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Department of Electronics & Information Technology 24.05.2013.

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1 Department of Electronics & Information Technology 24.05.2013

2 Mobile Seva (Mobile e-governance Services Delivery Platform) provides an integrated platform for delivery of government services to citizen over mobile devices using SMS, USSD, MMS, Voice, LBS or mobile applications installed on the mobile phones. Introduction: Mobile Seva MSDG 2

3 Mobile Seva MSDG 3 MSDG is a key element of the Framework: – Central hub for all mobile transactions for device- and technology- agnostic solutions – Provide mobile-based services through various delivery channels. DELIVERY CHANNELS – SMS, – Voice/IVR, – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), – GPRS/ 3G, – Mobile Application Store (m-App Store).

4 Current Status MSDG 4 SMS Gateway launched in July 2011 PUSH SMS: 384 Depts. Integrated, 10.6 Cr.+ SMSes sent PULL SMS: 192 unique services operationalized. Mobile App Store launched in January 2012 109 Live (including ECI Poll-related) and 61 Generic mobile applications hosted Generic apps cover services related to Social Welfare and Issuance of Certificates

5 Tracking Application status in ERMS, ECI EVM Tracking, ECI Polling Station Location. Services & Mobile Apps for ECI MSDG 5

6 An Applicant can track the status of application by either providing the Unique Acknowledgement Number or by providing the District/Assembly Constituency/Polling Station. Tracking can be done by sending SMS to 51969 in requisite format. Format: ECI COMPLAINT MSDG 6 Tracking Application status in ERMS

7 A mobile application to be created which can read the bar code on the EVM and also the location coordinates of the EVM Machine where it is located and update the ECI Database as per Requirement of ECI. The Android application can read the barcode on the EVM. The application also has fields for longitude and latitude which will be populated automatically through device inbuilt GPS. MSDG 7 ECI EVM Tracking

8 This application fetches the longitude & Latitude of the Polling Stations and Submit data to ECI Database on Submission by ECI Personnel. The Application has been developed that has fields for longitude and latitude which will be populated automatically through device inbuilt GPS. The application also has a smart drop down to select the Assembly code and State. 8 ECI Polling Station Location MSDG

9 demo And now… MSDG 9

10 Visit the official Web site :: Visit the Govt Appstore :: Download the notified Framework for Mobile Governance :: Visit us on Facebook :: Contact info: Thank you! For More Information MSDG 10

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