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Chapter 10 Panel Products.

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1 Chapter 10 Panel Products

2 Objectives Identify the different types of panel products
Understand the composition of the various panel products Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using panel products

3 Introduction Panel products are important building materials in today’s construction of cabinetry and furniture Frequently used panel products are: Plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and melamine These products have advantages such as: Being able to create large surfaces quickly Being more stable than solid lumber because of not having a continuous grain pattern

4 Plywood Cabinet grade plywood may replace lumber in cabinets or furniture Provides the look of solid wood Less time consuming to work and therefore less expensive to use Fabricated with fine veneer faces over a core

5 Figure 10-1 Cabinet grade plywood.

6 Plywood (continued) Cores used to create cabinet grade plywood
Lumber core Veneer core Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core Particleboard core Type of core used determines degree of stability and the ability to hold fasteners

7 Plywood (continued) Veneer that is placed on the front and back of the plywood is cut in one of three ways Plain sliced Quarter sliced Rotary cut Possible to buy cabinet plywood that has already been finished

8 Fiberboard Created by mixing wood fibers with resin and bonding them together by radio-frequency adhesion or heat Has no grain at all, which makes it very stable Comes in high, medium, and low densities

9 Figure 10-4 High-density fiberboard, or hardboard.

10 Fiberboard (continued)
High-density fiberboard (hardboard) Good choice for drawer bottoms and cabinet backs Extremely rugged Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) Provides a very smooth and stable surface Excellent choice for jig material Great base material for stained, printed, painted, or laminated applications

11 Fiberboard (continued)
Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) (continued) Commonly used for furniture tops, drawer fronts, moldings, and shelving Can be shaped easily Has some drawbacks: Hard on cutting edges of tools Very heavy Should not come into contact with water Does not hold fasteners well

12 Fiberboard (continued)
Low-density fiberboard Not used by cabinetmakers Primary use is in upholstery industry

13 Particleboard Not as dense as either hardboard or MDF
Is an adequate and less expensive alternative Composed of small wood flakes, chips, and shavings bonded together with adhesives Often used as a substrate for laminates Frequently used for plastic laminate countertops

14 Particleboard (continued)
Hard on cutting edges of tools Heavy Does not hold fasteners well

15 Figure 10-6 Particleboard.

16 Melamine Thermally fused, resin-saturated paper finish applied over a particleboard core Highly stain and mar resistant Comes in a wide variety of colors and wood grain looks Often the major component of inexpensive furniture

17 Melamine (continued) Requires no finishing; resin-saturated paper acts as a finished surface Since it has a particleboard core, its disadvan-tages are same as those of particleboard

18 Figure 10-7 Melamine.

19 Advantages and Disadvantages of Panel Products
Stability Reduced production time in building cabinets Their use makes good ecological sense

20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Panel Products (continued)
Edges of the sheets must be covered Poor fastener-holding ability; specialty fasteners have to be used Have only a thin veneer covering the core; deep scratches will reveal the core and give away the fact that they are not solid lumber

21 Summary Manufactured panel products are widely used in the cabinet- and furniture-building industries Panel products include cabinet grade plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and melamine Panel products are far more stable than solid wood Primary drawback to panel products is that the core is visible on the ends; edges must be covered

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