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Classroom Rules and Expectations

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1 Classroom Rules and Expectations
Mrs. Panzarella Pre-AP/English I

2 Classroom Rules Be on time Be prepared Be respectful of others
Be productive Be cooperative

3 Rule #1- Be on Time In this class, being on time means that you are in your seat and ready to begin learning as soon as the bell rings.

4 Rule #2- Be Prepared In this class, being prepared means that you have all of the supplies that you will need to fully participate in the lesson. This includes pens, paper and an open mind.

5 Rule #3- Be Respectful of Others
In this class, you will show respect for one another by: Listening attentively when others are speaking Voicing disagreements in a courteous manner Refraining from the use of inappropriate language Keeping your hands and feet to yourself

6 Rule #4- Be productive In this class, being productive means that you are working from bell to bell. Stay on task and work hard to finish all assignments in the time frame that you are given.

7 Rule #5- Be Cooperative In order for the class to run smoothly I will need cooperation from each one of you. Please follow any given instructions quickly and without complaint.

8 Class Procedures Textbooks Class Library IDs Tardies Make-up work
Missing supplies Bathroom passes Headings on papers

9 Textbooks If you need your textbook for the day, please go to the shelf at the back of the room and pick up the book that has the same number as the number on your desk. You should have your book and be in your desk when the tardy bell rings. When class is over, return your textbook to the correct place on the shelf.

10 Class Library If you finish your work early and have “nothing to do”, you may borrow one of my class library books to read. Please be respectful of the books you borrow and return them in the same condition that you found them! If you would like to check out one of the books from my class library, please see me to sign it out. DO NOT just walk out of the room with it! Return books that you check out as quickly as possible. Other people may want to read them too!

11 IDs All students must wear their IDs at all times.
If you do not have an ID, you will not be asked to leave class to get one. With only 45 minute class periods, we do not have time for you to have an ID made. However, you need to obtain an ID as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in consequences from your AP.

12 Tardies If you are tardy to class, you will be marked tardy in SkyWard. You DO NOT need to go to your AP to get a tardy pass. Excessive tardies will result in consequences from your AP. All homework is to be turned in before the bell rings. The cart at the back of the class is labeled by period- be sure to put your paper into the correct drawer! If you are tardy, you must turn in your homework as soon as you arrive in class or it will be considered late.

13 Make-up Work If you are absent, it is YOUR job to get any assignments that you missed. The hanging black folder at the front of the room contains all of the assignments for the week. If you miss a day, look in the folder for the day you were absent and find the papers that have your name on them. I WILL NOT remind you to pick up or turn in make-up work. If you fail to turn in your work within the appropriate number of days, you will receive a zero on the assignment. If you miss a test and cannot attend the scheduled retake session, be sure to speak with me so we can arrange an alternate time for you to take the test. Do this ASAP! PLEASE NOTE- if you are given the due date for an assignment more than one week in advance, you must turn that assignment in on time regardless of absences!

14 Missing Supplies If, for some reason, you find yourself without necessary supplies one day you may borrow them from me. You may trade me your school ID for a pen. Remember to trade back before you leave class for the day! The cart at the back of the room contains other supplies like notebook paper, highlighters, etc. Please return all borrowed supplies to the cart before you leave class for the day.

15 Bathroom Passes You will receive two bathroom passes at the beginning of the six weeks. If you need to use the restroom during class, you MUST give me one of these passes. Do not ask to use the restroom during the middle of a lesson. Take the plastic hall pass with you. I do not offer any kind of extra credit for unused bathroom passes. However, your passes will “roll over” to the next six weeks so don’t throw them away.

16 Headings on Papers Every paper that you turn in should have this heading in the top right corner: Your Name- Jason Bourne Teacher’s Name, Class- Panzarella, English I Date- August 27, 2012 Papers with no name will be put in the “Drawer of Shame” for one day and then thrown away. If you do not claim you paper within that day, you will receive a zero for the assignment.

17 Consequences Failure to follow these rules and procedures will result in one or more of the following consequences: D-Hall Paragraph assignment Referral Removal from the classroom Parent phone call Parent/teacher conference

18 Mrs. Panzarella’s Pet Peeves
The best way to get along with Mrs. Panzarella is to avoid: Calling me “Miss”- if you call me “Miss” I will call you “student” Falling asleep in class Using swear words Whining! Texting

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