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§Designing Wedding Pieces. Next Generation Science / Common Core Standards Addressed! §CCSS.ELA Literacy. RST.11 12.3 Follow precisely a complex multistep.

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1 §Designing Wedding Pieces

2 Next Generation Science / Common Core Standards Addressed! §CCSS.ELA Literacy. RST.11 12.3 Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks; analyze the specific results based on explanations in the text. §CCSS.ELA Literacy.RST.11 12.4 Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other domain specific words and phrases as they are used in a specific scientific or technical context relevant to grades 11–12 texts and topics. §Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other domain specific words and phrases as they are used in a specific scientific or technical context relevant to grades11–12 texts and topics.

3 Bell Work / Student Objectives §1. Describe typical wedding needs. §2. Explain the process of designing a wedding. §3. Identify and describe types of wedding bouquets. §4. Explain how to service a wedding.

4 Vocabulary §Aisle runner §Altar arrangements §Arm bouquet §Candelabra design §Cascade bouquet §Chuppah §Colonial bouquet §Crescent bouquet § Floral foam holder § Hand-tied bouquet § Kneeling bench § Pew decorations § Toss bouquet § Unity candle arrangement

5 Interest Approach Lets pretend that we are planning a wedding. What sorts of flowers will we need? How many people will be in our bridal party? What kind of a budget will we have? Where will the ceremony take place? And the reception?

6 What Are the Typical Floral Needs for a Wedding? §The planning process with a knowledgeable florist is the first step in helping the bride and groom make floral decisions about their wedding. §The wedding consultation is conducted after the bride and groom have set a date. The florist should provide an area that is big enough for 3 to 4 people. The bride usually brings the groom, mother and a friend.

7 The florist should also provide a portfolio of previous wedding work along with wedding flower idea books. Collect information on date, time, colors and style of wedding. Customs and ceremonial requirements should be discussed. §Use a wedding order form to make note of all flowers and accessories for the wedding. The form organizes all aspects of the wedding and serves as a contract



10 Floral Needs of a Wedding §Bouquet for the bride §Bouquet for the maid/matron of honor §Bouquet for the bridesmaids §Flower girl bouquet §Boutonniere for the groom §Boutonniere for the best man §Boutonniere for the groomsmen §Boutonniere for the ushers § Boutonniere for ring bearer § Flowers for parents and grandparents § Flowers for other people involved in the ceremony Ministers, readers, musicians § Presentation bouquets for parents § Altar arrangements- flowers placed on the altar at the church

11 Floral Needs Continued §Unity candle arrange- ments - a floral design created for a unity candle to be placed near the altar §Pew decorations - arrangements of flowers and/or bows placed on the church pews §Kneeling bench - a bench on which the bride and groom kneel § Candelabra designs - formal arrangements created to hang on free standing candelabras (candle holders) § Aisle runner - the white runner placed down the middle of the aisle prior to the wedding party entering the church § Chuppah - a canopy for Jewish weddings § Guest book arrangement

12 This is a Chuppah used during Jewish weddings. Here are various ways to decorate the pews in a church.

13 Floral Needs for the Reception §Centerpieces - head table §Centerpieces - serving tables §Centerpieces - guest tables §Cake table decorations §Flowers for the wedding cake §Toss bouquet - a small bouquet used by the bride in the bouquet toss

14 §Ordering flowers from the wholesaler is the next step for the florist §Usually this needs to be done weeks in advance in order to meet special needs Remember to take into consideration the size of the flower bundles during the consultation process §It helps to list all the flowers needed in each design before ordering Flower totals will help reduce loss and ensure proper numbers

15 How Is the Design Style of a Wedding Determined? §The wedding style will be determined by the type of wedding taking place. A backyard wedding at the parents house is different from a cathedral wedding with the reception at the country club. Deciding whether the wedding is formal or informal is the first step. Sometimes themes are used, for example a winter wonderland theme.

16 Themed Weddings!

17 §Once the style is determined, the bouquets are designed. §Flowers for the hair can be incorporated into a veil, headband or small comb. These flowers are often repeated in the bouquets. Bobby pins are used to attach them into place. Babys breath may also be worked into the hair and held in place by hair spray.

