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Trying to get the shingling finished in a snowstorm.

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1 Trying to get the shingling finished in a snowstorm

2 Charron going up the valley

3 Looks like Santa Claus

4 Moving up the roof

5 In floor heating pipes and sewage pump

6 I use these photos for measurements needed when the floor is finished and Im installing partitions

7 The sunlight will help us clear snow from the plywood

8 New garage door openings behind the sliding doors

9 A promising sunrise

10 Larry has come to pour the basement floor

11 The concrete truck promptly gets stuck – two tractors to help get it in position to pour through window openings

12 Concrete chute through a window opening

13 Finished – pulled up onto the driveway

14 Wash out the chute into the bucket for disposal

15 Freshly poured concrete in the basement

16 The other end of the basement

17 Hammer and tong on the roof to get it finished

18 Lots of straw helps with traction – little frost in the ground

19 North side is finished

20 East side of the link is finished – two roof vents

21 Putting on the ridge cap

22 Oscar inspects

23 Typar on the east wall – joints taped

24 Power trowel to give us a smooth finish

25 The arrival of Prest Electric – local electrician

26 Basement windows installed in the bedroom

27 Installing windows in the basement living area

28 Floor finisher leaves us some concrete from hand troweling

29 Windows installed – east end of the basement

30 Nosy Parker watches what we do

31 Now the concrete has to dry thoroughly

32 It will take some time before we can install partitions

33 Propane heater helps the process

34 In floor heating tubes can be hooked up to the water heater

35 A row of basement windows

36 East end of the basement – windows at grade

37 My morning arrival

38 Typar on the interior of the basement walls allows air to pass through but keeps moisture against the concrete and away from the insulation to be installed

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