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End to End Bill Reconciliation with Telesoft Consulting Ltd. Vienna, 20.02.2006.

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1 End to End Bill Reconciliation with Telesoft Consulting Ltd. Vienna, 20.02.2006

2 Introduction The InvoiceControl is a tool for reconciliation of all services invoiced to post-paid customers. It compares the customers invoiced revenue to the revenue billed and revenue captured at various network checkpoints. InvoiceControl runs either in a batch mode which allows automatic reconciliation of a huge amount of subscribers or on-demand in order to verify a particular charging scenario. InvoiceControl is a scalable solution, which is capable to handle an unlimited amount of customers for a short time period.

3 Introduction InvoiceControl manages customer hierarchies, tariffs, rates and discounts. It allows import, selection and synchronization of the customer and usage data in order to perform the rating, billing and discounting functionality. InvoiceControl has a built-in rating and billing agent with flexible configuration possibilities which suits almost all requirements. The discounting module of InvoiceControl allows the calculation of volume discounts based on the used service or group of services, combination of origin/destination zones. It allows definition of one or more discounts with pre-defined calculation priorities.

4 Functionality InvoiceControl imports the customer data, tariff and product information from the invoice print file produced by the in-house billing system Price and product definitions can be specified by using the build-in InvoiceControl user interface or imported from the in-house billing system. InvoiceControl provides charging sources synchronisation interfaces which avoids missing or duplicates of records during the reconciliation procedure. After rating, billing and discounting stages InvoiceControl compares the results with the invoices produced by the billing system and creates detail reports for the differences.

5 Supported charging scenarios The rating agent delivered with the InvoiceControl is capable to calculate charges from EDR (Event Data Record), coming from different kind of network elements – mobile and land-line switches, TAP, SMS/MMS centres, WAP gateways, GPRS/UMTS nodes, IN platforms etc. InvoiceControl supports almost any known charging scenarios like MOC/MTC/CF charging, Friends & Family, VPN groups, VAS (Value Added Services), wholesale and retails revenue sharing models etc. The price calculation is based on the following groups of parameters: Geographical – network, distance, origin/destination, routing Service related – service id, kind of service, direction Volume related – duration, volume, number of events, pre-priced Time dependency – daily time block (peak/off-peak), weak day, holiday Customer related – tariff indicator in the customer tree, VPN (F&F) dependency, relation to assigned products and bundles.

6 Tariffs, Products and discounts setup InvoiceControl has an internal data representation of the tariffs, products and discounts definitions used in the in-house billing system. InvoiceControl is capable to import prices, tariffs and products from the external system or to use API (Application Programming Interfaces) to access this directly. Optionally InvoiceControl can be delivered with a WEB based GUI (Graphical User Interface) for maintaining all related data.

7 EDR Process flow - Formatting Formatting runs permanent and converts the input EDR files in to internal InvoiceControl format. Formatting is scalable and can process an unlimited number of files. Formatted EDRs Formatting Raw EDRs Formatting EDR Formatting Formatting can incorporate filtering and merging functionality The controller manages the whole formatting stage Controller

8 Process flow - Loading The produced invoice is used for the master source of the reconciliation. Account 103623834Telephone 01/1234567 Tariff TikTak Preferred Zones +49 359 Amount from usage: 48,27

9 Process flow - Loading InvoiceControl supports different kind of invoice print formats. Loading parses and loads the needed information in the internal data structures stored in the memory, data base, flat fails etc. <Header AccNo=103623834 ……………………………… InvNo=290086917387> <Resource …………………………………… RatePlanName = TikTak ResourceID=01/1234567 FriendZone1 = +49 FriendZone2 = +359> <RecurringCharges ………………………………… Amt=10.00> <OneTimeCharges ……………………………… Amt=10.00> <UsageCharges ………………………………… Amt=48.27> ……………… Accounts Resources Tariffs Relations Amounts

10 Rec. reports Invoiced Items Formatted EDRs EDR Process flow - Reconciliation Guiding Resources Accounting Accounts Pricing Tariffs Relating Relations Rating RT, Zones Billing Amounts Dispatcher Controller Billed EDRs LOADLOAD LOADLOAD LOAD LOAD START START OK UPDATE QUERY ItemReport END RECONCILATE Reconciliation Chain Stage Node Data STREAM Control STREAM

11 Process flow - Scalability Formatted EDRs Dispatcher Guiding Resources Guiding Resources Dispatcher Accounting Accounts Accounting Accounts Formatted EDRs Billed EDRs Last Number Digit 0..4 5..9 Last Resource Digit Last Account Digit 0..4 5..9 P1 P2 HOST A HOST B HOST C HOST D

12 Conclusion InvoiceControl is a reliable and easy to implement solution – commissioning times less then 3 months. InvoiceControl is a billing system independent solution InvoiceControl guarantee results 3-6 hours after the invoice print InvoiceControl current bench marks (2 processor Linux based server with 2 GB memory): Formatting throughput – about 6.000.000 records per hour Loading from Invoice files (250 000 mobile subscribers bill cycle) – 15 min Reconciliation for one period (monthly based) – 1.5 hours Reconciliation report creation – 5 minutes Upload of the results in the DB (Oracle with direct path loader) – 1 hour

13 Thank you! Tel: +43-1-7968412, Fax: +43-1-2083399, Telesoft Consulting, Fasangasse 51/1/13, A-1030 Vienna, Austria;

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