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Getting Engaged and Planning a Wedding. Journal Tell me about your ideal wedding and or engagement!

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1 Getting Engaged and Planning a Wedding

2 Journal Tell me about your ideal wedding and or engagement!

3 Why Get Engaged? Solidify your commitment Express your intentions of marriage to each other and the public To begin planning a wedding! To celebrate your relationship

4 What a Man Should Consider When Planning a Proposal: Every diamond is special and unique, with its own individual purity and beauty. Selecting the finest diamonds is an art. One should look for quality as defined by the 4 cs, and beauty which goes beyond technical grading to discover that diamonds have an exceptional fire and brilliance.

5 Selecting an Engagement Ring: The 4 Cs Carat Weight Color Clarity Cut

6 Carat Weight This refers to the size of the stone. One carat is equal to 100 points. The average engagement ring is.70 carats (points).

7 Cut The shape of the diamond determined by the way it has been cut. –The more facets (cuts), the more brilliance the diamond has. –It takes several days to cut and polish a one carat stone! –There are 7 basic shapes, although there are many new trends that are changing. Round Heart PrincessOval PearEmerald Marquis


9 Color: Colorless or clear diamonds are said to be perfect, but they are also very expensive. –The more color, the lower the value –Scale: D = Colorless Y= Yellow

10 Clarity Flaws can affect the value and beauty of a stone. –The more perfect the stone, the more expensive it will be. F1= Flawless f 13 = imperfect

11 Congratulations! When a couple gets engaged, it is customary for their friends and family to throw them an engagement party in order to celebrate! Gift are not necessary!!!

12 Wedding Planning! As soon as you get engaged, the planning begins! You and your fiancé need to communicate openly and involve your families as appropriate There are many websites that can help in the wedding planning process – –

13 Announcements A couple may choose to send an announcement in the local paper. People now often make wedding websites in order to announce their engagement and their wedding plans.

14 Wedding Checklist: Assuming a 1 year Engagement After a couple gets engaged, they need to sit down and set some goals! –Date/ Time –Budget (Along with Who will be paying) –Select the participants (bridesmaids, groomsmen) –Site (Ceremony and reception)

15 9-10 Months Ahead Determine the budget and lay down some ground rules Determine the theme and formality level of the occasion Draw up an estimate of the guest list Shop for bridal gown Shop for bridesmaids dresses Consider hiring a planner to help you Choose and ask all attendants Select a photographer, a videographer, and a florist.

16 6-9 Months Ahead Plan the reception (go to tasting, plan menu, decide on décor) Shop for other accessories, such as favors Draw up an almost final guest list Book a DJ or band and listen to them perform REGISTER FOR GIFTS! –Bed Bath & Beyond Harvest HomeBed Bath & Beyond Harvest Home

17 4-6 Months Ahead Order and address you wedding invites Plan your music (choose wedding songs) Choose gifts for your attendants Buy wedding bands Plan the programs Book the honeymoon Shop for wedding rings Search for housing –http://www.Realtor.com

18 3-4 Months Ahead Make reservations for transportation and hair/makeup Rent all tuxes and other formalwear Get the brides dress fitted Check out the requirements for a marriage license Reserve your wedding day transportation Begin reviewing contracts with vendors

19 Two Months Before Mail out invitations!! No turning back now! Arrange and plan in stone for the rehearsal dinner Purchase any remaining accessories (jewelry, cufflinks…) Secure accommodations for out of town guests Pay any balances that you can!

20 One Month Left!!! Schedule final wedding dress fitting Have a hair/makeup rehearsal Count RSVPs Obtain marriage license Create a timeline for the day to make sure you have hit it all Pick up wedding rings and get final fitting Finalize all contracts

21 The Biggest Day of your Life! Your primary goal today is to get married! Have fun! Relax, enjoy yourself, and remain calm! Allow at least two hours for dressing Allow plenty of time to apply your makeup and style your hair If professionals are doing your hair and/or makeup, determine the time they need If photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, allow plenty of time for that! Remember to bring the rings and marriage license! ENOJY YOUR SELF… IT GOES FAST!!

22 PARTNER QUIZ! 1. What are the 4 Cs of a diamond? 2. Where can you post a wedding website? 3. Name three things that you should do when planning and WHEN you should do it.

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