds to previous: Full “Meet me” audio conferencing with user passwords Unlimited multi-level auto attendant Scalable, resilient voic No limit on VPN phones/system Call recording $50 NPL Basic Edition (Basic telephony) Adds to previous: IP PBX functionality Up to 40 (single level) Auto attendant Voic to Key System Single site only Digital/Analog phones only Auto-attendant Basic call control on mobile devices 128 party ad hoc only audio conferencing Up to 2 VPN phones/system Ability to add user solutions – Desktop on mobile device, HD video conferencing, IM/presence, calendar mining, Outlook & Salesforce integration 64 party ad hoc only audio conferencing N/A: User solution, multi-site options Options: Receptionist, Multi-site Adds Options: Power User, Office Worker Adds Options: Agent, Supervisor VOICE, DATA ,VIDEO, AND DEVICES Communications Server Data Multi Media Endpoints Multi-site Options

17 Example: IP Office Power User For Employees Who Need to Work from Anywhere
Desktop Integration Call control, access to all messages Host, manage audio conferences Video conference, softphone IM/presence Personalize with gadgets Works with Outlook, Mobile Access Call control, access to all messages Host, manage audio conferences IM/presence Hot Desking Move from office to office Easily log in and make that phone your office phone

18 Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office Features Users Can Now Access On the Go
Bring the one-X® Portal for IP Office experience to the mobile workforce Call control (click-to-call, click-to-conference, etc.) Visual voic Call logs IM and presence (both call and calendar) Corporate directory access Additional features specific to mobile users Supported on Android 2.x smartphones and/or tablets* Avaya one-X Mobile Preferred allows small businesses to : - Increase productivity - Ensure business continuity - Save communication costs (use of company PBX resources to make your calls from your mobile device) With one-X Mobile Preferred, you can: - Take advantage of the “One Number” capability. Your mobile device becomes your business phone - View your favorite contacts and their Rich Presence (Presence availability and telephony status) - Search local and company contacts (personal local directory or company contact database) - Access to your s and calendar - Configure remotely your telephony settings (forward options, mobility mode ..) - Dial by name using local directory or remote company directory – click to call or voice announce - Use the call control capability (Make call, New call, forward, hold, switch …) Unique mobility with sell “sizzle” trumps competition Simplifies and drives UC adoption for mobile workers * iPhone integration will follow in a dot release (cQ2 2012)

19 Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office Easy to deploy, leverages existing server infrastructure
Cellular voice / PSTN IP Office Simplified, open architecture Only one physical server required (can use existing Preferred Edition / one-X Portal server) Calendar integration with MS Exchange Rich presence aggregation and federation with public networks Real-time business collaboration for the mobile workforce Voice calls IP Office one-X Portal & Voic Pro Server Data Internet / Cellular Data Network Requires only one physical server! Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar Integration 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

20 Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office Increased personalization enhances user experience
Federated presence with MS Exchange, MS OCS, & GoogleTalk contacts Mute button for active calls MS Exchange calendar mining Transfer IM to voice conversation One-X Portal for IP Office has also received some enhancements with release 8.0. Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office in Release 8.0 introduces a Presence and Instant Messaging Service. It shows presence (including free/busy, on-hook/off-hook, and others) for any of the people added in Directory+ gadget in the one-X Portal. The presence status is also published to buddies using Microsoft OCS/Lync and those which are part of the Google Talk network Each one-X Portal user by default has a "MyBuddy" entry in his/her IM/Presence roster. MyBuddy is a virtual person that responds to commands entered by the user in his/her chat window by invoking a command MyBuddy also works with other popular XMPP-based external instant messaging services and clients (i.e., GoogleTalk and Jabber)—allowing you to communicate with all your contacts in one instant messaging interface and on a wide variety of devices. Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office in Release 8.0 enables a user to add 3rd party gadgets from Google, Zoho, and other to the one-X Portal. This allows users to combine their Unified Communication workspace with their personal workspace. Release 8.0 also exposes APIs to allow IP Office to be easily integrated into popular sales force automation and customer relationship management applications used by SMEs. Simple URLs MyBuddy Gadget tabs & more! Easy 3rd party gadget integration e.g. iGoogle 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

21 New: Avaya IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook Enables SMEs to Embed Communications Into their Desktop Click to call, IM, or conference Federate presence with corporate, MS OCS/Lync, & GoogleTalk contacts Visual voic Calendar mining Easy to install – no additional servers required intuitive for your customers to use Increase consideration with Microsoft SMEs Prime contacts always on display – no search required!

22 Consultative or blind transfers Place calls on / off hold
Integration with Call control through SFDC portal Make and receive calls Consultative or blind transfers Place calls on / off hold “Out of the box” integration with IP Office Simple plug-in appears in side bar of every SFDC page Enable your customers to personalize their service Instant access to customer information

23 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 23 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

24 Why Avaya IP Office? It’s resilient, not redundant
Other Vendor Products Avaya IP Office Have Fans “Fans and large power supplies have a high probability of failure” * No Fans No Moving Parts. Highly reliable Redundant Expense Requires physical IP ports to ensure failover; if the IP phone ports are not available, the phones won’t failover. Requires purchase of enough redundant ports to be effective. Built-in Resiliency In a multi-site network, no idle hardware needed; software intelligence delivers failover IP failover does not depend on hardware All included with the IP Office Multi-site Option Single-site redundancy is delivered by simply adding additional IP Office hardware Only One Option IP infrastructure has more points of failure and is reliant on bandwidth Choice for More Reliability, Savings Infrastructure for digital (typical for SME) is inherently less complex, more cost effective * Excerpt from “Building Reliable IP Telephony Systems”; a 2009 Shoretel white paper

25 A comparison of resiliency IP Office leaves no hardware idle; minimizes blocking
Small business scenario: 2 sites (25 people at headquarters; 50 people at satellite office) What if the switch goes down at the satellite office? HQ (25 ext.) Satellite office (50 ext.) HQ (25 ext.) Satellite office (50 ext.) All 50 users fail over to HQ All licenses carry over No idle hardware required No blocking!* IP Office All of the 50 users fail over to HQ Designated backup switch required for resilience (idle hardware!) Potential blocking (must have enough free ports in HQ for continuous service) e.g. Shoretel * - requires appropriate number of VCM channels 25

26 The IP Office Resiliency Solution Provides business continuity for single- or multi-site SMEs
Backup PSTN PSTN Resilient Multi-Site A IP link B System A System B Preferred Edition (Voic Pro) Huntgroup 1 Huntgroup 2 Systems A & B share information, including: Users & Huntgroups IP Extension (Including DHCP) Personal contacts/Call Log (1600) Licenses associated to users

