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MIND CTI Internet Telephony Billing, Customer Management and Settlement - The Required Solutions.

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1 MIND CTI Internet Telephony Billing, Customer Management and Settlement - The Required Solutions

2 Keep us in mind ! The Market The emerging ITSPs, Telcos and Corporations providing Internet Telephony services require high quality solutions for: F Real Time Internet telephony billing F Call Management Reports F Traffic Analysis F Fraud Detection F Settlement/Arbitration

3 Keep us in mind ! New Challenges for Billing Software Providers IP Telephony - a new industry that is rapidly growing Software providers must respond to a variety of new gateway vendors Gatekeeper solution Web Interface Standard billing solutions are not comprehensive

4 Keep us in mind ! Available Solutions Provided by the gateway manufacturers ITSPs adapting existing billing systems for Internet billing Limitations with above solutions Limited functionality - lacking in key features Limited flexibility - not integrated with different gateways Incomplete solution Solution developed by professionals in billing software

5 Keep us in mind ! The Complete Solution Contains F Real-Time billing capability u Pre-paid option u Roaming F Flexibility u Integration with different gateways u Flexible cost calculation methods u Multi-Currency billing F Scalability u From 1000 to millions of customers F Web Interfaces F Additional Modules u Call management reports u Traffic analysis u Fraud detection u Inter-billing

6 Keep us in mind ! Pre-Paid Billing Data Flow

7 Keep us in mind ! Billing System Requirements Support for real time call cut-off Automatic creation of blocks of calling cards Distributed customer administration Customers validated at each gateway/gatekeeper Easy customer care Ability to view new calls Ability to see customer balance immediately Flexible cost calculation Ability to assign different tariffs on a country basis Support for multi-currencies Assign tariffs/discounts per customer and group of destinations

8 Keep us in mind ! Billing System Requirements cont d. Various Billing Plans Automatic Invoice and Payment management Settlement/Arbitration Web Interfaces Web Client - for Customer Service Representatives Customers able to view call details & balance on web

9 Keep us in mind ! Customer Web Interface

10 Keep us in mind ! Cost Calculation Methods F For maximum profitability, the following options should be available u Assign tariffs on a country basis u Support for multi-currencies u Ability to assign tariffs per customer u Special rates by time of day u Special rates by day of the week u Discounts per customer u Different rates for voice and fax

11 Keep us in mind ! Tariff Parameters The billing system should support the following tariff parameters Cost per minute Resolution in seconds Minimum charge Fax charge options by page, duration or priority Discount periods Differing tariffs per origin country

12 Keep us in mind ! Network Options Different Possibilities Exist Billing can be operated from one central point for all sites in a network Each site can contain a billing system Settlement

13 Keep us in mind ! Network with Central Billing

14 Keep us in mind ! Arbitration/Settlement The Market u Networks of providers u The Corporate Networks F Requirements u Provide settlement between providers u Operate on data from all systems u Automatically print balance tables for each ITSP u Print totals for the entire net of ITSPs u Provide statistical reports on volume, call flow, duration etc.

15 Keep us in mind ! Corporation Requirements Corporations Require Customized reports on telephone use - CMS –Budget control –Departmental and Account reports Traffic Analysis –Optimization of resources Fraud Detection Easy system operation and maintenance

16 Keep us in mind ! Call Management System An Internet Telephony Call Management System provides: User customized reports Reports on quality of service Number of disconnected calls Reports on busy hours Reports on top customers Discounts Reports on top destinations Decide on number of gateways needed

17 Keep us in mind ! CMS Graphic Analysis

18 Keep us in mind ! Call Management System cont d. Reports on utilization of lines Call volume over the gateways Valuable analysis Compare rates to competitors Compare rates to traditional telcos Determine profit margin

19 Keep us in mind ! Traffic Analysis Analyze call loads on gateways Aids in budget control Analyze line utilization Report on calls per minute for Destination Group of numbers Gateway Line Analyze data graphically

20 Keep us in mind ! Traffic Analysis Report

21 Keep us in mind ! Fraud Detection Detect telephone misuse Monitor network status Ability to define different alarm levels Each alarm level can execute a different operation Send a fax Send an E-mail Send a message to a pager Audible alarm User defines a set of parameters for each inquiry Alarm sounded when user defined parameters violated

22 Keep us in mind ! MIND C.T.I. Ltd. Headquarters:U.S. Office: MIND C.T.I. Ltd.MIND C.T.I. Inc. POB 144333 Sylvan Ave. Yokneam IlitEnglewood Cliffs 20692 IsraelNew Jersey, 07632, U.S.A. Telephone: +972-4-993-6666 Telephone: (201) 569-6967 Fax: +972-4-993-7776 Fax: (201) 569-7585 Email: Email:

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