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MKisan portal.

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1 mKisan portal

2 User can monitor all the SMS sent by other members
Monitoring SMS User can monitor all the SMS sent by other members

3 Rating & resending an SMS
Rating for your SMS

4 Unsubscribe SMS to a number

5 Queries Received

6 Deregister yourself You need to De-register yourself in case of transfer from post/retirement/ resignation because one designation and location has been tied to only one user.

7 Push SMS – Search SMS Database
Search for “PRICE” Push SMS – Search SMS Database

8 mKisan Dash Board

9 Pull SMS – Structures & Codes
To extract information from database by sending SMS in a particular format

10 Voice based Advisories
Surveys indicated that many farmers are interested in Voice based advisories. Supports almost all voice formats (.wav, .mp3,.mp4,.amr,.m4a,.aac,.flac ) Expert can record advisory and upload it on web to send to farmers through SMS Portal. Thus illiterate and semi literate farmers can also get the expert advisories Work going on for Text to Speech Conversion without Internet


12 IVRS in Agriculture IVRS to get feedback of farmers regarding the advisories from experts and quality of information given to them by KCC agents. We are having IVRS in all 12 Indian languages. A farmer can rate the advisory or answer given by KCC agent on the scale of 1 to 5.

13 Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
Enables to access database & info on web and also to carry out data entry in web based apps without internet on handset

14 THE USSD MAGIC… Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) - A rarely used technology as old as mobile telephony itself USSD is interactive text messaging. mKisan has catalysed demand Remote location data entry and query on databases by text messaging Fixed monthly Rs. 5 – Centralised Payment Mandi price data entry, choice of right machine, seed availability, agromet advisory Android Apps in pipeline

15 Dial *491*105*2# from a Registered Mobile







22 Buyer Seller Platform

23 Buyer Seller Coordination
Buyer Registration & Approval Selection of Area to buy commodities Price offered for selected commodities Location of Farmers Details of interested buyers along with their offered price is sent to farmers

24 Ksewa – Universal Plugin
From stand alone or web applications to integrate with SMS. Soil Health Card, Market Information, Subsidy Information,Dealer Licensing etc. Earlier, the report was either on the internet or as a printed document. > 4 mobile phones per farm family, SMS is the way. Interface to send the report of these services on the mobile phone of the farmers with a sender id KRISHI

25 Mobile Apps

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