27 The IP Office Resiliency Solution Provides business continuity for single- or multi-site SMEs
Backup PSTN PSTN Resilient Multi-Site A B System A System B Preferred Edition (Voic Pro) Key elements introduced in R5 to strengthen business Continuity – Avaya IP Phones only Resilient Small Community Network Ability for VMPRO to re-register to alternate IP Office (can be on same LAN or WAN) R5 enables a business to nominate a back up IP Office within a network. This could be on the same or across location or even locations. For example system A can nominate B, B can nominate A or even C (not shown above) Both the main and back up systems share common information activated during installation (simple check boxes)– Users and Huntgroup, IP extension numbers, personal contacts 16xx phones. User licences (one-X portal, mobility and UMS in R5, all named user licenses in R6 e.g. Power User, Office Worker, Mobile Worker) are all shared across both systems. Other system licences will not be carried over to system B however please note that Avaya IP phones do NOT require licensing for failover (only the multi-site license) A single location can have extensions deployed across the business from both main and backup systems and will have almost seamless feature transparency (a high degree of features – i.e. SCN feature set)) across users – e.g. paging, pickup, common dial plan to name a few. Huntgroups can also be set to incorporate extensions from the two systems. In normal operation incoming calls are routed to the users and or groups seamlessly. Queue management, Announcements etc are serviced in the same manner. To all intense and purpose it is a single system. The Preferred Edition Messaging server (Voic Pro) can service both systems, as can a single operator’s console Huntgroup 1 Huntgroup 2 On system A failure, system B will automatically support Avaya IP phones and Hunt Groups (no additional Avaya IP phone licenses required for failover) Preferred Edition voice mail server re-registers to system B All users will have their Power Worker, Office Worker, Mobile Worker, and Teleworker licenses carried over

28 The IP Office resiliency solution Provides business continuity for single- or multi-site SMEs
Backup PSTN PSTN Resilient Multi-Site A B System A System B Preferred Edition (Voic Pro) BUILD SLIDE In the unlikely event of System A failure. The IP Phones that were assigned to system A will re-register automatically to site B (approx 2 minutes) VMPRO will also re-register to System B. All R6 user licenses (e.g. mobile worker, power user, etc) are carried forward. Note: All other licenses such as PM PRO, SoftConsole are not carried over With regard trunk lines Options will include populating the business with 2 digital lines – one to each system, if Sys A fails, all lines will automatically roll over to trunks on Sys B – this is a central office feature. One system could have back up analog trunks, and the digital lines could manually be switched over if required Huntgroup 1 Huntgroup 2 Once system A is restored, system administrator controls return to normal operation via System Status Application (SSA)

29 The IP Office resiliency solution Provides business continuity for single- or multi-site SMEs
Deploy Preferred Edition voic across multiple sites with resiliency Centralized / Primary Voice Messages/Call Recording Backup Messaging/config backup in case of network or hardware failure Distributed Minimizes WAN traffic Utilize local voice ports Centralized Primary Preferred Edition Network Primary IP Office Backup Preferred Edition Distributed IP Office Distributed Preferred Building upon the resiliency capability we introduced in IP Office R5, you can now deploy Preferred Edition in a Multi-site network in a resilient fashion. In this scenario, a small business can designate a backup Preferred Edition messaging server within the multi-site network. The primary Preferred Edition messaging server updates the backup Preferred Edition messaging server with messages and call-flow moves, adds, and changes (MACs). All of these are cached locally on the backup server. If for any reason the primary Preferred Edition messaging server fails, the backup messaging server will have all the data cached locally, and it can serve as the primary messaging server until normal operation is restored. There is additional value to deploying Preferred Edition in a distributed fashion, as individual locations can have "local"service (e.g., voic , queuing, Auto Attendant, recording) while still using a centralized messaging server, primarily to minimize traffic across the WAN. It can also provide backup voic service if the main, centralized messaging server experiences a network or hardware failure. This capability can be supplemented to arrange for the IP Office system to perform automatic, scheduled backups of the Preferred Edition configuration data and messages. This allows for full restoration of all data once the centralized Preferred Edition messaging server comes back online, thus ensuring that none of the SME’s messages, recorded calls, or preferences are lost. Business continuity Improved customer service Key Benefits 29

30 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 30 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

31 A Holistic Approach to Collaboration
User Applications and Devices Integration with Business and Social Apps DevConnect Contact Center Infrastructure Data IP Office © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

32 Offers Customer Service Options Easy, Affordable Comprehensive Contact Center
Reports shown in 15 & 30 minute increments Agent Performance Factor in Agent Time Card Report Supervisor Report Template Copy Custom reports with Microsoft Report Builder Coaching / Silent Intrusion / Whisper page Real-time monitoring Enhanced system statistics 2 new handsets available for DECT R4 systems with IP Office Release 7.0: the 3740 and 3749 These DECT solutions are targeted for industrial environments., being shockproof, liquid and gas proof. The 3749 also benefits from being intrinsically safe, which loosely translated means you can walk around a coal mine or gas refineries without the risk of explosion. A safety feature called for in some vertical industries is “man down” In the event of no movement for a certain period of time an alert is sent to a security system Simple, powerful reporting with even more value for your customers Thin client architecture lowers speeds installation, lowers TCO 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 32

33 Flexible Call Recording
Browser based access to recording library Powerful search filters: CLID, Date, time, dialled number, length, extension number Ad-hoc (immediate record) or percentage calls in a time period Easily archived and retrieved Perfect for training and conflict resolution

34 IP Office Open Architecture
Integrated Solutions Delivered with Partners 172 DevConnect partners – Off the shelf applications for all industries All DevConnect Partner solutions certified with IP Office IP Office industry standard ‘TAPI’ interface – customizable to almost any desktop application supporting TAPI IP Office CTI-link, IVR, VB Scripting for ‘deeper’ customized integration You are probably aware of the DevConnect program within Avaya, currently numbering over 170 certified with IP Office. Each offers unique value to IP Office, and can open new market opportunities for you. By embracing our Devconnect partners, and focusing on a vertical market, we, and you, can differentiate from ours and your competition. With knowledge of the vertical and IP Office, sales cycles will be shorter and your ability to generate revenue will be faster. By employing applications tailored to a business requirements It will most certainly put them above their competition. 34

35 DevConnect Partner Example The Value They Bring – Customer References
CRM Integration, MS Dynamics, etc. Integrated Live Chat Integrated Call Accounting Click-to-Dial Automated Dialer Integrated web chat* Integrated * Integrated voice* * Early 2012 with Contact SWEET!

36 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

37 IP Office Management & Administration Intuitive, secure, reliable
Administration from any location Automated back-up and restore Error free configuration Fast, easy upgrades Offline configuration QoS and resource Monitoring Real-time call status SNMP Alarms – ed Remote Diagnostics IP Office Management is accomplished by using the IP Office Manager application. Manager is Windows-based, easy to use, intuitive interface to operate and can be used either locally or remotely.

