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Objectives 9.02-9.03: ANALYZE home maintenance techniques.

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1 Objectives 9.02-9.03: ANALYZE home maintenance techniques

2 Repair Tools for the Home Hammer: has a curved claw; used to drive and pull nails.

3 Standard or Flat Head Screwdriver ranges from very small to large.

4 Phillips Head Screwdriver fits a slot shaped with a X shape. Used to assemble furniture, bookcases, cabinets, etc.

5 Adjustable Wrench Used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts Comes in many different sizes.

6 Steel Tape Measure Used to measure areas larger than 3 feet Usually retractable and most have thumb locks Can have standard or metric measurements.

7 Pliers: used for gripping & cutting Slip joint pliers: Moves to fit nut and bolt Channel lock pliers: used for plumbing problems (loosen and tighten nuts/bolts)

8 Long nose pliers: used for bending wires and positioning components in small areas excellent for floral arranging and crafts also.

9 Side-cutting pliers: used to cut wire and to strip the insulation and coating off electrical wire.

10 Plunger: used to open clogged drains and toilets


12 Roof, Gutters, Downspouts Check roofs every 6 months for loose shingles.

13 Keep gutters and downspouts clear. Check after a heavy storm or heavy leaf fall If water cannot properly flow off the roof, it will backup into attic spaces and wall cavities, causing rot, mold, and termites.

14 Exterior Walls Wood siding must be: monitored for rot and replaced as needed painted or stained on regular basis to protect the wood from sun, wind, and rain.

15 Manufactured siding needs to be washed and painted on a regular basis.

16 Vinyl siding needs to be washed and checked for loose boards.

17 Brick mortar must be checked on a regular basis. “Pointing up” is the term for replacing the mortar.

18 Stucco walls require washing to eliminate mold and mildew.

19 ALL homes need to be checked for termites annually Termites feed on wood especially wood that is holding water.

20 Window and Doors Need regular cleaning and checking for rot Need to be inspected to make sure they are properly caulked and sealed Caulk prevents air leakage, which is a major cause of higher heating and cooling costs.

21 Weather stripping should also be replaced as it wears out over time.

22 Driveways Check for and repair cracks and deterioration Pressure wash to remove excess dirt and algae Apply water sealants to repel moisture.

23 Decks, Porches, and Terraces Check for rot and damage Pressure wash, paint and stain as needed Check railings and stairs to make sure they are safe, secure, and not damaged.


25 Pictures and Mirrors Find the stud and use hardware that is compatible with the weight of the picture or mirror The center of the picture should be at eye level, approximately 60” from the floor.

26 Repairing Nail Holes Use a putty knife and fill the nail holes with joint compound mixture or spackling Allow the compound to dry completely Sand flush with a fine grit sandpaper block, then paint.

27 Repairing compression faucets

28 Clogged drains Usually occur where two pipes have a change of direction Can use chemical drain cleaner A plunger may be needed.

29 Happy Home

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