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So you want to create a PO Here’s how…. 1.Open RAPS and click the “Create” tab at the bottom of the screen.

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1 So you want to create a PO Here’s how…

2 1.Open RAPS and click the “Create” tab at the bottom of the screen.

3 2. The “Vendor” tab opens first. Click the “Select” button to choose your vendor.

4 3. Begin typing the name of the vendor and the system will go to that area. Once you find the vendor you want, click “ok”.

5 4. The chosen vendor will appear. 5. Next, click the “Items” tab to begin entering the items to buy.

6 6. List the items you wish to purchase be sure to enter the appropriate quantity and unit price per item.

7 7. If you have multiple items to purchase from the same vendor, click the + button to add items to the PO.

8 If you have quotes, please remember to list them in the quote box on the PO. If you are charging more than one account, please use the assign accounts by item.

9 8. Once all items are entered, click the “ $+ ” button to add your account number. If you know the number, type it in the box. If you do not know the number, click the eyeglass button to look it up.

10 9. A list of the department accounts you have access to use will be displayed.

11 10. Click on the “ + ” next to the department folder to expand it and locate the account you need. Click on the account to select and then click ok.

12 11. The eyeglasses with the $ sign allows you to see the funds available in the account you wish to allocate. 12. Click “ok” and the account number will be placed on the PO.

13 13. If all items will be charged to the same account number, click the “Other Info” tab at the top. If the items will be charged to different account numbers, repeat the steps to add the accounts. Once all have been entered, click the “Other Info” tab.

14 14. Choose the location where the items are to be shipped or received using the drop down box. Then type in the date you need the items in the “Need Date” box.

15 15. The “confirmation only” box tells Purchasing if the item(s) need to be ordered. If the box is unchecked, Purchasing WILL order the item(s).

16 16. The Services Only box should be checked if the PO is reimbursing a staff person for an expenditure already made, or is for a service (nothing to be received in Shipping/Receiving), or is an Open PO for a vendor.

17 17. In this example, items have been ordered on the RCC credit card. Only the “Confirmation Only” box should be checked. If “Reimbursement” box is checked, the items can’t be received in by Shipping and Receiving when the PO completes authorization.

18 18. The “Deliver To” box tells where the items are to be delivered. It’s helpful to put a name and location.

19 19. Once all info has been entered, click the “View PO” tab at the bottom.

20 20. Verify all information has been entered on the PO and click Ok.

21 21. Click “save” and then “send” and the PO will be sent for Approval. First stop is Purchasing where it is reviewed for accurate account numbers, etc. Then it is sent on to the next person on the Authorization “tree” for that account.

22 From the Purchase Order tab, click on the status button. A display box will appear to select the criteria of the PO in question. Choose the criteria and click Okay. PO Status

23 Checking the Status The Purchase Order Status screen provides information including where the PO is in Authorization, items received, payment status and if any portion of the PO has been voided.

24 Checking the Status – Auth/Detail The small eyeglass buttons on the left (Auth/Detail) once clicked on will show specific details. The Auth button will name the person the PO is waiting for approval. The Detail button shows items received, the quantity, the date the items were received and where the items were delivered.

25 Checking the Status - Payment If there is a symbol “=“ or “<“ in the payment column, double click on it to see detailed payment information. The box will provide the check number, the day it printed and the day it cleared the bank.

26 What Happens When the PO is Approved? Once a PO has completed Authorization, Purchasing prints and processes POs for orders. The remainder may be sent to Accounts Payable or to departments as appropriate. Remember it is College policy to have an approved purchase order prior to placing orders or making purchases for College items. In addition, if you order or purchase items that are sent to you or picked up by you, please make sure that Shipping and Receiving are notified. Or if possible, send a copy of the packing slip so the items can be officially “received in” in RAPS. Accounts Payable cannot pay for items that are not “received in”.


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