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Beetox, LLC Why Real? Fresh Harvested Royal Jelly.

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1 Beetox, LLC Why Real? Fresh Harvested Royal Jelly

2 Introduction

3 RJ is a nutritionally rich creamy substance produced by the nursing bee. RJ is fed to all the larvae for the first 3 days. For those first 3 days, all the larvae has the same DNA. What is Royal Jelly?

4 Interestingly, the DNA changes when the diet changes. After 3 days, only the larvae selected to become queens are fed RJ. This diet of RJ triggers profound biological changes for these future queens. They develop reproductive organs, live longer and are larger than the worker bees. The worker bees live 35-40 days; the queen can live up to 6 years. Why Does the DNA Change? Queen Worker Drone

5 The queen has a diet of Royal Jelly throughout her life. She is the only bee in the hive capable of producing fertile eggs. The Queen

6 The RJ Power Diet

7 This remarkable strength and vitality is explained by just one single factor: Her DIET… RJ is the only food the queen consumes during her entire life. RJ is the only food the queen consumes during her entire life. Bee Superfood!

8 Egyptians believed RJ wards off aging. Mayans refer to RJ as the fountain of youth. Chinese used RJ in medicines for centuries. Hippocrates wrote it is a medicine for several ailments Aristotle wrote of its benefits, and the Greeks used it in a health elixir. RJ is referenced in Bible, Koran &Talmud. RJ dates back in time! References to the powers of RJ have been documented throughout history

9 Cleopatra 89BC (skin care) Alexander the Great 336-339BC his reign (nutrition) Marco Polo 1200-1300 (nutrition) Pope Pius XII 1950s (alternative medicine) Princess Diana (1980s) (skin care and alternative medicine) They all used Royal Jelly! These are just a few believers in the healing properties of RJ Have you heard of…

10 Alternative Medicine Skin Care Nutritional Supplement Today Royal Jelly is still being used for

11 Regulates hormones for both men and women Improve fertility Sexual rejuvenation Regenerate brain and liver cells Stimulates circulation Cancer (tumor reduction) Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure Strengthens immune, endocrine, lymphatic system Reduce inflammation For alternative medicine RJ helps

12 Stem cellular treatment Revitalizes and tightens the skin Renews and regenerates skin cells Help clear acne and other skin problems Promotes collagen Fibroblast, contains DNA, RNA Reduces lines and wrinkles Diminishes aging spots Provides UV protection Royal Jelly: Skin Care

13 Gluten Free Super food: Live Raw Food Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Highly Concentrated Protein A potent antioxidant Preventative Against Diseases Cleanses and Renews the Blood Restores Natural PH Balance Replenishes Flora to digestive system Helps Metabolize Fat Royal Jelly: Nutrition

14 because the properties may differ and or vary in potency, freshness, and authenticity. But not all royal jelly is effective

15 1. Altered 2. Manufactured 3. Compromised Why do the properties vary

16 RJ should not be altered. Heating, freeze drying, and chemical additives are known to destroy the nutritious and healing properties of RJ. Altered

17 Some RJ is manufactured in labs Synthetic vs. natural... Manmade vs. beemade! Manufactured

18 Compromised ) RJ is known to be very unstable. How can we be assured of a fresh supply? RJ is difficult to gather in large amounts. But 99% of the RJ sold in the United States is IMPORTED In large supplies (400-600 Metric tons) and undergo scanning, heating and who knows what…

19 RJ continues to be an enigma…like honey…we are unable to replicate… Scientists are unable to identify and or completely break down all the components of RJ. missing intrinsic factor Unable to duplicate its effect. Duplicated RJ

20 No testing is required for authenticity. RJ is largely unmonitored and uncontrolled as supplements fall outside FDA review. Many retailers hesitate and even refuse to tell you the source of RJ, so beware! So, what is in those 55 gallon barrels ?

21 R eal heals the whole body Prevents disease on a cellular level Kinder gentler approach to maintaining your health Minimizes adverse affects Nourishes and rejuvenates the mind and body Lower costs And RJ research is founded on only real. Why Real?

22 Harvesting RJ is labor intensive Collect minuscule amounts Sensitive to environmental conditions Limited supply Costly to produce Why is real RJ difficult to locate? Because it is difficult to harvest!

23 Daily we produce RJ at our queen bee farm located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. There are several steps to producing and harvesting RJ. Steps to produce RJ

24 1.Prepare starter hive

25 2. Graft the cells

26 3. Place graft in finisher hive for 2-3 days

27 4. Remove frames filled with RJ.

