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The Carbon Trust Taking Action on Cutting Carbon Emissions Dr Kathryn Vardy 9 th November 2007.

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1 The Carbon Trust Taking Action on Cutting Carbon Emissions Dr Kathryn Vardy 9 th November 2007

2 UK carbon emissions Source: Dukes 2003 and BRE data

3 Climate Change: Risk or Opportunity? Company Regulation Costs Reputation Existing pressures… Reduce Costs Reduce energy bill through energy management – important as prices have risen significantly Improve operational effectiveness Comply with Regulation Ensure compliance for up-coming rounds of Climate Change legislation, EU ETS, Buildings Directive, and more Enhance or Maintain Reputation Maximise brand & reputational impact of reducing carbon emissions …lead to opportunities to..

4 Our mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by helping organisations reduce their carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies The Carbon Trust is making business sense of climate change Insights Explaining the low- carbon economy Solutions Delivering carbon savings for organisations Innovations Developing new low-carbon technologies Enterprises Creating new low-carbon businesses Investments Financing low- carbon businesses

5 Support from the Carbon Trust Financial packages:  All businesses – Enhanced Capital Allowance: by purchasing products from the Energy Technology List  SMEs - Interest free loans to purchase energy efficient products The Carbon Trust exists to work with businesses to help them reduce their carbon emissions. We have a number of products and services to help you do this. Immediate Action Expert Energy Consultant Free Advice  Web  Customer Centre  Publications Site Surveys  Survey Application  Survey & action plan  Feedback & Follow-up support Carbon Management  Putting carbon at the heart of business strategy  Tailored to customer needs A Strategic Approach Energy ManagementCarbon Management £50K£1 Mill£5 Mill Energy Spend

6 Practical and Free Advice Our Customer Centre Free, ongoing advice and support. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm and is ready to help you cut carbon today! Staff awareness leaflets Our Website Dedicated Energy Efficiency website. Top tips and information specifically about your sector or the technologies you use. Order or download publications.

7 Regional Events Various topics from behavioural change to technical briefings Most are free Keep up to date with current events through our website Next NW Workshop: Find out more about your organisation’s Carbon Footprint Manchester, 22 November 2007

8 Site survey products: For £50k or above energy bills Opportunities Assessment Multi-site Assessment Detailed Survey (Feasibility Study) CHP Advice Implementation Advice Design Advice Contact the Advice line for further information

9 Interest Free Loans Available to SME's –< 250 employees –< £35m (50m Euros) turnover or –< £30m (43m Euros) assets –max 25% non-SME controlling interest Interest free loans of £5,000 to £100,000 (£200k NI) available for energy saving projects. Loan repayable over maximum of 4 years

10 A robust carbon management strategy Stage 1: Direct emissions reduction Stage 3 (optional): Offsetting Stage 2: Indirect emissions reduction Calculate emissions Look for internal abatement opportunities Develop an emissions reduction/carbon management plan Map supply chain process Construct carbon footprint Identify emissions reduction opportunities and prioritise Develop an implementation plan across the supply chain Bring new low carbon products to market Establish reasons for buying offsets Define type of offsets to buy Carry out due diligence on robustness of offsets Carbon Management Programmes - A five step process CM Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy / Design Advice Projects StagesDescriptionTools Low Carbon Supply Chain Projects Carbon Labelling Process Offsetting Policy Project

11 Carbon Management programme

12 Carbon Trust: Making Business Sense of Climate Change Kathryn Vardy, PhD Key Account Manager

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