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Changing paradigm, built-in vs. brought- in device for connected vehicle applications Mobile Monday Detroit J. Parikh July 15, 2013 1.

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1 Changing paradigm, built-in vs. brought- in device for connected vehicle applications Mobile Monday Detroit J. Parikh July 15, 2013 1

2 Outline Introduction –Overview Escort Inc. Detector/Technology Products –Connected Car Growth of Smartphone and vehicle connectivity Connected Vehicle Applications Safe Driving Driver companion Demo – 2

3 Introduction & Overview 3 Founded in 1978, Escort Radar is makers of full line of radar, laser & safety detectors and other technology product The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. Responsible for Emerging Technologies and Product Innovation

4 Escort Inc. Radar, laser and safety detector products 4 Guardian Alert Radar Collision Avoidance With Rear Backup Camera Bluetooth Hands-free Calling Other technology products Your Media

5 Connecting Cars Bring Your Own Device 5

6 Connected Vehicle 6

7 Connecting Cars – Bring Your Own Device 7 Global Sales Forecast of OEM Connectivity Solutions in Passenger Cars Connectivity Options for In-Vehicle Services Source: mAutomotive

8 Exponential Growth in Computing Power in Mobile Devices

9 Built-in vs. Brought-in, OEM Offerings Built-in Brought-in Safety & Vehicle Data Services Infotainment / Entertainment Internet Access Partnership w/ Google Cutomizable iDrive from Home PC & internet Mobile WiFi Hotspot for Internet Access Uconnect, MyGIG (hard- drive radio) iPod/iPhone connectivity for HFC/Music Hughes Telematics Search&Send (nav data PC to car) SYNC (device platform) Toyota Telematics – G-Book (Microsoft Auto Platform; limited emergency services + infotainment) Blue&Me (Eur) 911 Assist service Vehicle health report Partnered with MS to rollout voice activated infotainment system in 2010 in US. Audi Connect Safety & Security

10 In Four Years, Most Cars Will Work With Smartphones The Chevrolet Spark offers a stereo upgrade that acts like an extension of a user's smart phone to stream music, navigation and other apps. By 2016 most cars will have smartphone integration, according to a new report from Juniper Research, a wireless technology research firm based in Hampshire, U.K. Aftermarket systems offered by companies like OnStar will help grow the sector to $14.4 billion in four years and give 92 million vehicles Internet connectivity. Forbes – 5/19/2012 Parts suppliers and consumer electronics companies are working together to create a standardized protocol called MirrorLink, being overseen by the Car Connectivity Consortium.

11 Driver Distractions 11

12 Drive Safe – Apps and Gizmos (1) Drive Safely Mobile application that reads text messages and emails aloud in real-time and automatically responds without drive intervention Solution for texting while driving Fleetsafer Mobile: Mobile phone software to ensure employee compliance with distracted driving policies. Stops texting, emailing, browsing while driving Vehicle interface via wireless OBDII with smartphone FleetSafer: Combines vehicle data with phone usage data for driver behavior Measures and manages employees phone usage while driving Driver scorecard DriveScribe Turns mobile phone into a personal safe driving coach. App monitors speed, blocks texts, emails and calls Tells driver to slow down if going too fast Provides real-time driving help, reduce distractions, see how you perform and earn rewards for driving safely through mobile and web applications 12

13 Drive Safe – Apps and Gizmos (2) Sprint & AT&T: Disable texting while driving, auto reply AT&T has safe driving app Family Circle: Text Arrester Safe Driver – monitors speed, location, driving practice Key2safedriving – restricts phone usage while driving Dangers of distracted driving – Learning tool, scenario outline Steer clear mobile – logs driving time, mileage, road condition etc. iGuardianTeen Smartphone app for parents to download onto teen driver's phone to help parents keep teen drivers safe while they gain driving experience. App generates driver score card and report Conti: Smartphones are the Key to Car Sharing of the Future Continentals digital car key and smartphone integration make using short-term rental cars affordable, convenient, and secure. Successful fleet test in Toulouse Uses NFC technology WV 511 DriveSafe: The West Virginia 511 Drive Safe mobile app provides drivers with audible, hands- free traffic alerts from their smartphone. 13

14 Samsung – Drive Link app with MirrorLink compatibility Drive Link provide safe user interface and portal to the most commonly used apps on phone while driving -- navigation, hands-free calling and listening to music. For navigation, gives full access to the phone's GPS and mapping features, allowing you to speak destinations or pull them up from text messages. Full hands-free calling and text-to-speech message reading are available in several languages International version of the phone supports MirrorLink, a standard for interfacing with vehicles infotainment system supported by Car Connectivity Consortium NHTSA Unveils 'SaferCar' App for iPhones, Thursday, March 21, 2013 Free mobile app provides real-time info to help consumers "Buy Safe, Drive Safe, and Stay Safe" Drive Safe – Apps and Gizmos (3)

15 iOnRoad - Turns your Smartphone into a Personal Driving Assistant 15 Vision Based Advanced Collision Warning System Off road alert (LDW) Headway Distance Monitoring & Alert Speeding Alert Blackbox like video recorder Car Locator

16 Connected Vehicle Applications 16

17 Leveraging Sensing and Communications Capabilities of Smartphone Gyroscope 3-Axis accelerometer Magnetometer Compass Proximity Sensor Ambient Light Sensor GPS Barometer (Android) Wireless Communication

18 Vehicle Connectivity Architecture – Built-in vs. Brought-in Device Cloud Server Smart Devices for Data Processing & Gateway Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy Cellular Data GPS Accelerometer Cellular Data Wi-Fi Bluetooth Data Route 1 Data Route 2 Data Route 2a Data Route 2b GPS Cellular Data Battery Backup Bluetooth + OBD 2 Embedded System Through Brought-in Device 18

19 Your Car and Smartphone, Connected 19 Driving Feedback Rough Braking Speeding Rapid Acceleration Drive Score Trip Timeline Locate my car Fuel efficiency / cost Vehicle diag / maint. How is my buddys mileage?

20 Live Traffic Cam Almost all major cities in the US and major cities of the world have thousands of traffic cameras that stream live images to view through various websites. In and around city of Detroit, MI, 240 plus traffic cameras along the major freeways provide live images through MI DOT websites. These sites are primarily designed for viewing on conventional web browsers on desktop or laptop computers and do not support mobile devices for viewing. These websites do not have location aware (geo location) of the viewing device to automatically select and display camera image from nearest or relevant camera. 20

21 21 Smartphone Tablet or PC

22 An Integrated Approach – new wave in connected cars 22

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