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2013-2014 B.L. Gray Jr. High Cheerleader Tryouts.

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1 2013-2014 B.L. Gray Jr. High Cheerleader Tryouts

2 Welcome! -Administrators Patricia Deanda : Assistant Principal James Heath: Principal -Coaches Marissa Briseno: Cheer Coach Ext. 1659

3 Squads The Junior High Cheerleading Squad shall consist of no more than twelve (12) membership positions for 7 th grade students and twelve (12) membership positions for 8 th grade students. Only eligible 6 th grade students may try out for the 7 th grade positions and only eligible 7 th grade students may try out for the 8 th grade positions.

4 Eligibility Must be enrolled in the school district, or will be entering and are currently residing in the district Must not have been academically ineligible for two or more six weeks during the current school year Must be passing all courses with a grade of 70 or above at the time of tryouts Must have at least 95% attendance rate for the current school year up to March 11 th. – No more than 7 absences! A student who resigned from a spirit group the previous or current year will be ineligible to tryout. Any student who is currently serving in AEP placement, or has been in AEP this school year, shall be ineligible to tryout. Any outstanding balance from current or prior school years will be ineligible to tryout and must clear all outstanding balances at least one week prior to tryouts.

5 Tryout Procedure Mandatory Parent Meeting Tryout Packet Tryout Clinic Tryout Before Judges

6 Packets March 4 - Packets due to Marissa Briseno before 4:30pm. – No late packets will be accepted., and no one will be allowed to participate unless all forms are submitted and complete In the following order: Application form Athletic Emergency form Physical or Physical on File-Current SISD Athlete – INCOMING 7 th graders ONLY: will need a current physical – 8 th graders: If you currently have a physical on file, you will not need a new one until the start of our school year. – **ALL PHYSICALS MUST BE TURNED IN TO MRS. BRISENO Athletic Policy – Acknowledgment of Rules – UIL Form – Extracurricular Code of Conduct – Insurance Form Citizenship Evaluation Form (turned in by assistant principal) ** All forms must be turned in a manila folder labeled with name and current grade level. All forms must be in order. It is your responsibility to have all the paper work done on time or your child will not be able to participate in tryout activities.

7 Tryout Clinic March 18– Practice (4:15pm – 5:30pm Gym): The candidates will learn the cheer and chant being performed at tryouts. March 19– Practice (4:15pm- 5:30pm Gym): During this practice the individuals will be taught a cheer, dance, skills. They will be instructed on proper skills regarding jumps, motions, and technique. March 20 – Practice (4:15pm- 5:45pm Gym): Candidates will continue to practice the cheer, dance and chant learned earlier in the week. Candidates will be designated to their groups.

8 Clinic Requirements Any student who is tardy or does not have the required attire on for any practice or mock tryout will lose ten citizenship points for each occurrence. Arriving fifteen minutes after start time will be counted as an absence, and candidate will not be allowed to tryout. Absences from practices or mock tryouts: Refer to Section 2.7 in the Sharyland Cheerleader and Drill Team Constitution. Dont be late!!!

9 Tryouts March 23: Tryouts (9:00am New Gym): Tryouts will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. All candidates will drop off items in the New Gym Lobby, then meet in the practice gym. Only candidates will be allowed in the gym and girls locker room. Parents, please refrain from coming in to assist your child with hair, attire, etc. Tryout attire: –plain red shorts, plain white short sleeve shirt. –hair must be pulled back in ponytail –plain white socks and tennis shoes –No one is allowed to wear attire indicating prior participation as a cheerleader.

10 Tryout Requirements Students will report to the New Gym lobby on the day of tryouts. All personal items will be left in the lobby and picked up as candidates exit the gym after tryouts. Candidates caught with any personal items outside the gym lobby, including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, electronic devices, will automatically forfeit their opportunity to tryout and will be dismissed immediately. A security guard will be posted in the lobby to ensure personal items are secure and that candidates exit the gym promptly. Tryouts will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. on March 23, 2013. Gym doors will be locked at 9:00 am and no candidates or other persons affiliated with the tryouts will be allowed to enter after that time. Parents will be allowed to wait only in their vehicles in the gym parking lot and must exit the high school area immediately after their child has completed the tryout process. Results will be posted on-line by 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 23 at under District News and Headlines. Failure to abide by any of these requirements may result in dismissal from tryouts.

11 Tryout Process Scoring: The following 500 point system shall be used for all tryout: Judges -300 points High and low scores are thrown out Judged on a cheer, jumps, tumbling and dance – Citizenship- Each candidate begins with 200 points for this category. Points can be lost for tardies to clinic, detentions, ISS and suspension

12 Financial Responsibilities – Choreography: 3 routines & personalized music mix uniform topskirtbody liner pomsbagbow socksshoesbloomers 2 camp shirts2 camp shorts Warmup jacket Warmup pants – CHEER CAMP AT UTPA – 5 INSTALLMENTS: 1 ST : $140.00March 28, 2013 2 ND : $140.00 April 11, 2013 3 RD : $140.00 May 2, 2013 4 th : $140.00May 16, 2013 4 TH : $140.00 June 6, 2013 All installments must be paid on time-No exceptions will be made. If you would like to get people to sponsor your child to alleviate the cost of the program, please contact me for a sponsor form.

13 Summer Schedule PRACTICES: April : Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays EXCEPT THE WEEK OF 22-26 May: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday May 1-24 June: Monday-Thursday 3:00-5:00 July: OFF Aug.:Return August 5 Practices are mandatory. June hours may increase as we get closer to camp. (families are to make summer trips in July)

14 Fundraising 1.)Summer Sponsors (Four of $50.00 OR two of $100.00) 2.) Cheer clinic in August: Each cheerleader should recruit three participants. Any fundraising ideas wanted to be headed by parents, please feel free to contact Mrs. Briseno. Sponsor Fundraiser will be due August 5. Sponsor Fundraiser will be due August 5. What are the sponsorships for? What are the sponsorships for? – FALL GAMES: 8 volleyball/football games 6 girls basketball games 6 boys basketball games 20 games to cheer at from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. $7.00 a meal x 20 games=$140.00 x 24 girls = $3360.00. Balance is used for our Christmas party and the gas consumption used for bus trips to the elementary schools. Cheer clinic will be held to fundraise for items. If you fail to participate in fundraiser, you will be responsible for fall items purchased: $65.00 jersey, $20.00 bows, $30.00 school spirit shirts, $25.00 pep rally theme attire, $10.00 socks, and any other costs incurred.

15 Important Dates! March 4, 2013: Packets due to Mrs. Briseno March 8, 2013: Citizenship forms due March 18-21: Cheer Clinic March 23, 2013: Cheer Tryouts @ SHS gymnasium March 28, 2013: New Team Meeting/Fitting (8 th grade : 5:00 p.m./7 th grade: 5:30 p.m.) Installment Dates: 1ST: $190.00March 28, 2013 2ND: $160.00 April 11, 2013 3RD: $160.00 May 2, 2013 4TH: $140.00 May 23, 2013 Camp is mandatory! Summer practices are mandatory! –Dates: June 24-28

16 GOOD LUCK!!!!

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