38 Avaya IP Office Ability to Scale, Grow with You Focus on User
Productivity Resilient, Highly Reliable Avaya IP Office Flexible, Open Approach Simple, Turnkey Management Lowest TCO 38 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

39 An Independent Test Report: IP Office & ShoreTel
This does not include conferencing! 24.6% quickly jumps to 50%+ on a 50 user construct with ShoreTel conferencing “has lower complexity and system power demands than the comparable ShoreTel solution” Notes: This shows the results of the Tolly Group study, 24.6% saving in TCO over ShoreTel, not including conferencing. Download The Tolly Test Report: … SME Sales Portal Competitive Intelligence/ShoreTel

40 A comparison of pricing / TCO No extra hardware required for non-blocking, conferencing
Building upon the resiliency capability we introduced in IP Office R5, you can now deploy Preferred Edition in a Multi-site network in a resilient fashion. In this scenario, a small business can designate a backup Preferred Edition messaging server within the multi-site network. The primary Preferred Edition messaging server updates the backup Preferred Edition messaging server with messages and call-flow moves, adds, and changes (MACs). All of these are cached locally on the backup server. If for any reason the primary Preferred Edition messaging server fails, the backup messaging server will have all the data cached locally, and it can serve as the primary messaging server until normal operation is restored. There is additional value to deploying Preferred Edition in a distributed fashion, as individual locations can have "local"service (e.g., voic , queuing, Auto Attendant, recording) while still using a centralized messaging server, primarily to minimize traffic across the WAN. It can also provide backup voic service if the main, centralized messaging server experiences a network or hardware failure. This capability can be supplemented to arrange for the IP Office system to perform automatic, scheduled backups of the Preferred Edition configuration data and messages. This allows for full restoration of all data once the centralized Preferred Edition messaging server comes back online, thus ensuring that none of the SME’s messages, recorded calls, or preferences are lost. Audio Conferencing drives up ShoreTel TCO Giving Avaya a 50% Advantage!* * - 50 user construct 40

41 Savings from SIP trunking
50% or more monthly savings* Share the WAN for both telephony and data Reduced onsite equipment Buy just what you need, add when you want Utilize multiple providers for best calling rates Based on time, number dialled etc * Using Avaya ‘flip to SIP’ - data received from various SIP service providers and assumes a fixed rate for local, long distance, international, and toll-free inbound calling charges. Flip to SIP :

42 Avaya IP Office is designed to optimally enable your people to sell to, interact with, service and support your customers. © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

43 Avaya’s Differentiation
Competition Innovators in Real-Time Collaboration Fit-for-Purpose Works with what you have People First Technology Built-in Reliability and Resiliency Simple, single platform – and it’s a hybrid Built for / Data Communication or Niche player One Size Fits All Forces rip and replace Technology-Centric Architecture Prone to failure, added cost to resolve with redundant servers Many different boxes and servers, forces IP only infrastructure © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

44 Businesses Worldwide Rely on Avaya
Top 10 Hotel Groups 16,000 Retail Sites Top 20 Airlines More Than 5,500 Healthcare Institutions More than 1 million businesses in all regions, and sectors rely on Avaya Nearly 5,000 Educational Institutions Government Agencies in more than 25 Countries Every Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company 70% of the Largest Banks © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

45 Global Artist Booking Agency 150 employees, 5 locations, London (HQ), New York, LA, Toronto, and Malmo Investment protection in a system viable for the foreseeable future Keep agents in constant touch with without incurring cell phone charges Conference bridge to accommodate large number of participants Challenge “Avaya has done a good job of bringing the features of our existing Nortel phones to the IP Office platform, which makes the transition easier. All of the codes are carried forward, so this makes programming our Nortel phones very simple, and users can keep working with them, without any added input from IT.” Howie Gold, The Agency Group The Agency Group is one of the world’s leading booking agencies, home to 50 agents with a combined roster of over 1,000 artists. They represent a wide variety of genres including rock, metal, reggae, folk, R&B, hip-hop, classical, and children’s entertainment and have Literary, Speakers, and Events departments operating out of the Los Angeles office. The Agency Group prides itself on building strong ties with artists and their managers by having each agent represent specific acts, unlike most agencies who work them in definite territories. Having offices located throughout the world - in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Malmo - allows The Agency Group to easily offer global representation to acts that seek it and book as many markets as possible. Some of their notable clients include Pink Floyd, Nickelback, Paramore and many more. The company has 150 employees across 5 locations - London (HQ) New York, LA, Toronto, and Malmo (Sweden). CHALLENGE The Agency Group was looking for a product with larger conference bridge, with the ability to enable mobile agents to use mobile handsets and/or laptops without incurring costly cell phone charges. Since they were already using the Avaya BCM platform, protecting that investment was a critical requirement – and any new product they would migrate to would need to be available for a long time to come. SOLUTION The Toronto office installed an IP Office 500v2 running release 7.0 software, and re-used their existing Nortel Digital and IP Handsets. For executives that may be working at different locations – or at home – IP Hardphones with VPN capability were provided. The IP Office Power User package was leveraged to ensure rapid call handling options, as well as reduce the cell phone charges the agents would incur while on the road. Finally, to measure and track customer service, IP Office Advanced Edition was selected. The Agency Group selected IP Office primarily to ensure there was a solution to help migrate their existing legacy Nortel Norstar and BCM platforms. Avaya’s reputation and track record in the industry, along with the outstanding R&D team acquired through the acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Solutions, reassured them of the commitment made to the SME space and the continued design of the best SME product out there. VALUE CREATED Investment protection – The Agency Group’s existing investment in the Nortel T7000 series sets was preserved by re-using them on the IP Office platform. With IP Office R7.0, a small business can realize between 40 – 60% investment protection when moving from an existing Norstar or BCM to IP Office, ensuring continuity and saving cost. Reduced costs – By leveraging IP Office Power User, agents are now able to make and receive calls on their laptops, just as if they were in the office. The IP Office Softphone – a key component of the Power User solution – lets agents take advantage of WiFi networks in hotel rooms or airports, and significantly reduces the charges incurred through mobile phone use. Improved employee collaboration – On the Norstar and BCM platforms, The Agency Group was limited with how many parties could join a conference call. With agents – not to mention clients - that could be literally anywhere in the world, having a larger, built-in conference bridge was a must. With the built-in, 128-party conference bridge, IP Office eliminates the need to procure additional license keycodes to increase bridge capacity, and allows The Agency Group to hold conference calls for larger parties on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. Preserved investment made in existing Nortel T7000 series sets Power user lets agents leverage WiFi to make calls without using cellular 128-party, “meet-me” conference bridge allows flexible setup with maximum headroom Value

46 End-to-End Avaya Services Delivered With Our Partners
Avaya Professional Services Business productivity improvement to solve your key concerns GLOBAL SERVICES Avaya Global Services is the largest Avaya/Nortel servicer in the world. We provide an exceptional breadth and depth of services to help you build the business case and technical design for a solution, provide for a smooth migration and protect investments after installation with the proper level of support or managed services for your needs. Our professional services help you plan, design, and integrate your solutions to drive business results with communications technology. Plan. We work with you to prioritize your technology investments according to your business needs and develop a full business case and ROI. Design. Once the determination is made about which solution to implement, APS can provide a detailed technical design that eliminates the risk of complex migrations, including multi-vendor or integration with other business applications. Integrate. By planning properly, the implementation and deployment of solutions goes smoothly. Our partners and Avaya Professional Services can provide the capabilities necessary to remove risk from this stage of the lifecycle. Technical support is a strategic element of ensuring the success of a technology purchase and we provide headache-free support to achieve optimal performance for your systems. Support. We can support any environment, from small to large, simple to complex. Our flexibility enables us to provide complete solution support or enable you with the tools and knowledge to complement your capabilities. Many customers find that the ongoing management of a communications environment is critical to business success but an administrative burden on your IT team. Operations Services can take care of your management so you can focus on strategic initiatives. Operate. We have a fully partner-enabled managed services platform services that provides holistic managed options for all Avaya and Nortel solutions, including Voice, Contact Center, Video and Data. Avaya Operations Services Total accountability for managing communications solutions Global Support Services Strategic support for optimal performance © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

