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Thomas Carr – Business Manager Chris Duck – Business Manager SProc.Net.

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1 Thomas Carr – Business Manager Chris Duck – Business Manager SProc.Net

2 Matrix SCM is a services procurement business Established public sector clients nationally Manage £300m of public sector services spend: Residential Care & Domiciliary Care Services Projects/consultancy services Training services Temporary staffing Temporary housing accommodation Deliver approx 10% net cashable savings per annum Deliver significant indirect cash savings and process efficiencies Great British Care Awards Winner 2011 – Innovation Awarded Pro5 agreement in 2011 for the provision of infrastructure and technical support to continuously manage and promote a web-based Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Introducing Matrix SCM

3 Our Consultancy Clients Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council Halton Borough Council Liverpool Vision Salford City Council Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council Cheshire East Council Greater Manchester Police Liverpool City Council – at implementation Wirral Borough Council – piloting construction and business support services For the opportunity to supply consultancy services into the above authorities you need to Register, Accredit and Enrol through SProc.Net

4 Registration

5 If you are currently not registered as a supplier visit and select new supplier

6 Complete your company information then select Next

7 Complete your user details then select Finish Upon successful completion of your registration you will be sent an containing log-in details

8 Accreditation

9 Log in to SProc.Net using your username and password. On your first time logging in you will be requested to change your password

10 You can navigate the system from the home page The Help Dashboard contains user guides for accreditation and enrolment

11 To begin an accreditation select Admin > Accreditation > New

12 Select the client and category you wish to complete an accreditation for then select Next

13 Answer the accreditation questions and upload the relevant documentation Important Note – If you are already set up as a supplier for consultancy then please upload your current Supplier Agreement. If you have never completed this document you will need to request this in writing from our Supplier Enrolment Team: If you do have to request this document then please use the Save button and continue with your accreditation once you have received and completed the supplier agreement

14 When you use the save button you will be taken to a review page. If you have completed the accreditation using the green actions button select Submit Your accreditation status will now show Pending Acceptance. It has been sent to our enrolment team for approval. You must wait until approval is made before being able to progress to the enrolment stage. You will receive an notification when your accreditation is accepted

15 Enrolment

16 To begin an Enrolment select Admin > Enrolment > New

17 Select the corresponding accreditation you now want to enrol for Select your supplier location and then select the Service Categories you wish to supply. A service category is an area of spend. ERDF will be an available category but you may also wish to have the opportunity to respond to other requirements raised by the council

18 Download the Client Addendum which contains specific Terms and Conditions to supply into the specific client you are enrolling to. Complete the document and then upload it in the document section. Then select Finish

19 When you use the Finish button you will be taken to a review page. If you have completed the Enrolment using the green actions button select Submit Your Enrolment status will now show Pending Acceptance. It has been sent to our enrolment team for approval. You will receive an notification when your accreditation is accepted When accepted you are now able to respond to requirements for this client

20 Contacting Matrix If you have questions about registering and getting set up to supply you can get in touch with us via: Phone: Please note this is a premium rate phone number. Our preferred method of communication is via . Once registered there are 2 additional ways to contact us: Live SupportQuery Log In addition to the user guides in the help section we will be arranging an online training sessions for all suppliers who enrol to the ERDF category nearer to the time that these requirements are raised. All ERDF enrolled suppliers will be ed with the details of these sessions.

21 Questions

22 Merseyside Business Support Programme This programme will see the six City Region local authorities and six third sector organisations form a delivery partnership based upon a number of key pillars: Providing the infrastructure for growth and investment; Stimulating enterprise and innovation; Capturing the economic potential of all communities; Transforming perceptions of deprived communities.

23 Merseyside Business Support Programme The programme will include businesses in priority sectors: Super Port Low Carbon Economy Knowledge Economy Visitor Economy

24 Merseyside Business Support Programme ERDF funded Delivered to SMEs in eligible sectors Local authorities to engage the businesses Consultants will deliver specialist support

25 Merseyside Business Support Programme Halton, Wirral and Knowsley Councils will deliver the programme in their respective boroughs. The three authorities will use consultants to deliver part of the programme. Specific requirements will be outlined by; Tim Leather – Halton Council Diana Bradbury – Wirral Council Nora Brinkley – Knowsley Council

26 Merseyside Business Support Programme Halton Council Consultancy Opportunities

27 Halton Council Consultancy Opportunities Business Diagnostic Development of an Action Plan

28 Halton Council Consultancy Opportunities Strategic Business Planning & Mentoring Access to Finance, Financial Management and the Preparation of Funding Applications Improving HR Practices & Procedures Recruitment, Training and Skills Development Accessing Commercial Property Sales and Marketing (inc the use of social media as a marketing tool) Behavioural Safety Procurement Improving Environmental Performance and Waste Minimisation Manufacturing

29 Merseyside Business Support Programme Wirral Council Consultancy Opportunities

30 Wirral Council Consultancy requirements General Business Advisers/consultants A number of people with varying backgrounds and skills who will: Support businesses to identify barriers to growth by: Undertake a detailed business diagnostic Produce an action plan identifying tailored support Work with business to implement action plan Provide hands on support throughout the business development

31 Wirral Council Consultancy requirements General Business Advisers/consultants Mixture of skills required: Business planning Financial forecasting Business development and marketing HR support Digital marketing and e commerce Web site design including SEO Social Media Presentation/workshop delivery

32 Specialist Advisers/Consultants Required to implement specific projects identified though the business diagnostic: Bid writing Procurement Health and Safety Managing organisational change International marketing and exporting Advising on the support available to improve efficiency, energy usage and environmental sustainability Accountancy and tax advice HR Management Performance Management IT infrastructure and network design

33 Merseyside Business Support Programme Knowsley Council Consultancy Opportunities

34 Knowsley - Anticipated Areas of Specialism Marketing Sales skills Tenders and Bid Writing Accounting Practices Ecommerce/Web Development IT Projects and Systems Quality Assurance Systems Management – including organisational change Renewable Technologies and Resource/Energy Efficiency Waste Management

35 Merseyside Business Support Programme Questions

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