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New York Life Building 20 West Ninth Street Mike Thome Hoss & Brown.

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1 New York Life Building 20 West Ninth Street Mike Thome Hoss & Brown

2 New York Life Building Built in 1888 Italian Renaissance structure with steel framing 10 Story, 200,000 sq. ft. Class A Office Space 500 employees H-shaped footprint Now Utilicorp United’s headquarters

3 New York Life Building Project Scenario Building idle for 5 years Severe water damage led to : –Plaster falling –Wood floors buckling –Roof leaking –Structure inhabited by nothing more than pigeons

4 New York Life Building Project Challenges Aim for a 7-year payback period Operate the building at 1/3 less cost than any Class A building in Kansas City Preserve the atrium’s barrel-vaulted skylight and historical character Lessen energy demands at peak times Accomodate tighter conditions in the air- distribution system

5 New York Life Building Other Project Challenges Upgrade to meet current building codes –emergency exits –seismic stability –thermal exposure Add state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems to 100 year old building

6 New York Life Building System Solutions Electric centrifugal chillers with ice-storage capabilities Variable air volume (VAV) air distribution system New operable energy-efficient windows Added insulation to building envelope New heating and hot water systems 10-story infill of H footprint Energy-efficient lighting and daylighting

7 New York Life Building New Cooling Plant Electric centrifugal chillers –Two 300 ton Trane machines, R-123 –daytime chiller full-load 0.55 kW/ton efficiency, 0.538 kW/ton efficiency at 75% load –ice storage chiller 0.762 kW/ton efficiency Ice-storage system –“Giant Slurpie Machine” or “Popsicle Machine” –fourteen 15-foot tall, 1600 gallon insulated tanks –glycol solution cooled to 22 °F at night –ice cools interior air during the day

8 New York Life Building Heating and Hot Water High-efficiency gas-fired boilers –hot water heat to VAV boxes Point-of-use hot water heaters –eliminated need for insulated piping and boiler maintenance –sensor-activated fixtures with preset wash times

9 New York Life Building Lighting Improvements Overhead lighting –T8 Fluorescent tubes –solid-state, low-energy, dimmable ballasts Computer-controlled system –adjust overhead light levels according to the amount of daylight –occupancy sensors turn off lights when no one is present Daylighting –ceilings slope down from windows to reflect light into interior –interior light shelves –light reflective colors

10 New York Life Building Other Building Load Reductions New energy-efficient windows installed –double-pane, low-e, insulated frames –custom-made operable windows to meet historical restoration requirements Exterior masonry walls –R-11 fiberglass insulation added New roof with R-20 insulation

11 New York Life Building Ten-Story Infill Filled in part of the H-shaped footprint with full height addition –9,000 square feet of office space added –new light well protects the original skylight Reduced building surface area by 15% Steel frame increases structural support Skylight designed to evacuate smoke in an emergency

12 New York Life Building Integrated Economics All building energy systems were designed to reduce peak electrical demands New chillers & ice storage –purchase & installation cost of $810,000 –payback period of 10.2 years Lighting system payback period of 3-4 years All other building systems have 5-7 year paybacks Lower payback measures –help to finance expensive chiller/ice storage work –help reduce overall project payback period

13 New York Life Building Financing Structure $35 million project, including $7 million for adjacent parking structure Missouri Tax Incentive Program - used to finance 75% of the renovation Credit of 100% of property tax increases and up to 50% of sales and profits tax increases

14 New York Life Building Project Timeline Building purchased in November 1992 Extensive redesign of interior and exterior to Class-A office space Complete mechanical/electrical overhaul Construction began in October 1995 Project complete in beginning of 1997

15 New York Life Building Project Results Highly efficient, state-of-the-art HVAC systems –Utilicorp United is saving $1.4 million a year on utility bills from its previous headquarters –utility cost savings of $0.50-0.80/square foot –operating costs reduced from $23 to $15/square foot –overall project payback of ~7 years Created an extremely comfortable, modern office building, while retaining the character of the original historic building

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