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Marketing Solutions Ohio’s Black Business Directory.

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1 Marketing Solutions Ohio’s Black Business Directory

2 Introduction OOhio’s Black Owned Business Directory is an internet based directory that allows businesses a unique and inexpensive way to reach customers. DDue to economic strains in today’s economy our goal is to build a community environment that promotes doing business with African American businesses and organizations so we can increase the economic strength in our communities. This will help increase revenue of the business owner as well as increase employment opportunities within the community.

3 Purpose Reaching Customers WWe understand most businesses priority in advertising, is to reach as many customers as possible at minimal cost. AAs we all know advertising in most cases can be rather expensive.

4 Marketing Solutions OOBBD is more than an internet advertising directory. OOBBD is a marketing solutions company whose goal is to promote your business in a professional manner as well as help you acquire customers, retain those customers, and build a strong and sustainable business.

5 How Do We Do This? 1.Advertising to established members of our site whose sole purpose is to support black owned businesses. (Our database of members want to be aware of the products and services African American Companies are selling. That’s the reason they become members of our site. Therefore you can reduce or eliminate the money spent trying to find customers that want to do business with you). 2. Ad Placement so more people will see your ad 3. Category Ads so your business can be found by category searches 4. Flash Ads 5. Coupon Distribution - Place your coupons on the Advertisers Coupons Page 6. Web site design and placement—Search Engine Optimization so your business can be found in Google and Yahoo searches. 7. 2 Free Email Blasts to Members (We distribute a newsletter letting our customers know of the new businesses advertising on the site. So, within 3 days of putting an ad on our site we send email blasts to our members letting them know you are there). 8. Street Team Visibility-Flyer Distribution to most neighborhoods 9. Cost Savings on professional looking business cards and other stationary from black owned vendors 10. Event Planning and networking projects-Receive discounts from black owned vendors

6 Ad Types 1. Display Ads - Post Card, Skyscraper, Banner, Business Card 2. Pop Up Ads 3. Category Ads - Ads with text, images, and flash including link to website 4. Category Listings - Business Listing under a specific or multiple categories 5. Rotating Ads - Ads that rotate such as a business card with info on both sides 6. Full Page Ads - Full Page Ad that can be found via a link from your ad Natalie’s Cleaning Service Office & Home -Nights & Weekends 443-981-7665

7 Networking Social/Business N etwork with other black business owners, friends, relatives, and associates with BlackBook. Visit-

8 The Strategy OOBBD has put together a marketing strategy to maximize your exposure as well as present you and your business in a professional manner. The key to success is having a strategy and sticking to it. For any business to be successful it must have exposure. Word of mouth is the best advertising you can have but you cannot totally rely on word of mouth because that can dry up or just come at a pace that is not beneficial to your company. Advertise on MBBD Site Web Site Design/ Setup 1st Email Blasts to members Street Team Visibility 2nd Email Blasts to members Additional Exposure Members sole Purpose for Joining is to Support Black Owned Businesses Professional web site. Be found in Google and Yahoo Searches 1000 flyers distributed in your designated neighborhoods Members sole Purpose for Joining is to Support Black Owned Businesses Display Ads - Giving you visible exposure and name recognition. Ads on Display for a year. Social/Business Networking For the Black Community The Strategy

9 For any advertising to be effective it must be consistent. Examples of Cost Advertising in a Newspaper or Magazine Advertising With Maryland’s Black Business Directory

10 Advertising With Ohio’s Black Owned Business Directory CONT- We over advertising packages that include website design, display ads, and street team visibility ( Flyer distribution)

11 Key benefits of product or service CCustomer Lists Compiled with no expense to you. MMinimal Cost to let our members know of your specials and sales. LLow Cost of Email Blasts CCustomers looking to do business with you. VVisibility - Ads that are visible to our members every time they visit the site. AAds that aren’t thrown away. AAd Rates for 1 year not each time you advertise CCommunity economic enhancement. AAdvertise in multiple areas of Directory FFlyer Distribution. WWebsite Design and Google, Yahoo, and Bing placement. EEcommerce Sites. AAdditional exposure on BlackBook.

12 Purchase any Display ad and you receive a full page inside directory to highlight your products and services

13 Partnership OOBBD wants to help your business grow. We will create a marketing plan that fits your needs, goals, and budget. DDon’t procrastinate and let someone else get the business that can and should be yours. WWe look forward to partnering with you to help build your business. AAdditional Service - Place Your Job Openings On our Job Search Site for $25.00 a month.

14 Display Ads 177w x 486h pixels $525.00 Business Card Ad - 300w x 150h pixels $400.00 Banner Ad - 480w x 80h pixels - $495.00 $150.00 Call TODAY 410-655-7168 Skyscraper AD Assured Financial Services Life Insurance and Annuities 410-655-7168 Business Category Listing In House Financing 7416 E. Furnace Branch Rd., Glen Burnie, MD. 21060 Call (410) 863-0123 Post Card Ad - 240w x324h pixels $595.00

15 Pkg. Deals Example of Marketing Solutions Package

16 Pkg. Deals Pricing - Cont

17 Contact Us Call to speak with a representative TODAY 440-945-6837 1-443-421-0779

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