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WHAT IS TONKOSTI PRODAZH? Tonkosti prodazh (can be translated as Sales details) is a glossy non-glamour edition, completely oriented on a professional.

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Presentation on theme: "WHAT IS TONKOSTI PRODAZH? Tonkosti prodazh (can be translated as Sales details) is a glossy non-glamour edition, completely oriented on a professional."— Presentation transcript:

1 WHAT IS TONKOSTI PRODAZH? Tonkosti prodazh (can be translated as Sales details) is a glossy non-glamour edition, completely oriented on a professional audience of travel companies. Having successfully passed through six editions, catalogue-handbook Tonkosti prodazh became a handbook of sales-manager in each agency, and is actively used in work for the whole of season. Its not surprising: every Russian travel agent knows, that he will always find in Tonkosti a detailed descriptions of many countries with all special features of entrance and stay, original maps and summary tables of hotels, and also valuable insider information: the profiles of tour operators, articles on the vital topics, analyses and much other | |

2 WHO READS TONKOSTI PRODAZH? Tonkosti audience are all Russian companies, working in the sphere of tourism: travel agencies, tour operators, service firms and others. Beginning from the third edition, the scope of audience is stably equal to 95% because of the worked out delivery and, not lastly, interest of tourist agencies themselves in obtaining of the fresh number of catalogue. Each tourist agency of the country gets one copy of each release of Tonkosti free of charge. Catalogue is also being sold by orders, via partnership program My Tonkosti, and also in the book stores of Moscow and Russia | |

3 HOW DOES ADVERTISEMENT IN TONKOSTI PRODAZH WORK? Advertisement in each number of Tonkosti works continuously for the whole of six months: indeed catalogue-directory does not stand on the regiment in the office of tourist agency, but it lies on the sales-managers table. And in four cases of five it is used directly at the moment of contact with customer. Having examined all the habits of our main readers, travel agents work with catalogue, we developed several base formats of advertisement on the pages of Tonkosti. These are Season program, Chiefs Interview, Open-air look" and other. Publication of formatted advertisement is advantageous doubly: it works more effectively, and it stands more cheaply | |

4 ADVERTISEMENT IN TONKOSTI PRODAZH Besides the standard types of advertising in sections, dedicated to specific countries or sides of travel agency work (advertisement, marketing, internet, insurance, juridical and financial questions), Tonkosti prodazh propose a selection of highlighted advertisement places on its pages, each – with its own special advantages: – logotype on the first cover page of the catalogue – page before and after the Tour operators / Countries summary tables – logotypes in captions of the summary tables – blocks above the captions of Country hotels tables – blocks logotype + contacts on the maps – basements in the materials on the countries...and not only | |

5 Logotype on the first cover page Logotype placement on the cover of the profile edition, which became de facto the most claimed professional reference book in Russia is a question of image and professional ambitions. These places are selling via online-auction at where serious are conducted for most prestigious places | |

6 Second, third and fourth cover pages Ideal for an image advertisement, which works each time, when reference book at least is just taken into the hands. First page inside the issue The very first page, which sees the person, who opened Tonkosti prodazh. This advertising place is a regular selection of leading company | |

7 Intrigue This is a special advertisement place, which the page before the table of content can be turned in. It consists of three pages: immediately visible teaser, which attracts readers attention, and the double-page spread, which the reader will open himself. Human curiosity is insurmountable; therefore Intrigue advertisement always costs its money. Page before the table of contents and editors column The name speaks for itself – this is the page, which reader sees each time, when he searches for the catalogues needed division. Here will especially effectively work the image ad or the advertisement, which promotes mass travel countries | |

8 Double-page spread after the table of contents A lucky choice for the bright and expanded promotion of new hotel complex or chain of hotels, and also proposals, addressed to all Russian Agencies | |

9 Thick paper list (two pages) in analytical section, with jettisonable bookmark New placement type Outer quarter of list can be manually separated due to perforation and such become a handy bookmark for catalogue owner and an extra unique advertisement for advertiser. Part of bookmark reserved for supplemental information (maps legend etc.) in order to increase its usability and advertising efficiency | |

10 Pages before and after Tour operators / Countries table Sales-manager turns to the summary table Tour operators / Countries precisely at a moment, when he has to begin the search for proposals. If he will see the names of needed countries in your advertisement, located in the neighborhood with this key table, his search has all chances to be radically shortened | |

11 Logotype in captions of Tour operators / Countries summary tables Logotype and web-address of your company in the titles of the summary table, dedicated to the needed type of tours – obvious and not expensive method to be fixed in the minds of agents as a leader on this market segment. Highlighted line in Tour operators / Countries summary tables This proposal is for tour operators only Highlighted lines are published at the beginning of table, they are accented by larger font size, color and divided from the rest of the table. An outstanding way to make your company maximally noticeable in one of the most claimed reference book sections | |

12 Advertising module 1/1 (page), placed at the beginning of content block of Country information section. The best way to announce your company as a direction leader. Special placement extra charge +35% | |

13 Basements in Country information sections New placement type Through placement of a special advertisement block 185x20 mm on the every page of Country information section, which contains text content (except pages with advertisement content only). Continuous advertising effect guarantee! | | Address bars in Country information sections New placement type Through placement of your companys web-address in the title of every page of Country information section, which contains no advertising modules or articles of other firms. Targeted visitors to your company's web-site for entire six months.

14 Block with logotype and contacts on maps Will help your company to fix strategically on needed territories. Advertising module 1/2 (vertical), placed at the beginning of advertisement block. Special placement extra charge +25% | |

15 Advertising module 1/2 (horizontal), Season program format. Article artwork production – free of charge. Advertisement block in captions of Country hotels tables Block size is 185x24 mm; it contains logotype, contacts and text content. What tour operator sales-manager will note first, examining table with the hotels of the country, represented on the Russian market? One hundred chances against one – that, which stands in its title. Block artwork production – free of charge | |

16 TONKOSTI PRODAZH ADVERTISEMENT DEPARTMENT Nadezhda TKACH general director, advertisement department chief | Natalya IEVLEVA advertisement department manager | Nellya FAIZULINA advertisement department manager | Olga DOBROVOLSKAYA official representative abroad of Tonkosti Prodazh publishing house | | |

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