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An introduction to Green Impact Laura Williams Green Impact Project Officer.

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1 An introduction to Green Impact Laura Williams Green Impact Project Officer

2 Mission Green suppliers and students’ unions, and help unions to green their institutions and communities 3-5 year vision Unions delivering central environmental projects successfully at the local level throughout the UK, creating tangible benefits for the union, institution, community and the environment 1) Installing green behaviours To encourage the formation of pro- environmental behaviours and habits in as many people as possible, utilising opportunities in students’ unions, accommodation providers, departments and curriculum 2) Creating community bridges To help unions develop positive relations with their institutions and the communities in which they sit, with unions becoming recognised as green hubs 3) Increasing employability and widening participation To provide development opportunities for students and student officers to enable them to contribute towards the new low carbon economy 4) Making students’ union stronger To help position students’ unions as enablers of sustainability, creating a sense of value and worth within their institutions and communities, whilst also generating new income for students’ unions 5) Greener supply chain To enhance our reputation as a leader in supply chain ethics, to reduce the negative impacts of our own supply chain, and to educate our consumers on ethical purchasing

3 Departmental sustainability accreditation and awards scheme Founded upon NUS Sound Impact Awards Piloted at the University of Bristol three years ago 22 Universities took part in 2009/10 35 Universities and colleges took part in 2010/11 46 Universities and colleges took part in 2011-12 What is Green Impact Universities and Colleges?

4 46 universities and colleges in 2011/12 978 teams- 44,655 staff, 4,807 people directly involved in a Green Impact committee 35,625 greening actions were completed, with 20,107 as a direct result of Green Impact! Over 800 student and staff auditors trained Green Impact Project Assistants 19 taking the Labs Tab Catering and Accommodation tabs The Ecologist and Office Depot partnerships National level results

5 Mmmmm Fair Trade Coffee…….

6 Project Cycle

7 Green Impact Teams and Green Champions Using current contact lists or previous Champion networks, these are the people on the ground who are enacting the changes and logging them in their team workbooks online. Teams can be widely different in size and make-up - some are a department of 100, others a floor of a building of 50, and some an office of 10. They will need different levels of support dependent on experience, enthusiasm and sometimes size. Lead Environmental Contact (LEC) The person who has over all responsibility for Green Impact at each institution. Often this is the Environmental, Energy or Estates Manager, though could also be a Greener Living Assistant (GLA) or another key member of staff with the remit to lead Green Impact. NUS will use this person as the main point of contact for all top level Green Impact communications, will support them throughout the programme, and will ask them for feedback at the end of the year. Green Impact Project Officer (GIPO) There are four GIPO’s working through the NUS and they form the main point of contact between the NUS and the LEC at each institution. They are experienced and passionate about sustainability and can support the programme at their designated institutions via phone, email and visits or workshops. Green Impact Project Manager The Green Impact Project Manger (GIPM) oversees the work at each institution, and of each GIPO. They will make themselves available to answer any higher level queries and will constantly look into developments for the programme following feedback from those on the ground. As a team, NUS Green Impact will ensure that you always have the support you need, coordinating our time and resources to accommodate your timescales and requirements.


9 Workbook launch and team recruitment Project Officer uploads finalised workbook Lead Contact launches Green Impact to their current teams/contacts Project Officer, Lead Contact and key champions recruit new teams through communications, events, and workshops. Project Officer works with Lead Contact and union to recruit and train student Green Impact Project Assistants


11 Teams implement changes GIPO supports Lead Contact to communicate with teams locally Maintain momentum and support teams centrally through workshops, newsletters and online forums Share best practice with other institutions through the Green Impact team



14 Workbook Submission and auditing In line with initial timelines, all teams workbooks are submitted online Lead Contact and Project Officer recruit volunteer student auditors Green Impact team train them, and audit department’s evidence and progress SU involvement is key!


16 Celebration! Lead Contact (with support from their GIPO and teams), arranges awards ceremony Invites to teams, higher management, SU and student auditors and assistants are sent out GIPO attends to support the programme Participating teams celebrate all award winners.


18 Evaluation Green Impact Team analyse results, provide feedback reports for Lead Contact and their teams. Lead Contact and their teams complete short evaluation for GI team to be able to evaluate and make changes to the programme for future years. Lead contact and key team members are invited to national round table event to share good practice and develop future plans

19 Our Support A team of 7 experienced and enthusiastic Green Impact Project Officers! Help at every stage: from planning to awards Workshops, speaking at events and linking you to other institutions undertaking the programme Forum, newsletters, publicity and representation at national events GI Guidance and Resource pack

20 Resources

21 A tour around the workbook email: password: example

22 Blackpool & Fylde Priorities According to your Environmental Policy you are particularly interested in: Sustainable Procurement Energy Efficiency Waste reduction Biodiversity opportunities Sustainable transport Waste, utilities and sustainability targets Curriculum External stakeholder engagement

23 Project Planning What key events do you wish to incorporate into your year? Do you want to programme to run over the whole year? Are there any key events or busy periods that will conflict with Green Impact? Will you be continuing to run the project next year? You could consider running the programme all year and combining your awards ceremony and launch into one! Other considerations: -Legacy – what impact do you want to have? -Partners – senior members of staff/student union involvement?

24 Contact details Your Green Impact Project Officer: Laura Williams

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