47 The Power of We™ Protects Your Investment Grows Your Revenue
Reduces Risk The Power of We™ Works with what you have Is Easy to Manage Reduces Your Costs, Saves You Money 47 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

48 Finally, New Promotional Offer for UC Applications
Rebate promotion – US and Canada Effective: October 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012 Three levels, starting at 32 or more IP users Offers up to $3,600 in rebates

49 THANK YOU Name © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.


51 Backup

52 Avaya’s Business Model is Strong
$5.1B FY10 revenue; Y/Y growth Quarterly gross margin improvements during FY10 Continued investment in innovation Data and Video market entry in driving new revenue streams Revenue Profitable business model $795M EBITDA in FY10. Up $42M Y/Y and represents 15.7% of revenue Operating income* reported at $335M or 7% of revenue in FY10 and $531M or 13% of revenue in FY09 Profitability Positive cash flow from operations in FY10, for ninth consecutive year Strong cash balance continued in FY10 Cash *excluding one-time and non-cash items © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

53 Avaya: Strong, Focused and Growing
19,000 Employees in 54 Countries Nearly 10,000 Channel Partners Worldwide Labs in Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, US and the UK 32 Global Delivery Support Centers Largest Installed Base of Global Business Systems; Second Largest for Data 30M+ SME Users Worldwide, ~ 50% More than Nearest Competitor HEADQUARTERS Basking Ridge, NJ USA Exact number of Channel Partners is 9631, effective January 21, 2011 INVESTING IN R&D 5,400 patents or patents pending ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND 40% more energy efficient than any other network © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

54 Recent Industry Highlights
#1 MARKET SHARE Unified Communications1, Contact Center2, Enterprise Messaging3, Audio Conferencing4 Voice Maintenance Services5 and SMB CRN Tech Innovator award 2010 for IP Office (11/2010) Frost & Sullivan 2011 Product of the Year J.D. Power Associates Certification For 2 years in a row, Avaya has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for “Providing An Outstanding Customer Experience” 2011 “World's Most Ethical Companies” for the 5th Year No. 1 in Worldwide Unified Communications and Telephony Systems1 No. 1 in Worldwide Contact Center2 No. 1 in Worldwide Enterprise Messaging3 No. 1 in Worldwide Audio Conferencing4 No. 1 in Worldwide Voice Maintenance Services5 Additionally, Gartner places Avaya in the Leaders Quadrant based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute: Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony, 20106 Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, 20107 Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide, 20108 Sources: 1-Dell’Oro Group, Enterprise Telephony Report, 3Q10, November, 2010; 2-Gartner Inc., Market Share, Contact Center: Worldwide, 2009, Drew Kraus, March, 2010; 3-T3i Group, InfoTrack for Converged Applications, Full Year 2009, Messaging, June, 2010; 4-MZA, Ltd., The World UC Applications Market, 2010 Edition, June, 2010; 5-IntelliCom Analytics, Services Market Dashboard, Q Global Lifecycle Services Market Workbook, November, 2010; 6-Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony, Steve Blood et al, August, 2010; 7-Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, Bern Elliot et al, July, 2010; 8-Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide, Drew Kraus et al, February, 2010. The Magic Quadrant are copyrighted 2010 by Gartner, Inc. and are reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the “Leaders” quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Best Customer Commitment Best Knowledge Management Practices Best Service Delivery Optimization Hall of Fame Award Recognition for Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Service J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Certified Technology Service & Support ProgramSM, developed in conjunction with Technology Services Industry Associates (TSIA). For more information, visit or © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

55 Alcatel-L OmniPCX Office ShoreTel Enterprise Edition
How IP Office competitive analysis Stacks up strongly against the rest Avaya IP Office 5000/NeXspan & 800/OpenCom Alcatel-L OmniPCX Office Cisco CM Express Mitel 3300 ICP ShoreTel Enterprise Edition Siemens HiPath Series Resiliency for Business Continuity (automatic failover) Yes, with multi-site option (all IP config) Option, No resiliency on OpenCom/800 Optional, cooling fans only Optional with SRST software Standard on MXe, Optional with 2nd controller on MX and LX Optional with sufficient additional hardware Optional with secondary gatekeeper Third-party SIP phone support Yes No (OpenCom), Yes (NeXspan) No Audio Conferencing Capacity 2 x 64-party 3-party, no Meet-me 6-party 8-party 3-party; 6-party with additional IP phone ports assigned 5-party Ability for Users to host their own password coded conference calls Yes, with IP Office Preferred Edition Expensive external server required for >3-party 32-party, no password protections Optional 200-party Optional ports Optional, varies Separate Server/ hardware required? No (Essential) Yes (Preferred) Number of Music On Hold sources 4 1 1 per locations 16 Thin-Client Access to proprietary Call Center Yes, with Advanced Edition Yes, with Syntellect CIM 55

