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How French Weddings Differ from American Weddings By: Aurore (Jessica Field)

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1 How French Weddings Differ from American Weddings By: Aurore (Jessica Field)

2 What is a Wedding? A wedding is a special ceremony that unites two people together. There are many different styles of weddings as well as wedding traditions, customs and attire. In the present day we see so many different couples tying the knot. There are some couples that meet by chance, some that have known one another for a long time and even couples who were set up by there parents before meeting there future spouse.

3 Why I chose this topic. According to my mother, I have been talking about my weddings since I was two years old, and I dont doubt it! I watch all the wedding shows, I buy wedding magazines and I am still planning my wedding, even though Im not engaged! I have always loved every part of a traditional wedding and began to wonder how other countries celebrate the holy matrimony of weddings.

4 French Weddings A French wedding begins early in the morning and usually does not end until 3 or 4 the next morning. The couple along with the family walk to the mayors office where the official ceremony takes place. They then walk over to the church where the religious ceremony is held, then off to the reception. Family and friends are invited to certain parts of the ceremony. There are many customs and traditions that take place in a French wedding ceremony that I am very excited to share with you!

5 American Weddings A traditional American wedding begins in the morning and is usually over before 10pm. There are many different sizes at American wedding, some are very tiny while others are quite large! The ceremony is usually held in a church or another place of that means a lot to the couple. We have all seen a traditional American wedding and we all know many of the customs and traditions celebrated with marriage, but do you know why they are included in the wedding? I will tell you all about them today!

6 Parts of a French wedding. Wedding Trousseau (hope chest) Ritual Bath Groom meets the Bride Mayors Office Church Reception Chiverie

7 Parts of a American Wedding Engagement Wedding Day Ceremony held at church Recite vows, exchange rings and kiss Photos with wedding party Reception

8 French Wedding Attire The bride wears a beautiful white wedding gown on her special day while the groom usually wears a black suit or tux. During the medieval and Renaissance eras the wedding gown was the brides best dress. The all white wedding gown was introduced when Ann of Brittany married her third husband, Louis XII, in 1499. The elaborate wedding styles of the bridal dress were first worn by Empress Eugenie at her wedding to Napoleon III in 1853. The present day French wedding gown are very Avante gard! Elaborately done with much detail.

9 American Wedding Attire The American Bride wears a white wedding gown while the groom wears a black or blue suit or tux. The early American brides wore there best dress on the day of their wedding and the white gown did not come into style until queen Victoria wore a white gown to her wedding in 1840. In present day America the bride still wears a white gown on her special day, and may add some color or other elaborate decorations.

10 IS IT FRENCH or AMERICAN!?! The Wedding Gown




14 Wedding cakes! The typical American wedding cake is made up of multiple layers usually stacked on top of one another and decorated with frosting, flowers and is topped with some sort of cake topper. The typical French wedding cake is not a cake at all. It is cream filled pastries stacked into a pyramid. This is called the croque-en-bouche. They are elaborately decorated and usually topped with doves to symbolize the couples being free from their parents.




18 Whos on the guest list? In America family members and friends of the couple are invited to the wedding and reception. Sometimes if the wedding venue is too small, then the guests will only come to the reception. If a guest is not invited to the wedding they may feel upset and disappointed! In France the guests maybe invited to all or just parts of the wedding. The wedding consists of the civil ceremony, the religious ceremony, small cocktail reception, 4-5 course dinner, dancing in between and of course dessert. The guests maybe only invited to the religious ceremony and dessert, or just dinner. The reasoning behind this is that everyone gets to attend a part of the wedding and the family is not left having to pay for everyones meals. The amazing thing about this is that French people are not offended by this, they are just happy to share in the couples special day.

19 Wedding Traditions & Their Origins Receiving Line Garter Bride sitting on the left Kiss Wedding Favors Bridal Shower Veil/Bridesmaids/Best Man

20 Wedding Photos France

21 Wedding Photos America

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