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LED Roadway Lighting Ltd

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1 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd
“Light where you need it, when you need it!”

2 Exclusive Canadian and American Partnership in Manufacturing
Canadian design and assembly 4 US supply partnerships +

3 Dark Sky Certified Source: National Geographic, ©2008

4 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.
LEADERSHIP Chuck Cartmill - CEO & Founder (Cartmill Group Of Companies) over $60 million in annual sales Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 (Atlantic) 38 years of lighting experience LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. C-Vision Ltd. CSA Enterprises Ltd. Dr. Jack Josefowicz – CTO & Director of R&D 16+ Patents PhD in Physics from the University of Waterloo Killam Memorial Scholar at Harvard University Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, CA Senior Scientist and Program Manager Tyco Electronics ($1 Billion business unit), LA, CA Director of Technology and R&D

5 MANUFACTURING 55,000 sq. ft. facility
Production Capacity: 5,000 fixtures per week Located in Nova Scotia, Canada ISO 9001 Certified by The British Standards Institute (BSI) RoHS Compliant & IPC Certified for Lead-Free Electronic Assemblies

6 Manufacturing Facility

7 The Evolution Of Street Lighting Technology
The Past High Pressure Sodium Bulbs The Future Has Arrived… Light Emitting Diode Fixtures

8 Product Families 8,125-17,125 1,625-6,500 Currently In Testing
Currently Released

9 Reflector Optic Modules
Long Life Design Components Photocell Lens Cover Optics Mechanical Mechanical See publisher files from Ken C for descriptions. Thermal LED Power Supply Reflector Optic Modules * Patents Pending

10 Energy Savings (100W HPS Equivalent)
100W HPS Fixture Wattage = 135W* Model A100 Fixture LRL LED Fixture Fixture Wattage Energy Savings over a 100W HPS Base Model Fixture Initial Lumens: 6500 88W 35-50% Retscreen Energy Tab values to simulate Energy usage (saved) for 33,241 MWhr Scotopic/Photopic (Mesopic) does not apply to Object Recognition *Note: HPS fixture wattages range up to 145 watts Additional savings are obtainable via dimming and “switching” 10

11 Further Efficiency Gains
70+% LED Efficiency Power Supply Dimming Remote & Factory Programming Further Efficiency Gains 35%

12 Environmental Impacts
Global Warming: Green House Gas (GHG) Reduction for quantity of 100, W HPS Fixtures RoHS Compliant – lead and mercury free Data compiled using RETSCREEN Tool for Analysis - Developed by Natural Resources Canada Requires 56,900 MWh of Electrical Energy annually Assuming average 12 hr on time Impact of replacing 100,000 HPS fixtures with 100,000 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. Fixture Model A100 Energy Saved annually 22,298 MWh/year GHG (CO2) Reduction annually 17,378 tonnes/year Barrels of Crude Oil not consumed annually 36,084 Barrels/year Equivalent Number of Cars taken off the Roads 3,533 cars Retscreen Energy Tab values to simulate Energy usage (saved) for 33,241 MWhr

13 Cradle to Grave Management
Design & Manufacture WEEE & RoHs Compliant (contains no toxic materials) Lean Waste reduction system employed Service Life Extended Long Life with Aerospace Grade Components Limited Maintenance Required Efficiency Gains of 35% to 50%+ End of Life Future Technology Upgrades Available (Reduce and Reuse)

14 Isolux Distribution Pattern
Comparative Isolux Distribution Pattern LRL vs. HPS Comparison Isolux Distribution Pattern Lost Target Lumens with HPS LED ROADWAY LIGHT (Type II) 0.2 Lux at 140ft from Pole 30ft mtg. height

15 Test Site Photos 15

16 Test Site Photos

17 Scotopic Effect: Beware of False Claims
1. Object Recognition (Fovea): Only photopic lumens are registered. 2. Spatial Brightness Perception (Peripheral Vision): Both scotopic and photopic lumens are registered. * Those using Scotopic/Photopic effects for reducing street lighting levels are compromising safety and may not meet IES specifications.

18 Chromaticity Diagram Our target color temperature is in the 5000K range as this is in the noon daylight range. LEDs have a much higher CCT than HPS due to the greater amount of blue light present (“Bluer Light, Better Sight” James R. Benya 18

19 Command and Control: Improved Light Efficiency
January 23, 2009 LED Roadway Lighting announced a $4.2 million R&D program to deliver the following functionality: Wireless Radio System: network of LED street lights Centralized control, dimming, and monitoring Solar Power Technology Changed to Coming soon as , also efficacy to energy savings. Other wording

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