18 §Symmetrical altar arrangements are placed on both sides of the altar. Can be arranged in canisters that are fit into vases. Sometimes these flowers need to be taken to the reception. Candelabras may be substituted for altar flowers or used in combination with altar flowers. Unity candle pieces are comprised of two taper candles and a large unity candle in the center. Symbolizes two lives becoming one


20 §Pew decorations are bows, flowers or floral designs attached to the end of pews. Reserved seating is often marked with larger decorations. #9 or #40 ribbon is most commonly used for pew bows. Tulle may be added for a softer appearance. Chenille stems, rubber bands, or pew clips are used to attach the decorations. General shape of the decorations are round oval or one-sided arrangements with cascading foliage.

21 §Reception flowers should have the same style as those at the church. Usually many of the flowers from the church will be used at the reception. §Additional designs can include an entryway arch, floral garlands, potted plants and arrangements for the wedding cake. Wedding cake flowers are often designed like corsages or in small floral foam containers called cake toppers.

22 Flowers for the Cake

23 What Types of Bouquets Are Available for the Bride? §The bridal bouquet should reflect the style of gown and the wedding. §Choices include colonial, cascade, variations of the cascade, arm bouquet, hand-tied and special bouquet designs. §The flowers the bride chooses will help in determining the best bouquet style. Ex. Large calla lilies would look better hand-tied than in a colonial bouquet.

24 §A bouquet may be designed in a floral foam holder or wired and taped. A floral foam holder consists of a plastic cage and handle with floral foam on the inside. The foam and cage hold the flowers in place and provide moisture for them This method is faster than wiring and taping. Use a floral adhesive to prevent the flowers from falling out. Bouquets can be stored flat or in a holder. Deliver them in bags and sprayed with a fine mist of water; Avoid getting water on the ribbon.

25 Styles of Bouquets: §Colonial bouquet: A round bouquet based on the English nosegay. Hand held bouquets constructed in a bouquet holder.

26 §Cascade bouquet - A full, rounded central area with an eye-catching trailing line of flowers and foliage Designed like the colonial with the addition of the cascading flowers

27 § Crescent bouquet - A variation of the cascading bouquet that is designed in a C shape. Has an asymmetrical cascade.

28 § Arm bouquet - A grouping of flowers that is tied together and cradled in the left arm. Presentation bouquets are constructed in this manner.

29 §Hand-tied bouquet - A natural looking gathering of flowers and foliage with the stems tied together. Can be adorned with ribbon, cording or tulle.

30 §Specialty bouquets - Usually attached to something such as a parasol, fan, basket or muff. Not as popular but a florist must still be familiar with them. Flowers carried in a basket would be nice for an outdoor wedding. This is a decorated muff which would keep the brides hands warm during a winter wedding.

31 What Services Does a Florist Provide for a Wedding? §General services include delivering the flowers to the wedding and reception sites. §If more services are required, a few may be charged for; It is important to carry a service kit from site to site in case problems arise.

32 Additional Services Continued: Distributing the flowers Pinning corsages and boutonnieres Lighting candles as needed Positioning the aisle runner Instructions on holding bouquets properly Transporting the ceremony flowers to the reception.

33 Wedding Service Kit Components §Extra pins (corsage, boutonniere, straight and safety) §Bobby pins, floral combs, hair spray §Knife, shears §Scissors, extra ribbon §Floral tape, wires, chenille stems §Small glue gun, glue sticks §Needle, thread, buttons § Anti-static spray § Tissues, moist toilettes, anti-stain toilettes § Aspirin, antacid, gum, breath mints § Small first aid kit § Fingernail polish (clear) or extra nylons § Rechargeable vacuum § Dust pan, hand broom § Drop cloth § Vase of extra flowers

34 Summary §What is the first step in planning a wedding once the date has been set? §What kinds of flowers are needed for the bridal party? §Name some items that can be used to decorate the ceremony inside a church? §How is a unity candle different from a candelabra? §Identify the various places that flowers can be used in a reception. §How is the style of a wedding determined?

35 Summary Continued §Why do flowers have to be ordered from the wholesaler in advance? §Name the six styles of bridal bouquets. §How is a colonial different from a cascade bouquet? §What services does a florist provide for a wedding? §Which are considered extra duties of a florist that need to be discussed before the wedding day? §Name at least six items that should be in a wedding service kit.

36 The End!

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