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Lambeth Low Carbon Economy What is the low carbon economy? What is a green business? What is a green job? Jeremy Keates.

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1 Lambeth Low Carbon Economy What is the low carbon economy? What is a green business? What is a green job? Jeremy Keates

2 What is the Low Carbon Economy? Various definitions One where enterprise from various sectors focus on the sustainability of the environment and resources. In the Low Carbon Economy businesses provide goods and services using process which minimise carbon emissions. The UK transition involves an expansion of new low carbon industries and the greening of existing sectors.

3 What is a green Business? Businesses within the Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services Sector The BERR report written by Innovas is the most recent Divides the sector into three areas – environmental (traditional), renewables (wind, solar, hydro etc) and emerging low carbon (fuels, carbon finance) Greener Businesses Businesses that have taken significant steps to reduce their impact on the environment Businesses whose UPS is sustainability – fair trade, local produce

4 Lambeth Council – Low Carbon Economy Low Carbon Economy Partnership Group The aim is to facilitate partnership working. It is supported through an e-bulletin up dating people on new initiatives and opportunities. Low Carbon Economy Development Programme Consultants Ekosgen have recently been commissioned to identify all the businesses within the low carbon environmental goods and services sector. What can be done at the local level to help develop the sector – business support, local networks, local skills, property…


6 LCEGS Mapping – emerging findings 212 businesses found – across all 23 sub-sectors. –Energy management and building technologies were the largest sub- sectors. Businesses involved in all aspects of the supply chain from R&D, manufacture, installation, maintenance and consultancy 62% of businesses plan to grow over the next year, the remainder planned to stay the same The most significant barriers to growth were –Accessing new markets/generating new sales (11%) –Keeping up to date with legislation (10%) –Demand for products (10%) –Access to finance (9%)

7 Lambeth Council – Greener Businesses Go Green Plus ERDF project Environmental support to 50 SMEs in Lambeth Smart Green Business ERDF project Targeted in the Waterloo Quarter and Clapham Brixton Low Carbon Zone 700 businesses in the low carbon zone, providing free environmental support, small grants for energy efficiency, creating local networks and green business champions Lambeth Low Carbon Business Partnership Support to the largest 20 businesses to help meet their CRC commitment

8 Green Jobs Brixton Low Carbon Zone – Green Doctors 5 Green Doctors employed through Future Jobs Fund to carry out home energy assessments, local engagement and installation of energy measures Employed for 6 months Training included the National Energy Action City and Guilds Certificate and on the job training such as draught busting training. 3 out of 5 have gone into permanent employment as energy advisors through the Lambeth Warmer Homes Services in partnership with GLEEN.

9 Green Communities Green Community Champions Creating demand for green products and services 70 local growing groups and 400 green community champions Local organisations such as Transition Towns Brixton, Sustainable Streatham, Hyde Farm Community Action Network.

10 Priority Actions for Local Government: People Understand the skills that are needed in the local environmental economy Work with local education sector organisations to ensure provision of courses Ensure in-house planners, policy, procurement and facilities staff are sufficiently well trained to drive change Work with partners to build capacity in traditional industries to exploit diversification opportunities Understand the best ways to promote sustainable living and influence consumer choice and implement local initiatives Partnership working

11 Actions for Local Government: Business Understand supply chains in the local environmental economy Understand your own local authority existing and potential supply chains to drive change through procurement Work with the private sector through PFI process to identify low carbon opportunities with new infrastructure Help local business understand how being low carbon/resource efficient can increase competitiveness Ensure local authorities have your own house in order to show leadership Work with larger companies and business support partners to implement joint supply chain mentoring schemes for local SMEs

12 Actions for Local Government: Place Understand the potential renewable and low carbon resources in the local economy/area Understand your existing infrastructure and utilities, and how well placed these are for a low carbon transition Support and encourage innovation in transport -new technologies, low Carbon fuels, public transport, ICT and homeworking Help deliver low carbon infrastructure for next generation of vehicles Improve housing stock and use planning powers and building regulations to deliver sustainable homes/buildings (energy efficiency, insulation, smart metering, grants) Work with economic development organisations to ensure sufficient employment land/workspace for clusters and to promote inward investment Identify and implement community CHP schemes

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