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California State Park and Recreation Department Cabin Design April 2, 2014 Initial Thoughts and Ideas Mike Carr.

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1 California State Park and Recreation Department Cabin Design April 2, 2014 Initial Thoughts and Ideas Mike Carr

2 Shared Values and Understanding the Mission of State Parks To provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state's extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.

3 Interior Bed/bunk placement Place for pack/bag Place to hang lantern/light Place to hang reading lantern/light Window placement relative to bunk placement

4 Interior – contd Two ways of egress Easy to clean surfaces No insulation- minimize moisture collecting in cabins and producing mildew. Also keeps mice inside the walls to a minimum, as there is no inside the walls. Consider an air vent at the bottom of all the walls to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning which can happen with people using stoves or propane heaters inside the cabin. Anything for anti graffiti?

5 Layout 5 people (2 doubles, 1 single and a table), cabins for 8 (4 sets of bunkbeds), and cabins for 10 (3 sets of bunkbeds, and 2 sets of double width bunkbeds). The 5 person cabins are used most often for 3 people or 2 people, ideal for a couple and usable year round with the interior table. The cabins with 8 beds are the best for scouts, youth groups, etc.

6 Layout –contd Families like the 5 person cabins so that a couple can share the bed and the kids get the rest of the beds. And the other groups often need the 8 beds in a cabin in order to supervise all the kids they bring with a school or church camping trip.

7 Materials Critter proof siding- wood bees and wood peckers Hanta Virus example Need to protect from under the cabin Need to consider rust- Flooring and siding could be recycled lumber timber Tec or trex. Made from recycled plastic and sawdust and some resin. Pretty sure they have one of the best warranties in the business. Very low to no maintenance

8 Materials – contd Metal standing seam- new material that wont rust. The roof could have a rain catchment system could divert water to holding tank to wash dishes or what have you. Vinyl windows will last quite a long time are very weather proof and efficient. Doors- could go with metal insulated, but rust again could be a problem. Fiberglass might be the way to go, wont rot and will withstand the test of time and critters wont chew them. Roof pitch needs to be determined by location of cabin.

9 Maintenance Type of bed/bunk to clean under Easy to clean interior surfaces- walls, floors, ceilings, windows Easy to clean exterior surfaces- walls, roof, door, windows Roof that sheds debris- debris can soak in water. Example under a redwood canopy. Drip line- avoid splash on exterior

10 Door Lock Need ability to change lock remotely. Schlage makes keypad locks that can hold up to 10 different combos so each camper could be given a code to get in. Lock can be reset.

11 Transport to and Placement At Site In most situations transportation to the cabin placement will be on narrow winding roads. Most effective would be to transport several at one time on a truck. Consider how to lift on and off truck- forklift guides and/or if using tractor bucket and chains provide design to attach chains. Most likely scenario is use of tractor with bucket and chains. Leveling

12 Economics What is budget per cabin- materials, design, is transport additional Number of beds may equate to per person rate OR charge by cabin would be easiest Longevity Maintenance- not cost effective to send a maintenance person to clean, maintain, make repairs on a frequent basis. Maybe once a week or even less frequently.

13 Considerations Being raised on skids will allow for heat/cold transfer through floor and access to critters to nest (will make noise under cabin) and or try to dig up into the floor. Bring the outdoors in! Not a dungeon. Sky light type windows, solo tubes Can design accommodate possible future hook up to electricity?

14 Considerations Is a small solar panel to provide internal lighting affordable, reliable, low maintenance Shelves, hooks to hang items, porch with box for outdoor storage doubles as a bench

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