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Higher Apprenticeships Presented by Negat Lodhi November 2012.

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1 Higher Apprenticeships Presented by Negat Lodhi November 2012

2 Content National Apprenticeship Service NAS Priorities Higher Apprenticeship Performance Higher Apprenticeship Investment Fund SASE Existing Frameworks/Developing Frameworks Employer Engagement Information, Advice & Guidance

3 NAS Priorities 2012-13 Increasing the number of young people starting an Apprenticeship High quality Apprenticeships Increasing the number of new employers employing apprentices More advanced and higher level apprentices on the programme Broadening access to the Apprenticeship programme National Apprenticeship Service

4 Higher Apprenticeships: Performance National Apprenticeship Service Higher Apprenticeship starts in 2010/11 2,200 Higher Apprenticeship starts - a 47.8% increase on 2009/10 1000 Higher Apprenticeship framework achievements - up from 200 in 2009/10 Provisional data for 2011/12 shows: 3,500 Higher Apprenticeship starts 1,100 Higher Apprenticeship achievements

5 Higher Apprenticeship Investment Fund National Apprenticeship Service Round 1 Nineteen successful partnerships comprising employers, training providers (colleges, training organisations, universities) and partners. 2 new Trailblazer projects in IT and Manufacturing. The aim was to generate 10,000 Higher Apprenticeships when new frameworks in place Just under £19m allocated Round 2 Nine partnerships comprising employers and training providers Sectors include: Space Engineering; Aviation, Legal Services, Social Care, Utilities, Accounting & Professional Services; Hospitality Management; Retail Management and Engineering Environmental Technologies. £6m allocated

6 SASE Government asked the NAS to consult on the statutory requirements for Apprenticeships: –At Levels 4 and 5 –And its extension to Level 6 and above as a route to professional status –And on the naming and terminology for Higher Apprenticeships 64 formal responses received and 120 attended 2 consultation events: –From a cross section of organisations including employers, SSCs, professional bodies, awarding bodies, FE colleges, private training organisations and Higher Education Institutions National Apprenticeship Service

7 Higher Apprenticeship – Frameworks 1.Accountancy4 2.Adult Social Care 5 3.Advanced Manufacturing Engineering 4 4.Business and Administration4 5.Construction in the sustainable environment 5 6.Construction Technical and Professional 5 7.Contact Centre Operations 4 8.Employment Related Services 4 9.Express Logistics 5 10.Food and Drink4 11.Hospitality Management 4 12.Human Resource Management 5 13.IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals4 14.Innovation and Growth5 15.Life Sciences and Chemical Science Professionals4/5 16.Management 5 17.Mineral Product Technology4 18.Professional Services4 19.Project Management4 20.Providing Financial Advice 4 21.Public Relations 4 22.Supply Chain Management5 23.The Water Industry 4 To check when frameworks become eligible for SFA public funding: Apprenticeships Frameworks Online (AFO) is the on-line library for Apprenticeship frameworks: National Apprenticeship Service

8 Higher Apprenticeships – Developing frameworks (a selection) Banking & Finance 4 Accounting and Professional Services 6/7 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering6 Automotive Management and Leadership5 Graphic Design5 Creative and Digital Prospects4 Engineering and Environmental Technologies4 Facilities Management4/5 Fashion and Textiles 4 Healthcare Science 5 Legal Services 4 Retail Management 4/5 Space Engineering4 Sustainable Building Technologies 5 Systems Operations Management – Waste and Water Management4/5 Utilities Engineering Operations – Power 4/5 Utilities Network Management - Water4/5 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair4 Work Based Learning for Practitioners 4/5/6 National Apprenticeship Service

9 Employer Engagement – Selling Higher Apprenticeships Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Through the Higher Apprenticeship Fund we can target sectors where skills shortages are threatening to choke off growth.” “They also help us break down the doors of professions that are not representative of the society in which we live. It cannot be right for example that only 4 per cent of registered commercial airline pilots are women.” Employers will benefit from world class, nationally accredited technical training delivered in the workplace NAS will focus its marketing and sales staff on new employers in our priority sectors. Promoting progression routes through to Higher Apprenticeships Additional support for up to 40,000 SMEs incentivised to recruit apprentices into their business for the first time (16-24year olds) – AGE initiative By August 2012, we expect to launch a new service standard for providers that deal with SMEs and a new employer toolkit Employer Ownership Pilot offers opportunities for employers to bid directly for funding to support their sector National Apprenticeship Service

10 Information, Advice and Guidance NAS Higher Apprenticeship pages are being updated By 2012 an Advice and Guidance agreement with the National Careers Service will be developed and implemented Revaluate the London progression trial and consider national roll out Marketing collateral developed by Higher Apprenticeship partners and NAS including web sites; podcasts; brochures; case studies etc., Inspiring the Future is a free service which allows people from all sectors and professions to work with state schools and colleges to help young people achieve their potential. We are encouraging employers to sign up as Apprenticeship Ambassadors. Further information can be found at: Apprenticeship Ambassador Information Network National Apprenticeship Service

11 Higher Apprenticeships Questions? National Apprenticeship Service

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