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The Difference Is Visible Mr. Mark Mathews Hons. BBA President & CEO; Schulich Graduate; Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, New Products, Market and.

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2 The Difference Is Visible

3 Mr. Mark Mathews Hons. BBA President & CEO; Schulich Graduate; Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, New Products, Market and Business Development, P&L, Hiring/Monitoring Distributors and Agents. Mr. Denis Moyen Marketing / Business Development Manager; Sales Marketing, Trade Shows, Funding and Promotional Materials. Mr. Steve Carkner Prof. Eng. Operations Manager; Director of Product Development-Research In Motion (RIM). Experienced in LED lighting systems, manufacturing, and operations. Mr. Alex Sochaniwskji Prof. Eng. Chief Technical Officer; Professional Engineer; product design and development, management of international suppliers, toolmakers and manufacturers; design, visualization and manufacturing technologies, and development of commercial products.

4 Regarding LED traffic lights, these are low power lighting devices and there are several players in the market as it is much easier than high power lighting replacement. High power lighting replacement with LED lighting is much much harder as you require a very efficient LED driver and thermal management and many others do not have the technology, patented technology to deliver high power lighting replacement with LED lighting – they would consume more energy to accomplish this, so they only offer half the lighting required to show some energy savings in an attempt to generate some sales, but less lighting is unacceptable on the main roadways and highways as there are lighting standards and lighting classifications that must be adhered to; otherwise, the Utility/Municipality is liable, and they would just dim their current street lights if less lighting were acceptable. High power lighting accounts for 70% of the lighting market and Remco has proven and demonstrated that its technology can directly replace the lighting required with energy savings. Others would consume more energy to accomplish this. Remcos technology could provide a more efficient LED traffic light and less watts (energy savings) than those currently on the market but this is not the vertical market we want to penetrate initially. We have global demand from governments, Utilities and lighting distributors that are currently waiting for our commercial LED street light. The replacement street light market is estimated to be $400 billion globally. Regarding Value light's LED street light attached, they are not providing LED street lights for highways or roadways to replace the 100 watt, 250 watt or 400 watt conventional street lights; they are only replacing the 70 watt street light which may be used in back streets of some towns, but certainly not on main roadways or high ways.

5 Now lets address the Mayors request: Asking for information on Remco Lighting and why are we better than the one from Value Light? Remcos competitive advantage of its patented (unique) LED lighting technologies and commercial LED street light vs. Value light's LED street light: Calgary would save 462 Million KWH off their Grid if they converted their street lights to Remco LED Street Lights. Calculation: Each (one) Remco LED Street Light would save 300 KWH per year. (See attached). If Calgary replaces 110,000 street lights x 300 KWH per year savings = 33 Million KWH saved each year or 462 Million KWH over the lifespan of the Remco LED Street Lights (14 years). Note: At the end of 14 years the LED lighting is still visible. It does not burn out like the current lighting. The fixture does not have to replaced only the Remco LED modules with the latest brightest LEDs to continue for the next 14 years, continued savings for Calgary. As per the attached Value light specs. Value light is delivering 3400 lumens at 40 watts or 85 lumens per watt. Remcos commercial LED street light will deliver 6,240 lumens at 50 – 55 watts or 113lumens – 125 lumens per watt (which is 33% to 47% more efficient than Value light). Value light is claiming that they can replace a 70 watt street light with their 40 watt LED street light that delivers 3400 lumens. For Remco to deliver the same number of lumens of 3400 lumens, Remcos LED street light would only require 27watts - 30 watts which is a significant additional energy savings to Calgary of approximately 33% more than Value light. Now extrapolate Remcos energy savings times 50,000 street lights and the amount of CO2 reduction (GHG emissions reduction) and you will see that the numbers are very large and significant. In summary, Remcos LED lighting technologies and LED street light provides superior and significantly greater lighting and electrical efficiencies than Value light.






11 A disruptive power control whereby the LED array becomes part of the power control system. A lighting efficient LED driver/controller. Technology is scalable and IP protected in 80% of global lighting market.


13 Street lighting is energy inefficient. Poor quality lighting. Escalating cost of energy & maintenance. Demand for energy efficient lighting, reduction of GHG emissions and global warming. Street lighting is nearly half of Municipalities electricity cost.

