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Polar & NESTA: Monitoring a New Era of Personal Training.

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2 Polar & NESTA: Monitoring a New Era of Personal Training

3 Presented By: Dave Appel Polar Regional Account Manager Dave Goldstein Vice President Business Development - NESTA National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association

4 Agenda Basics of heart rate training Current health club environment Personal training today: How to learn heart rate science How to apply this learning to make better trainers Next Steps

5 Who is Heart Rate Training For? Amateur Athletes Housewives Weekend Warriors Professional Athletes Mom Dad Grandma Grandpa Cardiac Rehab Patients Weight Loss Heart Health Lifetime Fitness Injury Rehab Exercise Experts Exercise Beginners EVERYONE

6 Does Heart Rate Training Work? Client A – was on a 4 month Cardio Coaching program Pre-Assessment VO2

7 16 Weeks Later 18% Increase

8 What Activities Can Your Clients Do? Cycling X-Country Skiing Walking In-line Skating Swimming Hiking Mountain Biking Kayaking Treadmill Spinning Snow Shoeing Running Cardiac Rehab Canoeing Kick Boxing Elliptical Climbing Group Fitness Classes All of Them

9 Improve client well-being More effective use of client training time Improve client performance and fitness Spot potential client health problems Keep clients motivated Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor?

10 Target Heart Rate Zones Target Zones Zone 1: 60-70% Fat Burning, recommended for recovery Zone 2: 70-80% Building Aerobic Base Zone 3: 80+ % Anaerobic Training Formulae : 220 minus age (A)= estimated max hr (HRMx) HRMx minus MRHR= (C) (C) X.60 = (D) D + MRHR = ( ) 60% limit number (C) X.70 = (E) E + MRHR = ( ) 70% limit number (C) X.80 = (E) E + MRHR = ( ) 80% limit number

11 Maximize Results with Maximum HR

12 Factors Affecting Heart Rate Age Gender Genetics Fitness level Resting HR Maximum HR Exercise mode Exercise intensity Body & Air Temperature Exercise environment Stress Nutrition Hydration Medication Smoking Drinking

13 Common variables monitored: 1. Exercise Heart Rate 2. Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax) 3. Recovery Heart Rate Types of Heart Rate

14 How to Measure Heart Rate with Polar TARGET 1 TRAIN 2 TRACK 3

15 Current Club Environment

16 Your Current Membership 80% of club members want to lose weight or tone & firm up \ – 50% need to lose 10 lbs. or more 75% of these members use cardio machines for their weight loss program … … but less than 20% train with a heart rate monitor!

17 Trainers: Benefits of Training with Heart Rate Easily integrated into current programs Provides uniform delivery of training that will keep clients on track and motivated Documents client improvements as you track your training sessions Tool to hold clients accountable

18 CDC.Gov EXERCISE RX Most days of the week - preferably daily 5 or more days of the week if moderate- intensity (for a total of 30 minutes/day) 3 or more days of the week if vigorous- intensity (for at least 20-60 minutes/session)


20 Solution: NESTAs PFT 2.0

21 What Does a Professionally Certified Personal Fitness Trainer do? Fitness Goals and Needs B Bridge the Gap A Current Health and Fitness Level

22 Are Trainers Training Appropriately? Are youBridging the Gap Safely and Effectively? Optimal Training

23 Personal Trainers Training 101!

24 Building Blocks of A Successful Program

25 Education By Incorporating PFT 2.0 and Polar: Educated members become successful – goal oriented members – continued revenues (if they believe in it, they will succeed in it) Separate from other Trainers through tech. Start classes, additional points of revenue

26 Training With PFT 2.0 and Polar: Your PT staff will outline clear individual goals during assessments. - Good trainer/client communication leads to member trust which turns into repeat personal training clients. –Additional service creates buzz more referrals, etc. –Provide greater ROI and sell-through of monitors

27 Application I have to study what? I just finished school! Im certified GREAT…now what? I dont want to be a salesperson… How do I communicate with a potential client?

28 PFT 2.0 : Educating Trainers in a New Way –Trainers learn the practical application of the science and business of training –Trainers will learn to use the technology to help get and retain clients

29 –Trainers will learn the benefits of heart rate technology Improved performance Improved efficiency Increased motivation Increased knowledge Adaptability Accountability Objective assessment Objective training PFT 2.0 : Educating Trainers in a New Way

30 Next Steps Once Trainers are armed with: Heart Rate Knowledge and NESTA PFT 2.0 -you can start to implement more fee-based programs to stand out from the competition, drive revenues and results: Polar Cardio Coaching Weight Management Classes Running and Triathlon Groups

31 Next Steps To get certified in NESTA PFT 2.0, visit, or email To sell Polar Heart Rate Monitors in your facility, contact your Regional Account Manager – Visit: and click on find your account manager.

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