56 CPA Services Across 3 Locations Ensures Reliable Client Service
Previous system was replaced after several months Sought reliability, client satisfaction and cost savings “We need the best for our customers, and with the Avaya system, I’d say we have it. We’re a service business, which means we are dependent on people being able to reach us. If that doesn’t exist, we might as well close our doors.” Joseph P. Manzelli, CPA, CITP Director, Fuoco Group LLP Challenge 15% increase in billable time Ability to consolidate 3 receptionist roles to operate from one location Redeploy 2 resources Lower maintenance costs HAUPPAUGE, New York – Fuoco Group LLP is an accounting and business consulting firm with offices in New York City and Hauppauge, New York, and North Palm Beach, Florida. For the 70 CPAs and support staff, effective communications is critical to delivering client services, maximizing productivity, and driving revenue. Joe Manzelli is the senior partner at Fuoco Group who serves as the firm’s IT director. In early 2008 his vision was to establish a robust IP telecommunications infrastructure that could meet all the firm’s current needs and grow with them for many years to come. Fuoco Group first installed a Cisco call management system, but after several months the installation did not meet the firm’s expectations. “We have a large volume of calls going in and out of our offices, and with our previous system, the technicians could not get even the basic functions working well. Everyone kept saying that making a simple phone call shouldn’t be so complicated,” Manzelli explained. According to Manzelli, the firm’s most urgent need was for an effective conferencing system that could be activated quickly and easily. Beyond that, they were also looking to benefit from all the features that they knew should be available and working well on an IP platform—everything from 3- or 4-digit dialing between all the offices and effective voic to mobility options and call control from the PC. ”Reliability was also an extremely important consideration for the Fuoco Group,” Manzelli said, “We had suffered through days and weeks at a time with our systems down, when everyone had to do business on their personal cell phones. That kind of situation was ridiculous, and clearly, we never want to experience anything like it again.” A solution with features that work intuitively and save time Manzelli turned to Manhattan Business Systems, Inc. (MBS), an Avaya Authorized BusinessPartner and general IT vendor that had previously provided some other IT services. After an extensive analysis of Fuoco Group’s needs, MBS recommended a solution based on Avaya IP Office, with its extensive suite of applications and related devices. Planning sessions were held to ensure that Fuoco Group would have exactly the applications and equipment they needed and that the installation could be done quickly, so as not to interrupt the work of the three offices. Onsite prep work was done beforehand, so that the actual system changeover would be seamless. Speed of deployment: “When we switched over to Avaya IP Office,” Manzelli said, “everything was brought in, plugged in, and installed—and within a day the Avaya system was up and running. We didn’t miss a beat. I think that’s a tremendous achievement on the part of MBS because of lot of advance work went into making that happen. It’s such a relief to have a great system AND the technicians who really know how to make it work properly.” The solution supplied for each Fuoco Group location consisted of Avaya IP Office; Voic Pro; Phone Manager Pro; Mobile Twinning (simultaneous delivery to office phone and cell phone); Softconsole; Avaya 5410 and 5420 digital phones; Avaya 5610 IP phones; a selection of wireless, Bluetooth, and noise-cancelling headsets; plus appropriate licensing and adjunct equipment. IP Office 500 is a modular system that combines the reliability and ease of a traditional telephony system with the applications and advantages of an IP communications solution. It supports single locations and multi-site networks, multi-point conferencing, mobility, customer service, and many other capabilities that can keep pace with the firm’s evolution and growth. “We were extremely pleased to see the range of functionality that could be achieved with a system that is well priced for the small business,” Manzelli stated. Ease of use: Each of the system components was carefully selected to meet the needs of Fuoco Group’s three offices. Their receptionists work with Avaya Softconsole, which is a PC-based operator console that enables operators to answer, route, and manage incoming calls from their PC screen. Softconsole users can view caller information, directory information, calls on hold, company-side phone status, call history, and missed calls. It has worked so well for Fuoco Group that they are considering consolidating all call answering at one site, which will free up other personnel for dedicated work in different areas and possibly enable them to streamline their staff. Avaya 5400 Series Digital Telephones work with IP Office to bring exceptional ease of use for both basic and advanced calling features. These phones offer one-touch functions, providing efficiency and speed in setting up conference calls, transferring calls, and dialing clients. The large LED display labels feature buttons automatically, so there is no need for paper labels. “This ease of use is so much better than what we had before,” Manzelli commented. “The commands and functions are all right there, and it all makes sense. The end users don’t need to know how to program the phone. The intuitive functionality is ready for them to use. As a result, there is less frustration and time wasted.” Users have also found the teleconferencing feature of IP Office easy to set up and use, even for participants in several locations, both domestic and international. The caller ID function has been instrumental in enabling staff members to prioritize their time by recognizing which calls must be taken immediately and which ones can be postponed until later. Many staff members also use wired or wireless headsets, which contribute additional speed and ease to their communications. Enhanced connectivity: Three-digit dialing among all three offices has really brought the different locations together, contributing to a stronger sense of being one company, not three. “It’s great when you’re talking to someone in the Florida office and it seems like he’s just down the hall,” Manzelli said. The firm is also using Voic Pro, which can provide information to callers and assist the operator during periods of heavy call activity with a powerful voice processing system. This application also enables the integration of voic messages into a user's box. As the firm evolves in its use of the system, a number of enhanced messaging and call handling options can be activated. Manzelli is personally trialing the application known as Phone Manager Pro, which offers control of the telephone from the user’s PC (headset required). He plans to roll out these features more widely to the rest of the firm in the near future. He also plans to integrate their customer data base so that screen pops with client information will be available. Productivity gains: Manzelli commented, “When you look at all the small time savings that result whenever a feature such as speed dialing, caller ID, or conference calling is used, it adds up to a significant amount, and this translates into a great increase in productivity across the entire firm. I believe that increase is almost doubled when you move your calling functions to the PC with Phone Manager Pro. I get the equivalent of about 3 or 4 days a month—which is about 15% or more—in time that I gain through the efficiency that our Avaya solution brings to us.” Mobility and home office options offer additional flexibility Most of the CPAs currently use IP Office’s mobility features to stay connected any time, anywhere. These capabilities enable a call to ring simultaneously at the desk phone and on the cell phone. With this option, users do not have to give out their personal cell numbers, yet they need not miss any calls that come into their office. If a user forgets to turn on the Mobile Twinning feature, he or she can call the receptionist and the function can be turned on or off at the receptionist’s console. Similarly, the IP phones that are used for home offices can conveniently be accessed by the same office number, plus they have the full functionality of the office phone system. “It’s an extraordinary thing to be reachable at any location—your office, home, or traveling—on just one number,” Manzelli stated. “What it means is that people don’t have to make lots of calls to find you. In the workplace today, sometimes you need to be available 24/7, and this approach accommodates that perfectly. At other times you need some privacy, and that option is available, too.” System reliability contributes to customer satisfaction and cost savings Manzelli still recalls the days when the firm’s previous telephone system would go down, and he’s delighted that there has been virtually no downtime with Office IP. “The loss in billable time is staggering when phone service goes down,” he explained. “At one point we calculated that we might lose as much as $7,000 per hour in lost productivity, and that’s just not acceptable. Now we have no worries about that occurring.” There is also no worry about customers not being able to get through on the phone, or of offering them less than state-of-the art services such as conferencing, voic , and other features. “We need the best for our customers, and with the Avaya system, I’d say we have it. We’re a service business, which means we are dependent on people being able to reach us. If that doesn’t exist, we might as well close our doors.” Manzelli is also pleased that the company will be saving money on the high service fees and line charges associated with its previous phone systems. He likes the Avaya maintenance agreement because it covers the applications, the hardware, and the devices. “The best investment…” Manzelli concluded, “I believe that our Avaya communications solution is the best investment our firm has ever made. It’s done everything we’ve asked it to do, and we know that there are many more features that we can move into as our use of the system evolves. Even our most demanding users are happy with it, and as the IT Director, I have a high level of confidence in its performance. Right now it is saving us money and delivering exactly what we need, and it has the capacity to keep pace with any new applications that we will require for many years to come.” Call to Action   For more information on how Avaya Intelligent Communications can take your enterprise from where it is to where it needs to be, contact your Avaya Client Executive or a member of the Avaya Authorized BusinessPartner program, or visit "Do Your Research" at Applications, Systems, and Services IP Office 500 5420 Digital Phones 5410 Digital Phones 5610 IP Phones Voic Pro Phone Manager Pro Mobile Twinning Softconsole VPN licenses for IP Phones AWH-75N Wireless Headsets ABT-35S Bluetooth Headsets Avaya Premier Services Agreement Value 56

