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GLOBAL BUSINESS WEBINARS Todays Virtual Learning Solution Charis Intercultural Training Corp. Tel. +01 925.931.0555.

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1 GLOBAL BUSINESS WEBINARS Todays Virtual Learning Solution Charis Intercultural Training Corp. Tel. +01 925.931.0555

2 2 Quick Tour – Charis Webinars Why Webinars?Why What is a Charis Webinar?What Who, Where, When to Enroll?Who, Where, When Webinars Global Team & Country ProgramsWebinars Availability Roadmap Price FAQs Is this Right for Us?FAQs Next steps Testimonials

3 3 Why Webinars? Because Organizations Benefit –Support Global Operations Intercultural training is needed for global teams (especially for Asia, experiencing highest staffing growth) –Cost Eliminate travel costs and travel time for instructors and participants, lowering barriers to access training –Flexibility Accommodate multiple time zones and locations, virtually –Results Blended learning increases performance (according to many studies) and e-learning is on the critical path for training and development

4 4 Why Webinars? Because Employees Benefit –Save Time, Save Money Short, frequent, accessible modules of training fit busy employee schedules. No travel expenses incurred. –Business Priorities Synthesis of well-tested business information, delivered by a team of 2 international business experts (local country + global management consultants), to focus employees on successful strategies to do their job. –Global Classmates Engaged discussions, activities, polls, and chats with virtual coworkers provide insights to local perspectives, challenges, and opportunities. –Follow Up Access expert instructor and materials after the webinar.

5 5 What is a Charis Webinar? Key Components –Synchronous WEB-semINAR Using your webconferencing platform, (WebEx, LiveMeeting, GoToWebinar) Charis trainers and attendees log in to a live scheduled meeting. They see the presentation on their computer screens. They hear and may speak through a telephone or VoIP line. –Presenter + Attendees Charis presenters engage learners through slides, whiteboard and polling exercises, engaging questions and chat. Attendees listen, comment, vote, discuss, create topics, brainstorm, give feedback, and download material. –Blended Learning Options Independent asynchronous work, such as a pre-test and pre-reading, plus the live Webinar, are available. Post work includes access to resources on Charis website and follow-up coaching.

6 6 Who should enroll? All employees, individuals and groups via: –Open enrollment, or –Intact Global Teams With access to a computer, internet, phone Especially useful when teams are dispersed Internal –Schedule dates for your company, any time zone, using your internal web-conferencing platform –Attend from office / home / hotel / conference room When and Where?

7 7 Trust – How to make trust the performance multiplier, with the C-I-C plan and keys to building swift trust in your team. Global Mindset – Understand 3 dimensions of culture affecting team insider-ness, roles and accountability, and procedures, with examples from 3 countries. Communication – Gain strategies for reaching agreement, clarifying, giving and getting feedback across significantly different styles. Virtual Meetings – Learn best practices for increasing participation and effectiveness in global teleconference and webconference meetings. Information Flow – Set team norms for structuring presentations, email, and overcoming frequent misunderstandings. From Conflict to Collaboration – Identify styles of approaching conflict, tools in a multicultural setting, and moving your team to collaboration Conclusion – Downloads, checklists, and additional team tools Time 180 Minutes Success in Global Teams *Available in Chinese or English

8 8 Country Briefing – Introduction, Objectives and Agenda. Country must-know facts as context to understanding the people and business environment. Building Relationships - Learn 3 core values in the culture that contribute to relationship-building, trust, and respect; with application to building virtual and face-to-face relationships. Q&A. Communication Style – Identify 5 characteristics of verbal and nonverbal communication style of the culture, and learn specific ways that differences can be bridged and similarities can be maximized. Reaching Understanding - Discover ways that the culture reaches agreement, handles disagreement, and provides feedback. Cyber-Communication - Identify best strategies for teleconferences and email communication with the culture (specific dos and donts). Q&A. Conclusion – Key points summary; transition to Part 2. Time 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 15 Minutes 5 Minutes Total 90 Minutes Working with: China, India, Russia, Japan, Poland, etc.… Part 1 Building Relationships and Communication

9 9 Business Context – Current events, issues that impact business and management (staffing, resources, markets, etc.) in this country. Business Protocol – At work and after hours: introductions/ names & titles, business cards, seating, greetings, invitations. Dynamics of Meetings – Discover dynamics of typical meetings in the culture, including purpose, timing, agendas, flow, participation and environment. Decision- Making Style – Learn key characteristics of the approach to problem solving, and the decision making process. Discuss how to influence, and gain commitment. Q&A. Managing and Motivating – Identify ways that the culture interprets and reacts to management style; change, motivation, conflict, and work/life balance. Q&A. Conclusion – Key points summary. Time 15 Minutes 20 Minutes 5 Minutes Total 90 Minutes 15 Minutes Working with… Webinar Contents Part 2 Business and Management

10 10 Availability Roadmap Upon Request Working with Russia Working with Poland Working with Romania Working with Brazil Working with Vietnam Working with Israel Working with Malaysia Available Now Success in Global Teams (in English or Chinese) Managing Virtual Teams in India Building China-US Teamwork (in Putonghua) Working with China I - First Steps to Success Working with China II - Managing for Success Working with China III - Managing Chinas 80s Generation Working with the USA (in English or Chinese) Working with Japan Working in a Multicultural Virtual Organization What is Trust? Building Trust Across Cultures

11 11 $ £ ¥ Price and Payment Options Pricing for Corporate Groups –$1,800 for up to 25 persons in a 90-minute webinar $3,500 for up to 25 persons in a three-hour webinar (e.g., Working with China I and II) Enrollment includes download materials from Charis website Payment online with credit card, PayPal, or via Purchase Order and Invoice Potential savings to the organization are great!

12 12 Is this Right for Us? FAQs Now that youve taken the Quick Tour, you may be asking: –Can Charis webinars be customized? – Yes. Groups can substitute a module for a customized topic, such as Interviewing. Success in Global Teams includes portions on 3 countries of your selection. –What are the distinguishing features of Charis webinars? Up-to-date international business and management info for dynamic markets Synthesized must know content, the gold nuggets from our full-day programs Expert team-presenters, Touchnology-certified to get high engagement –What delivery languages are available? Chinese and English –What companies have attended Charis webinars? Intel, Cisco Systems, PTC, Informatica, Pepperdine University, Sony, LSI, Xilinx, Sun Microsystems, Sandia National Labs, Wells Fargo, NetApp, and more. –What are the results? Participants consistently say the discussions during the webinars enable the transfer of knowledge to real work situations.

13 13 Next Steps Gauge your orgs readiness Receptivity to webinars as eLearning Assess priority topics, teams needs, volume, scheduling Identify in-house web-conferencing capability Contact Charis Discuss your needs and customization with: Marian Stetson-Rodriguez at Charis Intercultural Training Tel. 925-931-0555 or Roll out internal marketing Delivery Start: This quarter Measure, improve, succeed!

14 14 $ RM £ ¥ $ RM £ ¥ Spasibo Thank you Xie xie Gracias This Working with China webinar was a great session. I have been traveling to China for business since 17 years, and I still found this session very interesting. One thing I learned was the signification of Basically things are going well … this was exactly a situation I got in an account in China with our local team 2 months ago. Thanks again for the very informative session. Francois Lamy, Director Product Management PTC Europe Attendees Say…

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