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2014 JOSC Womens Rifle Clinic David Johnson April 16, 2014.

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1 2014 JOSC Womens Rifle Clinic David Johnson April 16, 2014

2 Lets Talk about Airgun and Training Talk about Resources Talk about Shooting Better Tomorrow

3 The International Air Level Many countries and cultures succeed in Air J3 Level World Wide: 392 J2 Level World Wide: 395 J1 Level World Wide: 397+ Open Level World Wide: 398-400

4 How Do We Get Better? Quality Gear (all countries have this…) Quality Coachingwe have many great coaches Athletes with PotentialMany! More and Better trainingPerhaps the single area we can most improve upon

5 Dave, I need examples… Iran!

6 Notes on Iran…doing a lot with a little… Iran has won 2 Quotas in London Cycle Iran is snubbed by the world, sanctioned Highly Motivated: to beat the west and for personal/family gain Coach Says: we dont do anything fancy; we are on the range 4 hours daily in training

7 What Others Do: Time Chinese: Average 7-8 hours on range in air, if air specialist Germans: Average air training session is 2 hours Ukrainians: Average 4 hours daily on air range

8 What Others Do: Stuff Holding Exercises without jacket daily Volume training: normal is 100 shots daily Drills for finals, pair training, distraction SCATT or other device holding work Physical Training: Cardio, endurance

9 Training Session Ideas Hold for 30 minutes without jacket Put jacket on and hold for 10 more Check/Reinforce exact NPA Shoot live and/or SCATT for 100 shots End with a drill: finals, ladders, ping pong, golf, coach driven stuff 4-5 Days/Week of work

10 Skills Goals 10 Minutes max in sighter; confident start Max hold time window practice Quality Control Management: shooting for 10.3+, control of time, hold discipline Comfort in stringing tens No limits thinking

11 Keeping Track Time on Range with gun Volume of shots Sighter timing Hold timing Break Timing Scores (2x weekly if possible)

12 Good Luck! World Team Trials Part I for Juniors – JOSC April 2014 World Team Trials Part II for Juniors – USASNC June 2014 Ranking: – JOSC Qualification Scores + Points from Final Finish + USASNC Qualification Scores + Points from Finals (2) Finishes

13 Resources Sports Nutrition: Fitness and taking care of fueling will make a competitive difference in Physical and Mental Endurance and focus. – Nancy Clarks Sports Nutrition Guidebook – My Plate: A great US Govt site:

14 Resources Sports Psychology: Start--Focus on Dealing with distractions Performance recovery – fancy stuff feeds from these areas – Very simple work and skills yield useful tools – Must train psych skills like any other skill – Resource list at desk in morning

15 How to do better TOMORROW! - Follow a Simple Shot Routine... 1. Set up your position the same each time 2. Day dream or picture (=VISUALIZE) what you want to see right before you look through the sights. Example: a. Get natural point of aim b. Pick up gun, place elbow on hip, stare above sights, not through. c. Breathe deeply twice. Let body settle, still looking above sights. d. Picture YOUR good hold and the shot going off. e. Put head down and look through sights. Breathe, settle, shoot. f. Repeat

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