57 180 Person Law Firm in UK Practicing Mergers of Companies and Systems
Many mergers over the past 5 years added disparate systems Needed to consolidate them all to connect their 7 locations across UK “With Release 5, we’ll implement the SCN resiliency, thin client applications, Voice over IP, and a “one number” mobility program that will have a significant impact on the productivity of our solicitors, who are constantly on the move – between offices, courts, clients and working at home.” Alan Barrett Director of IT Challenge Remote management of all systems “Immediate increase in productivity and cost savings (£2000/month) through reduced maintenance” Future applications integration: Integration with LexisNexis Axxia, the firm’s new Practice Management System – enabling click to call and automatically keeping track of the time solicitors are on the phone on behalf of clients Customer Name: TWM Solicitors Customer’s Industry: Legal Customer’s Location: UK (Guilford, Epsom, Leatherhead, Reigate, Wimbledon, Cranleigh) Company URL: Company Overview: TWM is one of the pre-eminent Surrey law firms and has been offering legal services to the region for over 200 years. TWM works hard to deliver a really first class service to their clients and builds close and lasting relationships with them, recognising the vital importance of the work with which they entrust the company. Overview of Avaya solution Currently, they have IP500 running R4.2, using Embedded Voic and 5410 phones; in the future, they will upgrade to R5, move to centralized VMPro, Small Community Networking with the Multi-site option + Mobile Worker solution Business Challenge Company is the result of multiple mergers of several older law firms – now operate 7 different sites across the UK. IT was tasked with revamping an antiquated network and computer systems, as well as several older phone systems. Did not initially consider convergence of voice and data as a driver, but as they expanded in size (and into multiple regions – US, Norway, and Mexico) they recognized that the employees needs to be constantly in contact. Additionally, they hired a remote worker – someone based in South Africa – that required connectivity to the home office. All 7 sites had different telephone systems, and IT requires centralized management. Each system had a mix of analog lines, ISDN lines, etc, but their preference was to standardize across sites (as well as connect each site to lower intra-office calling costs). They looked at Mitel and Toshiba, but decided to go with Avaya given the feature set, especially TAPI (they have a future goal to integrate the phone system into a database). What are the benefits the customer has seen as a result of the Avaya solution? Saved £2000 pounds per month, which essentially pays for the IPO system and added £700 pounds per month into the IT budget. When Alan Barrett, Head of IT for TWM Solicitors, LLP, a UK-based law firm was looking for a way to consolidate the disparate phone systems that existed among their various offices (the result of mergers over the past 5 years), he explored a number of possibilities, but one solution stood out. “I must have been one of the very first customers of the predecessor to IP Office in the UK, back in 2000, and I was extremely impressed with the quality and the possibilities the system offered at that time,” says Alan. Fast forward to Alan was tasked with consolidating and integrating phone systems for TWM’s seven locations throughout Surrey and the South of London. “We looked at a number of different solutions with our business partner, RCG Global, but I remembered that early version of IP Office, and it turned out to be the right solution this time, too.” TWM practices six areas of law, with 180 staff, of which 80 are fee earners, and has been practicing for over 200 years. The firm has been voted the number one Family Law practice by The Legal 500 publication four years running. “Implementing IP Office in our locations provided us with immediate benefits, including increases in productivity and cost savings through reduced maintenance,” says Alan. “I also now had a system that allowed me to administer all of our IP Office systems remotely from my base in Guildford.” Alan anticipates that Release 5 will lead to bigger and better things, including eventually integrating business processes with IP Office. “With Release 5, we’ll implement the SCN resiliency, thin client applications, Voice over IP, and a “one number” mobility program that will have a significant impact on the productivity of our solicitors, who are constantly on the move – between offices, courts, clients and working at home,” he says. Integration with LexisNexis Axxia, the firm’s new Practice Management System – enabling click to call and automatically keeping track of the time solicitors are on the phone on behalf of clients – is something Alan sees as an important future capability. “I’m confident it can be done.” Alan also credits Avaya authorized business partner RCG Global with guiding them to the right decision. “RCG are very good, very effective,” says Alan. “They are more of a partner with us than a vendor. That’s extremely valuable for us.” Value

58 Office Equipment Vendor in UK Improves Service With Avaya IP Office
Improve the level of service it could provide to its customers Required an intelligent call routing system to support highly mobile workforce Challenge “We don’t want the fact that we are a small business to limit who we can target in terms of our customers. With Avaya’s IP Office solution, along with one-number access capability, we can compete with big players much more efficiently that we otherwise could…” Chris Bailey, Business Development Manager, CST Direct Near immediate ROI Intelligent, personalized interactions with customers Cost reductions through the use of virtual office spaces and VPN phones CST Direct, a leading provider of office machines, supplies installs and maintains multifunctional printers, photocopiers and business networks to businesses throughout the UK. With employees across the country, the company aims to deliver round-the-clock service to its customers, regardless of their location. CST Direct’s business is concentrated within the counties located around the M25 peripheral and London. However, should customers require CST’s services outside that radius, they are able to extend their coverage on a nation-wide basis. CHALLENGE CST Direct operates almost purely as a “virtual” office, and was looking for a solution to connect mobile employees and improve the level of service it could provide to its customers. It also required an intelligent call routing system to support its 10 person strong mobile workforce. According to Chris Bailey, business development manager, “CST Direct is the biggest reseller of photocopiers and print handling in southeast England. Our growth has been directly related to our approach to customer service – the idea that access to our staff is the key to delivering value, ensuring customers feel supported regardless of what issue they are facing”. “When it comes to delivering our products and services, our goal is to ensure that we can meet the needs of any prospective customer, regardless of their office location within the UK”, says Bailey. “We have a core team of 10 engineers, with occasional use of subcontractors, who commute to our physical office about once a week.” To deliver that value to their customers, CST Direct’s requirements dictate that each engineer must operate remotely exactly and effectively as they would from the office. From perspective of their customers this is a key differentiator, since it lets CST Direct remain a close relationship with them. CST Direct is predominately a remote operation, but the level of service they deliver to their customers must be seamless. For CST Direct’s employees there is a benefit as well – their business model is commissions-based, so access is key. It is much easier for an engineer to take a five minute call outside traditional business hours that will solve the problem, than to deal with an unhappy customer that has been waiting for a call-back. That accessibility builds customer loyalty, during and outside of the typical workday and differentiates them from the competition. Every business is under pressure to deliver more with less, but for small businesses this is even more of a challenge. Competition is fierce, but with the right tools, small businesses can even the playing field by delivering the same level of service as a large organization. “We don’t want the fact that we are a small business to limit who we can target in terms of our customers”, Bailey explained. SOLUTION With the help of Avaya Partner iQual, a solution was designed which enabled the company to provide an enhanced level of support to its clients while improving the working experience of its staff, all while increasing revenue generation to provide a quick return on CST Direct’s investment. CST Direct chose Avaya IP Office R6.0 and the new IP500v2 communications server to keep remote employees connected to colleagues and accessible to their customers. The company utilizes IP Office Preferred Edition for automated call routing to ensure calls get to the right employee. The system uses a combination of IP VPN phones and teleworking via the Power User solution, as well as one-number access for employees that are always on the road. To help keep the system cost low, the new Combination Card meant that the price point for enhanced IP telephony and services was significantly reduced. For small businesses, delivering service beyond the local level can be a challenge, since staff numbers are small and budgets are tight. CST Direct had the goal of having a nationwide presence, despite being limited to one physical office location. By deploying a SIP based framework, CST Direct was able to provide virtual local numbers to many of their engineers, improving the company’s ability to compete with local businesses. Paul Blundell, managing director at iQual comments, “We initially recommended Avaya IP Office to deliver unified communications, but the side effect of this technology has been an improved ability to do business, and has opened up opportunities for CST Direct to close deals in new markets, which has strengthened their existing customer base as well as grown it.” Their investment in IP Office was recently put to the test during a long bout of inclement weather, when service to customers remained uninterrupted despite the inaccessibility of the physical office. Having reliable, always-on communications helped CST Direct maintain a high quality of service to its customers, solidifying support to the existing customer base as well as expanding it to new customers. Chris Bailey explains, “During the snowstorm, there was no one in the office, but it was really business as usual for us. This level of flexibility made all the difference – when our customers called, they were routed to a real person rather than a machine. Our ability to provide personal interaction is what keeps our customers loyal and is also what helps us win new business. The revenue we generated by not having to close our doors during this storm paid for our full investment, so the return was almost immediate.” VALUE CREATED Near Immediate ROI – by leveraging the UC capabilities of IP Office, and keeping the price point low, CST Direct was able to realize a full ROI in just a few weeks. Intelligent, personalized interactions with customers - with IP Office enabling one-number access to every employee, CST Direct has opened itself up and improved it ability to deliver personalized service to customers, which in turn has delivered access to new markets Cost reductions – because most of CST Direct’s employees work from home or on the road, minimal office space is needed, which lowers their cost for renting office space, utility bills, and insurance Value 58

