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Classroom Management Practices Nicole Anderson. My Experience Worked two years as an IA III in a special education classroom for children with emotional.

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1 Classroom Management Practices Nicole Anderson

2 My Experience Worked two years as an IA III in a special education classroom for children with emotional disturbance (ED) Two years teaching an SDC classroom at Thomas Edison Worked closely with the PBS team on overall classroom management and specific cases Have used these classroom management practices including a behavior contract in my own classrooms since 2007 (grades 1 st -8 th ) Married to a wonderful resource He worked two years on the San Juan PBS Team He is currently a School Psychologist and part time Behavior Specialist He is also working toward his Board Certification in Behavior Analysis

3 Goal for the Lesson 1.Teachers will be able to learn a new behavior management practice 2.Teachers will be able to implement a new management practice into their classroom

4 Classroom Management Philosophy Positive Behavior Support is…. an evidence based practice that focuses on the teaching and reinforcing of new skills. is not…. forgetting that limits and consequences are important as well.

5 Classroom Management Practices Objectives I: Classroom Behavior Contract II: Use of an Attention Signal III: Use of a Timer Woven throughout these three techniques teachers will: 1.Clearly State Expectations 2.Model 3.Give Specific Praise (4 to 1 ratio)

6 Classroom Behavior Contract

7 Behavior Contract Why use a behavior contract? 1.Clearly identifies and communicates expectations 2.Provides structure for both you and the students

8 Sample Contracts




12 Student Contract Presentation

13 There are three main rules in my classroom:

14 Sample Ways to Be Respectful How to be RESPECTFUL How to NOT be RESPECTFUL Kind comments to classmates & teachers Treat classroom materials with respect Follow directions first time asked Active listening (eyes on the speaker) Kind tone, volume & words Ask for permission to leave your seat Rude comments to classmates & teachers Make demands Dont follow directions or require reminders Eyes not on speaker Interrupt/call out Whining, Complaining Out of your seat without permission Teachers- Think how you can… 1. Clearly State Expectations 2. Model 3.Give Specific Praise

15 Sample Ways to Be Responsible How to be RESPONSIBLE How to NOT be RESPONSIBLE Not on task Avoiding your work Talking when you are supposed to be working Not bring your materials (forget pencil, book, paper) Use restroom during class Dont seek help On Task Ask for help if you need it Completing your work Have your materials Use the restroom at recess, lunch, or passing period Care about your education Work without disturbing others Teachers- Think how you can… 1. Clearly State Expectations 2. Model 3.Give Specific Praise

16 How To Be SAFEHow To NOT Be SAFE Hands & feet to yourself Chair and desk legs on the floor Keep personal space Walking behind the person in front of you in line Walk in the classroom Touching or pushing others, even if youre friends Leaning back in your chair Being too close to your classmates (upset them) Running in the classroom Sample Ways to Be Safe Teachers- Think how you can… 1. Clearly State Expectations 2. Model 3.Give Specific Praise

17 If you are not RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE or SAFE you will receive a mark on your contract. You can get up to three marks as warnings. If you receive four marks in one day you will be removed from class (class suspension) and/or given a detention. Parents will be notified. Question: What do I do if I receive a mark on my contract? Answer: Change your behavior! For example: If you receive a mark on your contract for talking in class, then you need to make the choice to stop talking in class. Also, you need to make a choice to change your behavior throughout class so you dont get too many marks.

18 Automatic Loss of Contract Lying to Staff Language to Staff Physical Aggression Out of Area Overt Defiance Slur = talking about someones race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or cognitive ability or ANY severe behavior that is not Respectful, Responsible, or Safe

19 Students who follow all the rules of the behavior contract will become a V.I.P Very Important Person

20 How to become a V.I.P 1.Make your contract 8 out of 10 days in a row 2.Be at school 8 out of 10 days 3.Turn in homework 8 out of 10 days How to STAY a V.I.P 1.Make your contract everyday 2.Miss only 1 day of school in 10 days 3.Miss only 1 homework assignment in 10 days

21 Privileges of a V.I.P Name on the wall First in line for transitions First pick for _____ Asked to run special errands for the teacher First pick for classroom jobs

22 Classroom Contract Use each of the following during AND after the behavior contract presentation: 1.Clearly State Expectations 2.Model (you model, then students model) 3.Give Specific Praise I like the way… That was perfect how… Thank you for…. Great job….

23 Classroom Contract Teachers and Instructional Assistants: NEVER take away a mark once given NEVER argue over a mark during class (they may talk to you after class) DO NOT give a warning that you will mark the contract, the mark on the contract IS the warning Do not be concerned if several students lose their contract while adjusting to your new expectations and limit setting

24 Use of an Attention Signal

25 Attention Signals Why use an attention signal? 1.Saves time to get the students attention 2.Regroups the class 3.Allows you a way to get control of the class when it may be chaotic

26 Sample Attention Signals Teacher SaysStudents Say Okay listen up 1,2,3 eyes on me1,2 eyes on you Finish what you are saying… 3,2,1 (ring bell) heads up (other examples)

27 Attention Signals Teachers 1.Clearly State Expectations for the attention signal (stop what you are doing, hands on your desk, voices off, eyes on the teacher) 2.Model expectations for the attention signal (demonstrate what all the above look like) 3.Students model the attention signal 4.Give specific praise for correct behavior (I like the way David immediately stopped what he was doing, put his hands on his desk, his voice was off, and his eyes were on me. Great job David!) 5.Mark contracts for students who do not follow the expectations of the attention signal once in place

28 Use of a Timer

29 Why use a timer? 1.Predictable 2.Clearly states expectations and time given to achieve expectations 3.Can be used for individual student behaviors

30 Sample Ways to Use a Timer 1.Transitions You have one minute to get your book out to page 75. You have two minutes to clean everything up and get back to your seat. Countdown to transition. We will transition in 2 minutes. 2.Work Completion You have 10 minutes to complete numbers 1-8 What the Teacher DoesWhat the Teacher Says (Examples) Clearly States Expectations before the timer startsI see Mark is following directions, thank you Mark. Thank you for cleaning up, you have one more minute. Great job getting your books out in less than a minute! Gives Specific Praise while the timer is going

31 Sample Ways to Use a Timer 3.Non Compliance Ill check back with you on this in one minute. Ill give you one minute to make your choice. Please take a timeout for three minutes in the back of the room. Its fine if you dont want to do this right now, you will owe me time. If you are on task for 10 minutes, I will give you 2 minutes of free time. I will give you one minute to exit the room, if you do not I will have to call someone to escort you from my room.

32 In Summary The behavior contract will not work if it is the ONLY form of behavior management you use. However combined with… Clearly stating ALL expectations Modeling expectations Consistency on expectations Consistency giving consequences Using Engagement Strategies (think-pair-share, choral response) Use of other management strategies (timer, call signal) And (most important) Giving Specific Praise …the behavior contract will be WONDERFUL for both you and your students! Thank you for listening!

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