28 5. Scrape wax off the cell

29 6. Remove larvae

30 7. Vacuum RJ into a large syringe

31 8. Insert RJ into 1 ml. syringes

32 Is sealed Dated And placed in the freezer to preserve its integrity. Then this elite super food

33 Packaged and available

34 Our RJ is sold in 1 ml. oral syringes ( a 5 to 10 day dose per ml). Keep refrigerated. For oral use: Place 100-200 mg under tongue on empty stomach. Insert one syringe into 4-6 ounces of honey and take one teaspoon daily (does not need to be refrigerated). For skin care : Apply concentrated to affected areas, sparingly. Mix 1 ml into 4 to 6 ounce jar all natural moisturizer and store in refrigerator. Use daily. How to use RJ?

35 Health food stores Salons and spas Fertility clinics Holistic centers Beekeepers Friends and family Many of our customers report amazing results supporting much of the research on RJ! Our customers

36 Periodontal tooth abscess problems Clearing acne, rash, and skin problems Improving auto-immune problems Increasing energy, improving mood Reducing hypertension and cholesterol Thyroid disease remission Lyme Disease, COPD, allergies, digestive issues, colitis, IBS To reduce stress, cognitive problems, memory, dementia… Our customers report it works

37 Cells need a clean environment, the right pH and essential nutrients to survive. 50-100 trillion cells estimated in the human body. There is no way to know exact number. The cells in your body are not static, always changing, many variables, your size, health condition, etc.). RJ = Healthy cells

38 By cleansing, protecting and providing nutrients to the cell. RJ cleanses the liver, kidney and blood. The potent antioxidants help protect cells against damage from unstable chemicals called free radicals. How does RJ help the cell?

39 Disease is a result of cell damage. Good cell health prevents disease. So RJ is an ideal preventive medicine to help maintain good cellular health! Note: The next frame is pretty graphic. Keep in Mind

40 Wow! See how RJ helped heal my hand Dog bite 2 weeks 3 weeks

41 Possesses antitumor activity in mice with leukemia Antibacterial activity Boosts testosterone levels Helps prevent the cholesterol elevating effect of nicotine Lowers cholesterol levels in humans Stimulates DNA and protects cell from apoptosis (death) Stimulates production of type I collagen and bone formation Decreases erosion in the colon Regenerates brain cells Studies show RJ

42 Helps restore the function of the immune system with alcoholic liver diseases because of its ability to minimize stress related dysfunction. Reduces damage to the liver and kidneys when exposed to certain chemotherapy agents. Helps restore normal molecular and cellular functions through DNA transcriptional regulation in airway function research. Naturally raises levels of acetylcholine. Loss of acetylcholine is associated with Alzheimer Disease and Longevity. Research continued

43 Source Tamura T, Fujii A, Kuboyama N, Nippon Yakurigaku Zasshi (1987) 89(2):73 80. Fujiwara S, et al, J Biol Chem (1990) 265(19):11333 7. Fujii A, et al, Jpn J Pharmacol (1990) 53(3):331 7. Abou Hozaifa BM, Badr El Din NK, Saudi Med J (1995) 16:337-42. Abou Hozaifa BM, Roston AAH, El Nokaly FA, J Biomed Sci Ther (1993) 9:35B44. Cho YT, Am Bee J (1977) 117:36-39. Liusov VA, Zimin IU, Kardiologia (1983) 23:105-9 [in Russian]. Vittek J, Experientia (1995) 51:927-35. Pub Med, 2012 Buck Institute Research on Aging, Gordon Lithgow, PhD. Natural News, Randolph, June, 2005.

44 RJ has been around as long as the bees…millions of years. Before traditional medicine. All the bee products have healing properties, each one with its own specialty.. Long ago…

45 Like many who have experienced the benefits of RJ, I am truly a believer in the healing powers. Unfortunately, conventional medicine dismisses many alternative approaches. Most research is outside the USA. Charlie Mraz, a beekeeper from Vermont, and former neighbor spent most of his life researching BVT and trying to convince the medical industry of its healing powers with little success. Like Charlie, I am passionate about the healing properties of bee products. The blind ignorance of the medical profession to refuse to investigate such an effective, safe and cheap relief…is hard to believe. Charlie wrote in his book Health and the Honeybee, The blind ignorance of the medical profession to refuse to investigate such an effective, safe and cheap relief…is hard to believe. Bee True believers

46 Bee-lieve in the Royal healing experience The fact remains Royal Jelly is a wonderful, natural food, worthy of being a regular staple item in your diet…(Dr. Reynaud Allen, and John Lust,1958) COMPLIMENTS OF THE QUEEN! Beetox, LLC

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