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TECH POINT ELEARNING TRAINING Overview of Components and Suggested Activities March 2011.

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1 TECH POINT ELEARNING TRAINING Overview of Components and Suggested Activities March 2011

2 PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES TECH POINTS online eLearning training resources and strategies help vocational rehabilitation staffs better use rehabilitation technology to reach successful employment outcomes. Pathfinder Associates would like to partner with TACE Centers to enhance your capacity to provide training and technical assistance to agencies and programs in your region. The following information briefly discusses suggested training components and strategies.

3 SUGGESTED APPROACH The TECH POINT eLearning modules are self-contained training resources that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used independently or as part of the following components and activities to achieve maximum impact: 1.Introductory Training Workshop 2.Online eLearning Follow-up 3.Discussion Forums 4.Summary and Analysis 3

4 PART 1: INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP Face-to-Face workshop or seminar format preferred Provides overall look at use of rehabilitation technology resources/services Emphasis on relationship of technology resources and services and employment outcomes Involvement of key technology providers in the state/area suggested Small group activities and case study problem solving is emphasized Workshop explains follow-up training and activities 4

5 PART 2: TECH POINT – ONLINE ELEARNING MODULES Introduction to TECH POINTS Seven individual TECH POINT modules TP1Referral Application TP2 Assessment/Evaluation TP3Plan Development TP4Planned Services TP5Placement TP6Tracking and Documentation TP7 Post-Employment 5

6 TECH POINT MODULES Pathfinder Associates will develop: Customized set of TECH POINT modules branded with your format and logo for use with agencies and programs in your region Modules include generic FAQ information; regional resources and information; and contact information Modules take from 16 to 24 minutes to complete. Each contain a quiz with learner feedback TECH POINT modules can be housed on server through Pathfinder Associates or on your program/agency’s server 6

7 PART 3: DISCUSSION FORUM  Scheduled to coincide with each online module  Moderated discussion forum open for full week  Minimum two posts required/expected  Email announcement/follow-up to encourage involvement  Moderator and participants can post questions or scenarios to address state specific issues/needs  Technology providers from state can be invited as “guest experts” 7

8 PART 3: OTHER OPTIONS  Webinars addressing specific topics/issues could be considered as alternative or supplement for discussion forums  Suggestion is to consider webinar for future training option to follow-up on specific needs/issues that are identified 8

9 PART 4: TRAINING SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS  Summary and analysis of participant comments and feedback  TACE can share information with agencies and programs to assist with strategic planning to address technology-related needs  Analysis could help to identify need/content for possible webinar or other follow-up activities 9

10 OPTIONS FOR DELIVERING TRAINING MODULES  The TECH POINT modules could be delivered directly from your server or by linking to the Pathfinder website and server  Training modules are published to work with learning management software (LMS) or website delivery  Suggestion is to concurrently schedule a module and discussion board approximately 2-4 weeks apart  TECH POINT modules can also be used as component of new staff orientation 10

11 SUPPORT AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Pathfinder Associates can provide ongoing technical support as needed to help in:  Fielding technology-related questions/issues  Facilitating/moderating discussion forums  Developing follow-up webinar activities  Working with agencies/programs on requests such as incorporating TECH POINT reminders into case management system 11

12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: INCENTIVES  CEU credit for completion of the eLearning modules and participation on the discussion boards is suggested  Successful completion of quiz for each TP module (80% correct; multiple attempts allowed)  Minimum number of two posts to the DB could be manually confirmed by facilitator/moderator  Providing a Certificate of Completion is suggested 12

13 SUMMARY We hope that this information was helpful in highlighting possible ways that Pathfinder Associates may be able to partner with you. Contact Pathfinder Associates with questions about the TECH POINT eLearning modules or any aspect of the suggested four-part training approach.  Tony Langton – 803.767.8043  13

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