59 Non-profit charity for research 286 employees, 2 locations, Dallas (HQ) and Washington, DC
Wanted to improve internal collaboration across employees Outdated Norstar system made administration across 2 sites difficult Enable employees to work remotely when necessary Challenge “The new SME demo tools were critical to securing the win. Avaya was the only vendor able to complete a successful live demonstration of the IP Office solution at the customer location. Our competitors were not able to provide a demo at this level of detail according to the customer’s specifications.” Chris Harper, Account Executive – XO Communications Susan G. Komen for the Cure® (“Komen”) is the global leader in the breast cancer awareness movement, having invested and donated nearly $1.5 billion since its inception in As the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, they work to empower people, ensure quality care for all, and energize science to find a cure. Through events like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®, and generous contributions from partners, sponsors and fellow supporters, they have become the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world. The company has 2 primary locations – the headquarters in Dallas, TX and an office in Washington, DC. There are other satellite offices, but these are where the bulk of the non-profit’s workers are located. Between these 2 offices, there are 286 employees – 260 in Dallas, and 26 in Washington, DC. CHALLENGE Komen had an existing Nortel Norstar system that they wanted to replace with a more modern solution. It’s important for the employees to interact and collaborate closely across the business, and that led Komen to consider an IP solution so they could have an integrated dial plan, enable remote workers, and the ability to monitor / manage the system centrally. SOLUTION Komen opted to go with XO Communications’ unique XO One iPBX offer, an integrated voice and data solution that includes the on-site IP Office hardware and voice trunking, fully managed and maintained by XO. With a single bill and one point- of-contact for everything, Komen is able to focus its efforts on running the operation, rather than maintaining communications infrastructure. XO Communications installed an IP Office 500v2 in both the Dallas headquarters office and the Washington DC office. The Preferred Edition Group Collaboration option was chosen to provide voic and routing for knowledge workers. The Office Worker and Teleworker User Productivity solutions were purchased as well. The Dallas office, having the bulk of employees, had IP telephones installed, along with IP telephones. The Washington D.C. office went with IP telephones and phones. For call accounting and contact center reporting, Avaya DevConnect Partner Datel’s Call Sweet! and Call Sweet! Live were chosen. Additionally, to help with federating presence for internal and external contacts, Avaya DevConnect Partner AdvaTel’s InTouch application was also installed for most workers. Avaya was the only vendor able to complete a successful live demonstration of its solution and applications at the Komen’s location. The competition was not able to provide a comprehensive, detailed demo according to Komen’s specifications – a key requirement of the bidding process.  VALUE CREATED Improved employee collaboration – The increased functionality gained from one-X Portal for IP Office’s IM capability - as well as the external contact presence realized with AdvaTel's In Touch application - met Komen’s need to simplify communications and increase collaboration internally and externally. The ability to enable remote workers also ensures that there is no loss of productivity should an employee need to work from home at any given time. Reduced costs –XO Communications uses the IP Office System Status Application included within Manager to monitor the system resources and ensure that everything functions properly across the two locations. With Manager, XO can perform updates or upgrades from a central location, minimizing the need for “truck rolls” or dedicated staff on site at both locations. Business continuity - The rich feature set offered by the Multi-Site Networking option – including resiliency to ensure business continuity - was so impressive, Komen noted that IP Office was superior to what other vendors could provide. Now, Komen can mitigate any risk of downtime if there is an outage at either of the locations. One-X Portal® for IP Office lets employees collaborate in real-time Reduced maintenance costs through IP Office Manager and SSA Resilient Multi-Site Network provides business continuity Value

60 Customers: Boutique, luxury hotel 50 employees, 1 location, St
Customers: Boutique, luxury hotel 50 employees, 1 location, St. Louis (MO) Needed a communications solution with cutting-edge technology, scalability, and ability to integrate effectively with existing PMS Wanted a high quality, eco-friendly ambiance with distinctive, personalized guest services Had to meet an aggressive timeline for the hotel’s re-opening date Challenge “At Hotel Ignacio, we practice the art of hospitality, and our Avaya IP Office solution complements those efforts. It gives us that technology edge, offering guests unique access to multimedia services. It also reflects our commitment to a greener environment by helping our hotel operate and serve guests more efficiently…” John Dalton, General Manager of Hotel Ignacio CUSTOMER Hotel Ignacio is a boutique hotel catering to discerning travelers looking for an intimate setting, exceptional personalized service, and a unique stay in the heart of St. Louis’ thriving arts district. The hotel features 50 well-appointed guest rooms and two suites showcasing themes of architecture, fine art, performing arts, and music. The hotel provides high quality amenities, an eco-friendly environment, concierge services, and state-of-the-art interactive media solutions to enhance the experiences of each guest. Undergoing a renovation - and with their grand opening just months away - Hotel Ignacio was looking for a fresh, dynamic approach to in-room communications that would complement their efforts to create a distinctive service experience for guests. CHALLENGE Renovation efforts were moving along at the Hotel Ignacio, a 50 room boutique property in the midst of St. Louis’ cultural attractions, adjacent to Saint Louis University. The hotel was planned as an “urban oasis,” surrounding guests with exceptional services, high quality amenities, and an eco-friendly environment. Their vision was to carve a unique niche in the hospitality market, and they needed the ideal communications solution to complement that vision. Integration with the Hotel Ignacio’s existing FCS WinExpress hospitality system was a hard requirement, especially for delivering key staff and guest services such as voice mail, do not disturb, wake-up calls, call billing, and room status. To maintain a competitive advantage over neighboring hotels, the Hotel’s vision included “green” benefits – elimination guest room clutter of hotel directories, in-room menus, or brochures on local attractions. The hospitality industry estimates indicate that green savings related to reduced paper use can equate to $1.29 per available room per night. Ultimately, the Hotel Ignacio wanted in- room capabilities to enhance efficiency, making it faster and easier for hotel staff to update guests with the very latest information – preferably on a single device such as the telephone. SOLUTION The hotel’s solution consists of Avaya IP Office, which serves as the platform for the other solution components and internal systems (such as the Property Management System). Hotel Ignacio also selected the Avaya 1608 series IP Phones for staff, the Avaya Guest Media Hub for in-room communications, and FCS (an Avaya DevConnect Partner) WinExpress hospitality system to enable integration with the PMS. Avaya IP Office offers a cost-effective, reliable hospitality solution with extensive guest features and back-office functionality. Ideal for smaller footprint hotels and boutique properties, IP Office delivers basic telephony, contact center auto attendant call routing, and front-desk and hotelier activities supported by the Avaya 1608 IP Phones. The solution also supplies guests with self-service options for checkout and room service, freeing staff to focus on other value- added guest services. Onscreen communications reduce staff time spent on copying and distributing hotel announcements. Fewer in- room printouts means there’s less need to check or replace materials, simplifying housekeeping efforts. With the Avaya Guest Media Hub, one touch brings interactive access to amenities from room phone and voice mail to wake-up calls and front desk assistance. Those hungry for room service simply click to view photo menu selections and order. Guests can personalize weather and stock quote displays, and request frequently needed items such as pillows. Busy travelers save time with quick access to bill review and automated checkout options. Other popular features include local restaurant listings with menus and reviews, and the live streaming video tours of local attractions and events. Further integration with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) incorporates guest check-in/check-out and other hotel-related functions. According to John Dalton, General Manager of the Hotel Ignacio, “Our overall Avaya IP Office solution has helped Hotel Ignacio realize close synchronization between our technology and our vision of guest services. We’re very pleased that Avaya technologies have enabled us to achieve seamless, effective integration of all the hotel systems.” VALUE CREATED Competitive distinction – the Hotel Ignacio provides a rich array of personalized guest services that are not typically part of the small hotel experience, highlighted by the use of the Avaya Guest Media Hub, delivers rich interactive services for guests via colorful in-room touch-screen devices. Using branded and customized applications, the hotel can offer their own array of special concierge services. Cost savings – replacing traditional in-room printed materials with multimedia communications via the Guest Media Hub saves the Hotel ~$17,000 per year Enhanced productivity and efficiency - by using FCS WinExpress, the Avaya IP Office fully integrates with the PMS, automating phone provisioning, billing, and wake-up calls, which were all handled ad-hoc prior to implementation of the system. Enhanced productivity and efficiency through guest self-services and access to online controls for check-in/out status A “greener” environment – replaced traditional in-room printed materials with multimedia communications, saving ~$17,000 per year Seamless integration with hotel PMS Scalability for future business growth Value

