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Pricing & Mark-up in Floral Design Principles & Elements of Floral Design.

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1 Pricing & Mark-up in Floral Design Principles & Elements of Floral Design

2 Objective of a Floral Business Make money! Determine the right price! Too high vs Too Low

3 Determining Price Factors: Price fluctuation during year In season vs out of season flowers Holiday demand

4 Determining the Unit Cost The cost of each individual item used Hardgoods (ribbon, containers, foam, tape, etc) are usually sold in cases, boxes, rolls, or other bulk amounts. Florist normally uses these products by the piece, foot, or some other unit of measure.

5 Determining the Unit Cost (contd) Total cost of these items must be broken down into a single unit cost This is done by dividing the total cost by the number of units enclosed Always round up! (so you dont lose money)

6 Example # 1 # 3 Corsage Ribbon Cost= $ 4.95 per roll Yards per roll= 100 Unit cost (per yard) = Cost / # yards per roll Answer: $ 4.95/ 100 = 0.05

7 Example # 2 Floral Design Bowl Cost= $ 14.60 per case Containers per case = 48 Unit cost = Cost /containers per case Answer: $ 14.60/ 48 = 0.31

8 Unit Cost- Flowers Fresh Materials (flowers, foliages, etc) are usually priced by the stem or bunch. Flowers and foliages are packed: By quantity By Weight

9 Example # 3 Leather Leaf Fern Cost= $ 2.49 per bunch Stems per bunch = 20 Unit cost = Cost / # of stems Answer: $ 2.49/ 20 = 0.13

10 Example 4 Pompon Chrysanthemums Cost= $ 3.75 per bunch # stems- variable- determined by weight Calculate- you used ½ a bunch Cost for ½ bunch = Cost x quantity used Answer: $ 3.75 x ½ bunch = $ 1.88

11 Mark-up Standard Ratio Mark-up Pricing- Method we will use in this class Easiest method of pricing Used by determining the wholesale cost of the item, then multiplying, or marking up, that cost by a number. This mark-up used to cover operating cost, labor, and profit.

12 Mark-up 2-to-1 Used for HARDGOODS Supplies such as containers, ribbons, floral foam, gift items, etc 3-to-1 Used for FRESH GOODS Basic arrangements, bud vases, decorated plants, basic wreaths, and sprays

13 Mark-up 4-to-1 SPECIALTY DESIGNS (more labor intensive) Creative arrangements, wedding flowers, corsages, reception and party flowers

14 Example 5 Carntions- Unit cost 0.39 per stem Mark-up cost: 0.39 x 3 = $ 1.17

15 Example 6: Design Bowl Unit Cost 0.31 Mark-up Cost = 0.31 x 2 = 0.62

16 Floral Design Pricing Guides Sample (see board)

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