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How much do you know about wedding? bride bridegroom.

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2 How much do you know about wedding?

3 bride bridegroom

4 groom &best man

5 bride & bridesmaid bride & bridesmaid

6 a happy couple

7 Choose the correct answers: 1. fiancee 2. fiance future husband A woman who is about to be married or has recently been married. 4. bridegroom A man who is about to be married or has recently been married. future wife 3. bride A woman who attends the bride at a wedding. 5. bridesmaid The bridegroom's chief attendant at a wedding. 6. best man Two people united, as by or marriage. 7. couple TASK A: VOCABULARY

8 The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. 10. marriage The ceremony or celebration of a marriage. An offer of marriage. 13. proposal 9. wedding Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage. 12. dowry One who arranges or tries to arrange marriages. 11. matchmaker A young girl who carries flowers in a procession, especially at a wedding. 8. flower girl

9 14. marriage certificate 15. civil marriage ceremony 16. mixed marriage 17. wedding anniversary 18. witness

10 different countries, different kinds of weddings

11 Read a story about three weddings in one minute and find out the answers as quickly as possible: (scanning) 1.Where were the three weddings held? 2.Were the three weddings the same? In Italy, in Canada and in Bali. No, they were different. TASK B: READING

12 The one in I______ was ______ in a big c_______. The b_____ wore a ______ dress. After the wedding, there was a big meal with ______ ___________ _______. taly held hurch ride white 14 different dishes

13 A s_______ was _______ by a man and a few beautiful songs ______ ______ by people. The bride _____ a nice ______ dress. After a big _______, the g______ threw a ________ of rice ______ the bride and groom to wish them _____________________________. peech sung worepinklunch uests handful over good luck and lots of children anada house were made The one in C______ is in a big _______.

14 The one in B____ is _______ the first two weddings. It was held on a _______. The couple ______ wore _________ clothes and _____. There was dancing ____ _____ ____ lots of music in this wedding. beachboth colourful hats as well as ali unlike

15 weddings differences something in common In Italy In Canada In Bali clothes guests places in a big church white dress big meals before and after the wedding,broke a glass. in a big old house wear a nice pink dress threw a handful of rice On a beach Colourful clothes and hats 1.Wear beautiful clothes 2.Have big meals 3.A lot of music.

16 1 3 4 5 6 25 50 Years married kind of present example paper cotton leather wood wool flowers sweets silver gold a love letter green and blue cloth shoes roses a box chocolate sweater a watch a statue of two love birds 2 7 Listen to Ben talking about special presents for married people and fill in the table. Task C: LISTENING

17 TASK D:ORAL WORK: You and your fiancee are famous actors (John Travolta and Goldie Hawn, for example). You are going to be interviewed by the editor of a gossip column. She wants to find out everything about your wedding plans. She will ask you questions about your wedding plans. Here are some questions that the editor might ask:

18 Questions that the editor might ask: 1. Are you planning a big wedding? 2. How many people are you going to invite exactly? 3. Where is the ceremony going to be? 4. Do you intend to hold a reception afterwards? 5. Where is that going to be? 6. What are you planning to wear? 7. Who is going to be the best man? Who are the bridesmaids? 8. Where are you going to go on your honeymoon? 9. Where are you going to live when you return? 10. Are your parents going to live with you? 11. Do you intend to have a large family? 12. Are you going to work after you get married?

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