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GSMP Local Community Network Enhanced Process 8 Nov. 2007 Melanie Kudela.

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1 GSMP Local Community Network Enhanced Process 8 Nov. 2007 Melanie Kudela

2 ©2005 GS1 2 The Global Collaborative Forum Enhance LCN Process Welcome to the Enhance the GSMP Local Community Network Process Meeting! Our agenda: Administrative items – Melanie Kudela New look and feel to Global Agenda – Mike Mowad San Diego Process Group Summary –Melanie Kudela San Diego LCN Summary – Melanie Kudela 2 Items submitted to Enhance LCN Process

3 ©2005 GS1 3 The Global Collaborative Forum Administrative Items Reminders: Process Group Thank-you letters to LCN Members All Action Items / Discussion Topics are captured in a spreadsheet spreadsheet Process Group Voting / Validation Model approvedVoting / Validation Model Content from the LCN Manual Addendum LCN Community Room documents – are in the process of renaming from MO Franchise to LCN Community Room Caution: LCN Liaisons should join every BRG and WG by registering themselves in the roster of that groups Community Room GA is only a summary – LCN Liaisons must have access to documents Guest access is no longer available

4 ©2005 GS1 4 The Global Collaborative Forum Global Agenda has a New Look and Feel!

5 ©2005 GS1 5 The Global Collaborative Forum Process Group on LCN in San Diego

6 ©2005 GS1 6 The Global Collaborative Forum Summary Process Group on LCN Process Group supportive of MOs driving local solutions in refocusing the industry on eCom Is GSMP meeting constituent needs? Does GSMP have the right membership? GSMP Staff proposed new metrics / measurements based on LCN

7 ©2005 GS1 7 The Global Collaborative Forum Process Group Discussion on LCN New metrics will measure The rating system will provide feedback Will be implemented in LCN first 1. preference for the CR If many key organizations say high, it is of high value 2. priority by participant type Participants / feedback providers may be rated as (gold, silver, bronze) 2 Questions will be added to each LCN GA Question: Adoption / Effectiveness / Implementation Metric Is there a (high, medium, low) probability that your organization will adopt or implement this CR? Validation/Value Does your organization have a (high, medium, low, ambivalent) interest in this CR? A non-vote will be counted as ambivalent (dont care) [check on truth of this statement with LCN Liaisons] Existing Speed Metrics Will take into account interaction with LCN Expanded public review

8 ©2005 GS1 8 The Global Collaborative Forum Summary San Diego LCN Session

9 ©2005 GS1 9 The Global Collaborative Forum Summary San Diego LCN 5 25-30 108 Support resources; Details Train the trainers Methodology Users, MOs, GSMP Benefits What does it take? Costs Role Models Digestible Information to provide user companies Single message Who What Why – Benefit What to do with this info? When Single message We want to get feedback from this group We want to communicate what is going on to this group; provide awareness Identify how many MOs have defined membership memberships understand GSMP? how many are educated on GSMP? what are the staff sizes of the 25-30 MOs Identify characteristics of MO readiness: - Bus process expertise; - standards expertise; - headcount 1 FTE;

10 ©2005 GS1 10 The Global Collaborative Forum Summary San Diego LCN 4 states / levels of engagement between MOs and Users 1. Not engaged 2. Aware, requesting information, asking good questions 3. Planning, prepared, committed to go forward 4. Fully committed How do you move an MO from one stage to another stage? What do MOs need to understand? How do we sell value benefits? Marketing – do a global webinar; give a roadshow What is the potential for replicating the pilot? Who is it a benefit for? Improved and accelerated standards adoption. Improve the quality of GSMP.

11 ©2005 GS1 11 The Global Collaborative Forum Summary San Diego LCN Who do MOs target? Cant target everyone Members need to have some level of inducement Medium sized companies will participate but not small companies. Target MOs Who have members An MO has to engage some people in core in order to exchange information in LCN. Keep bar high; dont make LCN too easy MOs need to contribute Grow LCN by 5 more in 12 months Additional 5 more in 24 months Additional 10 more in 36 months Get Asian MO involved Start GSMP in a region MOs will see it roll and will get onboard Growth depends on personal contact – MO in one region spreading it to another region – show how it works; how to do it ECR Nov 6 conference in Austria

12 ©2005 GS1 12 The Global Collaborative Forum ENGAGING ASIAN MO and COMMUNICATION PLAN

13 ©2005 GS1 13 The Global Collaborative Forum COMM PLAN Item submitted by Mike S: LCN Communications Plan Discuss Implement Plan Item submitted by Steven: Engage an Asian MO

14 ©2005 GS1 14 The Global Collaborative Forum Thank-you

15 ©2005 GS1 15 The Global Collaborative Forum Contact Details Melanie Kudela GS1 Director, GDSN Technology D+1 609 620 4514 F+1 609 620-1200

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