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Floriculture Wedding Planning Portfolio

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1 Floriculture Wedding Planning Portfolio
Portfolio – 500 points Design Construction – 100 points Sales Presentation – 50 points Beth Swehla Anderson Valley High School

2 Project Over View This project will consist of planning a wedding to include the fashions, flowers, and decorations. A detailed description of all arrangements and plans will be presented along with a cost analysis. All information will be included in a portfolio. On the final day you will construct a design from your “collection” then present the design to the class along with a overview of your wedding plans. The work in the portfolio should reflect the professional image that all florists shops should display.

3 The portfolio will include:
The Wedding Description 25 points Wedding Fashions 25 points Wear and Carry Designs 75 points The Church Flowers 75 points The Reception 100 points Wedding Extras 25 points Design Cost points The Shopping List 25 points The Proposal 50 points 500 points

4 Step 1-The Wedding Description - 25 pts
1. Church Wedding – nondenominational 2. The wedding party will include the bride, groom, maid of honor, 3 attendants, best man, 3 ushers, flower girl, ring bearer. 3. The reception will be in a large empty hall (50 feet x 200 feet) guests for a buffet dinner 5. You are to select the month of the wedding, time of day, colors, and style.

5 Step 2-Wedding Fashions - 25 pts
Choose the bridal attire for the following persons 1. Bride Attendants (3) 2. Groom Ushers (3) 3. Maid of Honor 7. Flower Girl 4. Best Man 8. Ring Bearer Your plans may be explained by using detailed written descriptions, sketches, photographs, magazine cuts or any combination of the these.

6 Step 3-Wear and Carry Design - 75 pts
Plan appropriate designs for each of the persons listed below. Consider the design of the dress when selecting floral pieces. Include the following: 1. Bride 8. Ring Bearer 2. Groom 9. Mothers (2) 3. Maid of Honor 10. Fathers (2) 4. Best Man 11. Guest Book Attendant 5. Attendants (3) Clergy (no robes) 6. Ushers (3) 13. Organist 7. Flower Girl

7 Step 4-The Church Flowers - 75 pts
Plan appropriate floral pieces to be used during the wedding ceremony. Use as few or as many pieces as you feel is appropriate for the wedding style. Pieces may include any or all of the following: alter, unity candle, kneeling bench, pew decoration, arches, wall pieces, guest table, entry area, other as appropriate. A description of the floral pieces should be made to include color, style, and materials used. Sketches and clippings are useful. A sketch of the church floor plan with placement of floral pieces is recommended.

8 Step 5-The Reception - 100 pts
Design the floor plan of the room to include the following: 1. Head table(s) for the bridal party 2. Reception table (guest book) 3. Buffet table(s) 4. Cake Table 5. Gift Table 6. Dining tables (200 guests) (8 ft round or 3 ft x 9 ft long) Plan décor for the room. You should include the tables including coverings, walls, ceiling, etc. Describe the look for each of the tables and areas you plan to decorate. Sketches would be helpful.

9 Step 6-Wedding Extras - 25 pts
Add any extra items to the plan you feel are appropriate. These could include favors, guest books, toasting glasses, etc.

10 Step 7-Design Cost-100 pts Use the cost sheet provided to determine the wholesale and retail price of each item. Use the following guidelines. Mark Up Hard goods 2 x wholesale Flowers (most) 3 x wholesale Foliages 3 x wholesale Roses 4 x wholesale Orchids 4 x wholesale Stephanotis 4 x wholesale Special Orders 4 x wholesale Labor Costs: Wear and carry 40% Arrangements, bows, 20% On location decoration $15.00 per hour

11 Step 7-Design Cost-Con’t
Each item should have a detailed chart made of the material needed for the design. Be sure to include hard goods required including ribbons and the bouquet holder, tape, wire etc. The chart should have the following columns: material, quantity needed, wholesale price of each, extended wholesale price, retail cost, labor cost, total retail.

12 Step 8-The Shopping List - 25 pts
Make one list of all material the florist will need to provide or purchase. This list must combine flowers for every design. For example, if you are using roses in the bridal bouquet, alter pieces, and table pieces you should add them all together. Separate the list into flowers, foliages, hard goods, and misc.

13 Step 9-The Proposal - 50 pts
This is the contract given to the bride with a description of the item and the exact cost that will be charged for the wedding. This page or pages should look like an invoice. Include the wedding information at the top: name of bride and groom, location, date, time, etc. Don’t forget to figure the government tax in this project.

14 Step 10-Design Construction - 100 pts
Pick one of the design that would be used in the wedding. At least one week prior to the final exam provide the teacher with a shopping list of all material needed. The wholesale price of this list may not exceed $10.00. The day of the final you will have one hour to construct the design of your choice.

15 Step 11-Sales Presentation - 50 pts
The bride and her mother have come back in to see your price estimates and your ideas for their special wedding. You have 5 minutes to convince them that your designs and plans are the best.

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