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My ELAS December 2012.

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1 My ELAS December 2012

2 Business Propositions
All customers would like to have the advantages ELAS gives A large percentage does not have the resources to host their own ELAS My ELAS ( in the UK is a cloud solution which allows various control options for each person in the sales channel There are two option using My ELAS: Viewing the images from the PIR Cam using in the UK can only be done by the end-user Events are sent directly from the panel via GSM/PSTN using Contact ID or SIA CMS In order for the CMS to use the PIR Cam images for verification they require their own ELAS Events are sent from the panel via the ELAS to the CMS software Integration between the ELAS and the CMS software might be required

3 Intro Cloud based ELAS solution
MyELAS Android and iPhone Apps – Self Monitoring MyELAS Web User Interface – The end user manages his own security system Distributor Web Admin Application – Manage Installer Database MyELAS Remote Programmer – Installer Control Panel Management tool

4 NEW STRUCTURE . . . . My ELAS Structure MyELAS Distributor 1
Installer Group 1 End User 1 End User 2 Installer Group 2 End User 3 End User 4 End User 5 Distributor 2 Installer Group 3 End User 6 End User 7 Distributor X Installer Group Y End User Z NEW STRUCTURE . . . .


6 End User Self Registration
Go to Click Register Enter Details + Panel ID Confirmation (Your address is your user name) Download App


8 Panel ID Before using the app or web browser, Users must register using the Panel ID number located on the side of the CommPact system.

9 Confirmation

10 Download App Click the following link to download it from the Apple's App Store:

11 ELAS Self Monitoring Capability
CommPact offers self monitoring using a Smartphone app or via web browser, which enables users to control their security system remotely. PC Smartphone app 11

12 Self Monitoring Capability
Set or unset your alarm system remotely View a full list of events that have taken place in your home Displays a list of zones (sensors) in your home and allows you to omit/ enable them Manage your own list of contacts who can be notified in case of an event Change your security code for unsetting your alarm system without the need to contact the installer 12

13 NEW Admin Access Level DISTRIBUTOR

14 Distributor User EL Creates a Distributor User for each customer

15 Distributor – Creating Installer Groups
The Distributor goes to Enters Distributor User name and Password Creates a Group for each installer or Installation Company Clicks on ‘Users List’ Creates Remote Programmer users for each Group

16 Distributor Access

17 Create a Group No. of Control Panels (Accounts) Installation Companies
No. of MyELAS Remote Programmer Users (Installers)

18 My ELAS Remote Programmer User
User Name Details for Each Installer Panels are added Automatically to MyELAS. Checking the Box will allow the Installer to add accounts manually. Group = Installation Company


20 Installer – Panel Installation
Insert SIM Card or connect cable to router Choose the Panel’s Language Choose default: MYELAS Configure the APN name, user name and Password if required; the default APN name is INTERNET, the user name and password are empty Register and Install the detectors

21 Installer – MyELAS Remote Programmer
Log on Panel List

22 Installer – MyELAS Remote Programmer
Connect a Panel to a Group The Installer must ‘Add Panel by ID’ in order to register the panel to his Group Same ID as panel

23 Installer – MyELAS Remote Programmer
Remote Diagnostic & Configuration

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