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Automated Dispensing Cabinet: Delivery

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1 Automated Dispensing Cabinet: Delivery
DUMC North Central Pharmacy: First Dose TRAINING MODULE: Automated Dispensing Cabinet: Delivery DUMC NCP

2 Purpose This training provides information needed to ensure accurate and consistent practices as it relates delivery of medications to automated dispensing cabinets. Medications for cabinet are refilled using two batches processes one in the morning one in the afternoon. DUMC NCP First Dose

3 Generation of Restock Sheets
Cabinets communicate current inventory on hands and restock needs via scheduled reports. Morning reports print at 0445 for non-controlled substances. Afternoon reports are scheduled to print at 1615 for non-controlled substances DUMC NCP First Dose

4 North Central Pick List
Restock Sheets Restock Sheets Picklist Storeroom Picklist North Central Pick List Restock List Storeroom Restock North Central Restock Potentially 4 sheets for each delivery area DUMC NCP First Dose

5 Pharmacy Storeroom When pulling supplies from the pharmacy storeroom it is necessary to document the quantity and 7 digit storeroom item number. The exception to this process is that the small rack in the back storeroom where the product is prospectively signed out for use in Omnicells. DUMC NCP First Dose

6 Setting up Restock for Check
Medication to be stocked in the cabinets require review by a pharmacist prior to delivery. 1. Individual line items for each cabinet should be placed in plastic bags. The bags are labeled with the delivery location and quantity. Particularly large items such as hetastarch may be placed in boxes or larger bags. 2. Items should be placed in a the delivery location specific bin in an organized fashion, in the order of the restock sheets. 3. Items should be denoted as complete by a check mark on the stocked item 4. Items that are not filled should be marked “OUT”. 5. When an area is completed, the restock sheet should be inserted in to the bin to indicate to the pharmacists that the area is ready to check. The goal of each restock is to fill 100% of the items 100% of the time! DUMC NCP First Dose

7 Alternate locations to find Stock
If the storeroom or Omnicell stock area is out of stock on a particular item look to these alternate locations: First Dose Robot Offline Room IV room or SPC Premix Room The goal of each restock is to fill 100% of the items 100% of the time! DUMC NCP First Dose

8 Restocking a Single Medication (ie.Ketorolac 30 mg vial)
1. Touch INVENTORY MENU 2. Touch SUPPLEMENTAL RESTOCK on the left 3. Find Ketorolac by typing the first few letters or scroll using the touch screen or the keyboard 4. Select Ketorolac 30 mg vial 5. Type in the restock quantity of Touch OK NOTE: If you had more than one medication to restock you can select the others at this step for multiple restock. You can see the quantity indicated next on the left side of the item as you choose them. You could also use the DISPLAY MEDS TO RESTOCK MENU to see all items you’ve selected prior to beginning restock. 7. Touch RESTOCK MEDS NOW 8. Press flashing button on drawer and then pull it out all the way DUMC NCP First Dose

9 Restocking a Single Medication (ie.Ketorolac 30 mg vial)
9. Identify and open the ketorolac bin by using the flashing light or the bin numbering system NOTE: Items stocked in locked bins will require you to pull up on it twice for it to open. 10. Use the scanner to scan item for verification 11. Scan bin bar code for verification 12. Put in the earliest expiration date if it is before the date indicated on the screen. 13. Verify that the count in the bin matches the prior bin level indicated on the screen. THIS IS CRUCIAL. If count needs to be changed, press the CHANGE BIN LEVEL button on the top right. Enter correct number and press OK. 14. Restock the bin and close the bin and drawer NOTE: If you are working on a locked bin and you accidentally close it, you can immediately reopen the bin by indicating so on the screen.

10 Performing a Normal (Batch) Restock
Touch INVENTORY MENU Touch NORMAL RESTOCK Select the correct restock number and date 4. The bins with items needing restock will start flashing. Follow the green light and restock all medication. DUMC NCP First Dose

11 Destocking a Medication

12 Expiring or Recalling a Medication
1. Touch INVENTORY MENU 2. Touch EXPIRE/RECALL on the right side of screen 3. Touch FIND ITEM 4. SELECT ONDANSETRON 4 MG / 2 ML 5. Follow the guiding light and find location of Ondansetron 6. Open the bin 7. Move the cursor to the ITEMS TO EXPIRE/RECALL spot and enter 0 8. Press OK DUMC NCP First Dose

13 Return bin processing Touch INVENTORY MENU
Touch CLEAR RETURN BIN on left side of screen. Use Omnicell key #2204 to open the left keyhole on the return bin. Empty bin of all medications. Lock return bin. Compare contents of return bin to slip that prints. If there is any narcotic discrepancies the charge nurse must be notified immediately. Medication can be restocked using SUPPLEMENTAL RESTOCK or medication can be returned to pharmacy. DUMC NCP First Dose

14 Cycle Counting or Taking Period Inventory of Non-controlled Medications
1. Touch INVENTORY MENU 2. Touch CYCLE COUNT on the right side of the screen 3. Touch FIND ITEM 4. Select Acetaminophen 325mg tab 5. Look for the flashing green light 6. Remember to press the green button below the flashing light 7. Enter count on the screen 8. Press OK. You will get a confirmation question. Press YES. 9. Close the door DUMC NCP First Dose

15 Take the quiz! DUMC NCP First Dose

16 Questions During the generation of non-controlled restock sheets how many pages will generate per cabinet One Two Three Four When removing stock from the storeroom it is important to: Neatly document the item number of the product taken Document the quantity removed Give the completed Storeroom picksheet to the storeroom for inventory processing All of the above If the storeroom is unable to provide an item, it is okay to omit it on the restock without looking in alternate locations. True False Setting up a restock should use which of the following items? Plastic transparent bags Area specific bins Restock sheets denoting items filled or not-filled with technician initials To delete an item from a cabinet, use the destock function DUMC NCP First Dose

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