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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading

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1 North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading
Sponsors Jason Nybakken – Varsity Sponsor/ Program Coordinator Arlonda McGruder– Junior Varsity Sponsor Dana Wissink– Freshmen Sponsor

2 Squad Structure Varsity 18 members (Juniors and Seniors)
Junior Varsity 12 members (Sophomores only) Freshmen Squad 12 members (Freshmen only)

3 Mission Support school athletic teams. Boost school spirit.
Develop good positive crowd involvement. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and maintaining physical fitness.

4 Expectations Hard work and dedication to improve as an individual and as a team. Display impeccable behavior during games, practices, and all school functions. Show commitment to the squad by arriving to all games, practices and school functions on time and staying for the duration of each event. Exhibit teamwork by cooperating with squad members and solving disputes peacefully.

5 Estimated Expenses New Varsity or JV Cheerleader $740.00
Varsity Cheerleader (on JV or Varsity last year) $585.00 JV Cheerleader (on Freshmen squad last year) Freshmen Cheerleader $690.00

6 Estimated Expenses 1st Payment ($300) is Due Monday after tryouts (March 4th). Freshmen payment is due March 19th. All cheerleading fees must be paid before May 30th. Failure to pay Cheerleading fees in a timely manner will result in dismissal from the squad. We are not permitted to purchase clothing, etc. unless there is a positive balance in the student activity account.

7 Varsity and JV Meeting Timeline
Date Function Amount Mon March 4th 1st Parent/Squad 6pm $300 Mon April 1st Booster Club 6:30pm $200 May 6th Final Payment Due Thurs May 30th Deadline for any outstanding payments.

8 FRESHMEN SQUAD Date Function Amount
Tues March 19th 1st Payment and Parent Meeting $300 Mon April 2nd Payment after Fitting 4:00-5:30pm $200 May 30th Make final payment before May 30th $190 Other meetings/practices to be announced.

9 Practices During School
Freshmen –after school practices will be scheduled as needed. JV – practices are Tues/Wed on game weeks and Tues/Thurs on off weeks 3:30-5:30pm Varsity – practices every Tues/Thurs 3:30-5:30pm

10 Time Commitment Jobs, other sports and school activities cannot interfere with practices or games. Because of the vast time commitment involved in Cheerleading, it is not possible for Cheerleaders to be a member of the teams whose practices, games or meets conflict with their responsibilities as a cheerleader. Freshmen are permitted to play other sports, but this is not encouraged.

11 Booster Club Varsity and Junior Varsity squads will have a booster club to assist with raising funds for banquet, senior scholarships and other expenses. Meetings are the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30pm. The Freshmen squad will raise money for an end of year celebration through a school fundraiser. There will be no booster club for Freshmen squad.

12 CLINIC TRYOUTS Tryouts Timeline Mon-Wed 3:00-4:30 (Varsity)
Feb 25th-27th 4:30-5:30 (Sub-varsity) TRYOUTS Thursday, Feb 28th 3pm Varsity tryout Sub-Varsity to follow

13 Tryout Procedure Total Score Possible 200 pts Physical Tryout Score
Grade Point Average Teacher Evaluation Avg. Discipline Record 100 pts 50 pts 30 pts 20 pts Total Score Possible 200 pts

14 Tryout Night Parents are not permitted to be in the dressing room during tryouts and must wait in the cafeteria. Results will not be released until the end of the day Friday via envelope to each candidate. Candidates must open envelopes off-campus and are not permitted to return to discuss results. Parents may schedule a meeting with the principal to discuss tryout results. Only the scores of your son/daughter can be reviewed or discussed.

Outside of the folder: FIRST/LAST NAME of 5 teachers you are giving evaluations to. Three must be core teachers. 8th Graders: Write your school on the outside of the folder as well.

16 INSTRUCTIONS Permission Form GPISD Extra-Curricular Activities Form
1. Fill out the following forms completely. Permission Form GPISD Extra-Curricular Activities Form 2. Put these COMPLETED FORMS inside the folder. PARENT AND STUDENT SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED FOR THESE FORMS. 3. Hand in your folder to the appropriate sponsor when directed.

17 INSTRUCTIONS Physical forms are available from the athletic office or field house located at the stadium. DO NOT HAND IN INCOMPLETE FORMS. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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