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Costpoint Credit Card Training Log In

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1 Costpoint Credit Card Training Log In
Enter User ID Enter Password Enter Database Press Enter Key

2 Navigation Click Materials Folder Click Procurement Planning
Double Click Requisitions Double Click Enter Requisitions

3 Requisition Setup Click Requisition No. and enter employee number and date (yymm) example: This number must be unique for each month’s transactions and the employee number must be the card holder. You will enter all of a month’s credit card charges on one Requisition Click Requisitioner ID, delete default employee ID if not yours and enter card holder employee ID, then tab key

4 Order Table Entry Click new line and Line 1, Line Rev 0 will appear in the order table Tab to Item column and click binoculars (see next slide page 6)

5 Item Selection Click on #CREDIT CARD PURCHASE to highlight
This Item must be selected for every line that you create-DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER “ITEMS” Click Select button which will return you to the Item column (see next slide page 7)

6 Order Table Entry Tab from Item column to Description column and enter description of purchase. Tab to Requisition line notes column and enter vendor name Tab to Qty column (see next slide page 8)

7 Order Table Entry Enter quantity ordered
Tab to Est. Unit Cost column and enter the per item price then tab. The Est. Ext. Cost Amt. column will auto fill with the total cost of line items purchased (Qty x Est. Unit Cost) Tab to Requested Date column and enter current date Tab to Internal Notes column (see next slide page 9)

8 Order Table Entry Enter justification in “Internal Notes” column
Tab to Target Place Date column and enter date item was received. This can be done later if the item was ordered but has not arrived Click Accounts subtask button (see next slide page 10)

9 Accounts Click new line and cursor will go to Proj Abbrev column. Enter or use lookup to populate the six digit column Tab to Proj Acct Abbrev column. Enter or use lookup to populate this four digit column and press tab If the item is to be charged to more than one Project, click new line again and complete as above. Assign appropriate $ amount or % allocation. Click OK button when finished which returns you main screen (see next slide page 11)

10 Order Table Entry Click new line. Return to page 5 for entering additional items or “shipping charges” Click save button if you are done entering and the dialog box will open Click “NO” to keep this requisition in a pending status for additional entries later in the month Click close button to end your session

11 Handling Credits Follow the process for entering a new line in the Order Entry Table Tab to Description and enter credit reason Tab to Requisition Line Notes column and enter the credit as “ -$x.xx” and any other relative information Tab to Quantity column and enter 1 Leave Est Unit Cost column as 0.00 Tab to Requested Date column and enter current date Tab to Target Placement Date column and enter date the credit was received Click on Accounts subtask and enter the appropriate Account(s) to credit. Then click OK Save if done

12 Deleting A Line Click the box to the left of the Line column and it will highlight the line. Click Line and choose Delete from the drop down menu and an “x” will appear to the left of the line indicating the line is deleted and it will be removed from the screen after the next save

13 Reconciling Your Statement
Your Bank of America Credit Card Statement and your Requisition (credit card log) must match exactly You may want to clone your Requisition if you have a number of items that are not on your current statement and will be on next months statement (see pages 15 & 16). Complete cloning before doing the following steps Do the necessary deletions and additions to make your records match including Target Placement Date (Date Received) for all line items Click save which produced the dialog box When you click “YES”, the record is frozen and no further changes can be made and is routed for approval Send your Credit Card Statement to your Approving Official according to the Credit Card Policy

14 Cloning An Existing Requisition To Create Next Month’s Requisition
Find the Requisition you wish to clone Click File and select Clone from the drop down menu Click Execute button (see next slide page 16)

15 Cloning An Existing Requisition To Create Next Month’s Requisition
An identical record will appear with no Requisition No. To finish the cloning procedure click the Accounts button Click clone from the File menu drop down box (See previous slide page 15) This will complete the cloning of the Requistion and the Accounts Assign a new Requisition No. at this time. (see page 4 – Requisition Setup)

16 Locating An Existing Requisition
Place cursor in Requisition No. column Click the “find” (spy glass) button Enter your requisition number or Employee ID and click Execute button If more than one choice appears in the text box, highlight the desired record and click Select button This will bring up the desired Requisition. (see next slide page 18)

17 Locating An Existing Requisition
If the Status is P (Pending) you can make modifications as needed If any other Status (see below) then no modifications can be made but it can be cloned At any time you need information about the fields on a screen, click the Button which is your help system for any open screen in Costpoint Status Codes P - Pending I – In Approval V – Void A – Approved R – Rejected G – PO Generated C - Closed

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