14 Better quality lighting than traditional Energy Manager tested competitors and endorses that Remco is Superior Demonstrated and verified that Remcos technology directly replaces street lighting required with energy savings where others could not compete Success of pilot created international interest via featured articles in leading LED Lighting, Energy and Electronics publications REMCO LED Street Light The Difference Is Visible

15 Street Light and Underground Parking Light Test Modules

16 REMCO Remco integrates the LED into the power circuit enabling optimal lighting and energy efficiencies. Remco moderates the power with no thermal runaway or unsoldering of LEDs. Remcos technology directly replaces required street lighting with energy savings. OTHERS Deliver power to the LED and lose lighting and energy efficiencies. Use constant current resulting in thermal runaway - LEDs are unsoldering and creating black spots in the lighting. Do not have the technology to accomplish this – more energy would be consumed to directly replace required street lighting.

17 ROI: 2.0 years Average city 25,000 street lights x $3,500 savings = $87.5 Million Savings /city. Remco LED Street Light vs. Conventional Remco Solution Conventional Solution Maintenance cost over 17 year period (50,000 hours) -$3,036 Energy cost over 17 year period (50,000 hours) $405$822 TOTAL COST: $405$3,858 TOTAL SAVINGS with each Remco LED Street Light $3,453-

18 Energy Savings of 70% Reduction of CO2 by ¼ ton Carbon Credits Reduction of oil by 1/2 barrel Maintenance Free Environment: No UV, Mercury or hazardous chemical gases Reduction of toxic waste to landfill sites Annual Benefits of One REMCO LED Street Light

19 Over lifespan of LED Street Lights (50,000 hours) SAVINGS Energy (KWH) Savings (70%):85 million KWH Reduction of CO2 by ¼ ton:106,250 tons CO2 Reduction of 1/2 barrel of oil: 212,500 barrels oil Energy & Maintenance cost($): $87.5 million Over the lifespan of one Remco LED Street Light the energy and maintenance costs savings is $3,500. The city of Toronto with 160,000 street lights would save $560 million.

20 Remco provides end users with 70% Energy Savings and significant maintenance cost savings Remcos proprietary thermal and patented LED driver technology provide optimal LED lighting and energy savings which removes the key barriers that have held back the entry of LED lighting into high power street lighting – power control and thermal management. Competitors do not have a power efficient LED driver technology and are unable to deliver equivalent street lighting with energy savings. Remco has obtained third party verification, endorsement and demonstrated that it can directly replace street lighting with energy savings and has patented the solution.

21 Built a LED Street Light prototype, independent lab tested & successfully demonstrated in field. Need capital to complete commercial product, obtain laboratory data verification, receive orders and generate revenues. Have many interested prospects: Governments, National Defense, Lighting Distributors and Utility Managers worldwide.

22 Business Model Contract Manufacture and sell via Lighting Distributors to end users: Utility Managers, Municipalities, National Defense and Real Estate Developers. Exit Model Sell, Buy Out Shares, M&A or IPO

23 First 18 months Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5 Unit Sales (in 000s) 2,3162,5903,2844,1655,283 Revenues $Millions 1,244,5701,468,3812,048,4893,117,5754,744,607 Gross Profit (32%) 394,391440,550616,782944,4931,437,415 Expenses 139,208169,948236,112357,946543,296 Net Profit 255,183270,602380,669586,547894,120 Note: Globally there are over 400 million street lights to replace. Wholesale selling price $540. Cost to manufacture $337 Gross Profit $203

24 MARKET:Street Light Replacement MARKET SIZE: $130 Billion North America (Global $400 Billion) PRODUCT:Fully Integrated 70% Energy Saving LED based Street Light MARKET PULL RATIONALE: Energy Savings Maintenance cost savings Reduce GHG Emissions Mitigate Global Warming Carbon Credits

25 BUSINESS MODEL: Contract Manufacturing / Distributors INVESTMENT REQUIRED: $30 Million ANNUAL NET PROFIT: $586 Million Year 5 TIME TO CASH POSITIVE:Within 12 Months




29 Denis MoyenPresident & CEO Phone:403-389-3133

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