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InTeleRate Call Accounting, á la carte. InTeleRate. Founded in 2010 as a collaboration between two call accounting industry leaders. We equip the enterprise.

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1 InTeleRate Call Accounting, á la carte

2 InTeleRate. Founded in 2010 as a collaboration between two call accounting industry leaders. We equip the enterprise to analyze, understand and control telecommunications costs. We supply our users with cost-effective call accounting, reducing costs and increasing profit. Our software and industry expertise is supported by in-house international numbering and tariff capabilities, to support global telecom expense management. InTeleRate offers a full suite of products and services that meet all the telecommunications-related needs of organizations and enterprises.

3 Why à la carte? Efficiencies offered by the internet allow the enterprise to change the way it buys, and uses, call accounting. A buy-what-you-need approach can save 90% of the cash expenses for an enterprise needing call accounting for 200 sites or more. Entry-level products serve as building blocks, to integrate with your own applications, using your own staff. Fully Managed Services provide low-cost solutions for internet-based polling, processing and reporting. Why pay more for call accounting features you dont need?

4 Our Solutions Solution 1: Numbering Plan and Rating Databases Solution 2: Numbering Plan and Rating Databases, with DIY-Rate ® rating software Solution 3: Cloud Management of your Call Record Data with IP-CDM ® Solution 4: Full Managed-Service Call Accounting, with polling, reporting and maintenance

5 Solution 1: Numbering and Rating Databases Database products are the entry-level solution. We provide a database of a specific in-country numbering plan, including city codes and identification of local calls, together with tariffed or negotiated rates, if desired. This is a do-it-yourself solution that prevents costly call accounting software licensing. You leverage in-place resources for development and maintenance of your own call accounting application.

6 Solution 2: DIY-Rate ® ( Do-It-Yourself) Rating Software DIY-Rate ® is a 'black-box' subroutine inputting digits dialed and other call detail, and outputs call destination and cost information. It can be used standalone, or can be integrated with your own rating and reporting software. It utilizes rules-based methodology to calculate the call cost, even if some of the input data is incorrect. It eliminates the need for the enterprise to develop and maintain its own rating engine. It is written in ANSI-standard C which can be easily ported to any technology platform. It can be used with most Numbering Plan and Rating Databases.

7 Solution 3: IP-CDM ® - Call Detail Manager You send call records, or InTeleRate retrieves them, by poller device or IP address. We rate the calls, and make the output call records available to you by FTP, along with some control reports. You total, analyze and report on your rated calls via your own created spreadsheets or databases. We can provide rated calls to you as fixed format, comma separated or SQL database. This approach can be set up to process batches of transactions, or process transactions as they occur. Ideal for enterprises requiring expedient rating of call records, such as hospitality.

8 Solution 3: FTP Rating Process

9 Solution 4: Managed Services Managed Services (also known as Service Bureau) is the ideal environment for customers who need a turnkey solution. It is fully hosted. Managed Services are the most cost-effective solution for large-volume call handling. We poll the calls and rate them, and provide reports and analyses to you, via the internet. You choose the reports you want, the delivery method you want (email, FTP or web access) and the report frequency. Managed Services can handle any ratable service, including copier, fax and wireless.

10 Managed Services Reports Account Code Reports Area Code Summary Billable Calls by Account/Extension Call Detail Inquiry Call Detail Report Call Ranking, Extension Ranking Call Summary By Extension Called Number Ranking Called Number Watchdog Cost Analysis by Exchange and Route Off-hour Exception Report Raw Data Statistics User Reports

11 Synopsis An a la carte solution from InTeleRate will provide you with your most cost- effective solution to manage your telecommunication expenses. Our services can help you control and allocate expenses, improve employee productivity and detect and prevent fraud. You can use the talents of your own personnel to reduce out-of-pocket costs for these services. You can choose off-the-shelf outputs or create your own in a spreadsheet or by SQL queries. You buy only what you need. A full range of low-cost options allows clients to get the job done, while conserving cash.

12 InTeleRate Call Accounting, á la carte

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