61 Customers: Anti-discrimination authority 90 employees, 130 volunteers, 1 location, Paris (FR)
Existing Alcatel system could not accommodate growth and mobile integration 3-person call center unable to handle volumes during peak traffic, resulting in dropped or missed calls Volunteers needed ability to work from home or on the road Challenge “The deployment of the Avaya IP Office 500 has provided considerable flexibility, both with the integration of mobile volunteers and the direction of calls during peak traffic at the call center. With the old system, we had problems of and loss of functionality during peak loads. After installation of the Avaya IP Office, we have not encountered any such issues!” Paul Bernard Delaroche, Director – The HALDE The High Authority for the Fight against Discrimination and for Equality (La HALDE, in French: La Haute Autorité de Lutte contre les Discriminations et pour l’Égalité) is a French independent administrative authority created by law on 30 December The HALDE helps anyone to identify discriminatory practices and to fight them. It advises in all the judicial arrangements, and contributes to establish evidence for discrimination. It has investigatory powers to instruct files, and can demand documents and evidence which the victim could not obtain. Anyone who believes himself or herself to have been a victim of discrimination can appeal to the HALDE, either independently, through a member of the National Assembly, through a senator or through a French EMP; the HALDE can then take pursue cases of discrimination itself, with the agreement of the alleged victim. To do this, the HALDE relies on a network of 130 volunteers that work locally with each of the victims, and doing so while protecting the person’s identity. Complaints are made to the HALDE at its main location in Paris, which is supported by a full-time staff of 91 employees, including 3 agents in a call center. Calls that come into the main location are then distributed – either by the agent or routed if they are busy – to the appropriate volunteer. CHALLENGE The HALDE had a difficult time managing the customer relationship as all of their volunteers could only be reached by their individual, mobile number. This presented a challenge not only to the agents in the HALDE’s call center, but also to the volunteers themselves – they preferred not to give out their private mobile numbers to clients. With respect to the routing of calls to the volunteer’s mobile device, an audit of the operation revealed that the number of dropped or missed calls was unacceptably high. The HALDE was using an old Alcatel PBX 4400 for both the staff and call center, but could only support a maximum of 80 stations. “The maximum number of employees the system could support was reached quickly, and we realized it was now necessary to integrate the local correspondents’ mobile devices to create a direct link with Paris." said Paul Bernard Delaroche, the Administrative Director of the HALDE. The HALDE decided to replace the Alcatel system with a solution that would not only be capable of handling a growing number of appeals and / or complaints, but also integrate the local correspondents as a natural extension of the administration. “The project was to review the organization's reliance on a system unsuited to the needs of the administration and the victims. New mechanisms for re-routing and treatment of missed calls had to be implemented to ensure continuity of services", said Delaroche. In addition, the replacement had to consider improvements to the call center, previously administered by the old PBX, such as quality indicators to optimize the handling of complaints and provide a more responsive service. SOLUTION The HALDE chose the Avaya IP Office solution with Preferred and Advanced Edition to guarantee a high level of service for its clients by optimizing the communications functions incorporated into the system. Moving to a solution with intelligent routing of calls from the main location to mobile devices - with single number access - the IP Office solution transformed the HALDE’s critical communications and plaintiff engagement experience. “The Halde wanted to implement a centralized communications system that considered the entire process holistically”, says Xavier Godard, Director of ETP Tetracom, an Avaya Authorized Business Partner. “The upgrade focused on three main areas of improvement – internal calls to the main center in Paris, the call center, which distributes calls to volunteer correspondents, and integrating the volunteer correspondents to the system so they could be reached whether using a mobile device or working from home.” The primary objective was to allow the HALDE to increase capacity for handling complaints, while accelerating the process of ramping and integrating new volunteers. Volunteers have been outfitted with one-X® Mobile for IP Office to allow a single-number interface between the individual calling the Paris location and the corresponding local service. This alleviates the need for the call center agent to manage multiple volunteers’ mobile numbers and use an integrated dial plan to make seamless transfers without dropping the call. Volunteers often prefer to work from home, and with one-X® Portal for IP Office, they can choose how they wish to be contacted, either on his / her home telephone and/or their mobile phone. Optionally, some choose to use the IP Office Video Softphone directly on the PC. Whatever method the volunteer decides to use, it remains transparent to the outside caller, which allows the volunteer to maintain a closer, more personalized relationship with the victim. In order to better anticipate and improve the monitoring of calls, the HALDE also requested deployment of advanced analytical tools. “With IP Office Advanced Edition and the Customer Call Reporter (CCR) application, we were able to provide a number of statistical reports to suit the business needs of the organization," said Xavier Godard. “Now, the HALDE is presented data on the number of incoming calls, the number of callers treated or transferred to a volunteer, the waiting period on hold, and the number of failures," he says. Now, more calls are processed with no failures, driving a much better experience for the victim and the volunteer. VALUE CREATED Seamless collaboration between staff and volunteers – By enabling intelligent call routing, all volunteers are now integrated to main system at the Paris headquarters, allowing staff to message volunteers, see if they are available, and transfer calls with an integrated dial plan. Improved responsiveness to client inquiries – The addition of CCR in the call center lets agents optimize the handling of complaints and ensure that none of the transferred calls are dropped or lost. Single number reachability - Using IP Office Power User (which includes one-X® Mobile for IP Office and one-X® Portal for IP Office), volunteers are reachable with a single number via their PC, home phone, or mobile device. Seamless collaboration between full-time staff in Paris and home-based / mobile volunteers Improved responsiveness to client inquiries and support Volunteer workers can be reached with a single number whether at home or using their mobile device Value

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