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Danny & Alex April 20,2001 Danny & Alex April 20,2001.

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2 Danny & Alex April 20,2001

3 Danny & Alex April 20,2001

4 Meteor Crater 1) Canyon Diablo region 19 miles (30 km) Winslow,Arizona, U.S. 2) It was formed with large numbers of nickel-iron fragments from gravel size to 1400 (640kg) have been found 100 square- miles. 3) Its 4000 feet (1200 m) diameter and about 600 feet (180 m) 4) 2x3.14x605= 3799.40 is the length of the fence. 5) Its amazing who such a big rock can make a big whole.

5 Grand Canyon 1) The Grand Canyon lies in the South Western portion of the Colorado Plateau. Which is a large area of the Southwestern in the U.S.A. 2) The greatest depth of the Grand Canyon is 1,800 meters below its rim. 3) The main colour is red and the other colours are gray, pink, and off green… etc. 4) 1800 Dived by 3 = 600 times is how many time you have to repeal the rope 5) The deepest and most impressively beautiful section 56 miles (90 km).

6 Victoria Falls 1) Victoria Water Falls is in Zambezi River. 2) We think it is called Zambezi (River of Africa) 3) Column spray can be seen miles away as 546 million meters per minute. 4) 2730 has gorge the total of 5 minutes 5) I always wondered how they ever got such a big whole in the ground to create a waterfall.

7 Great Barrier Reef 1) Complex of Coral reefs, shoal and islets in the Pacific Ocean of the Northeastern Coast of Australia. 2) 1250 miles (2000km) at the off shore distance ranging from 10 to 100 miles (16 to 16okm) and has an area of sum (135 00 square miles) (350 000 square km) 3) At the off shore distance ranging from 10 to 100 miles (16 to 160)

8 Captain Cook 1) It is called Endeavor 2) The date was June 11 3) It took them one day to remove the boat from the reef and the other stuff that got in their way. 4) They to had to throw 50 tons of ship ballast, iron cannons, fire wood and barrels over board to get the boat free. 5) It is strong and gross and it is disgusting when going to the beach. People call it seaweed because that is the green flowers or what ever it is floating up on shore.

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