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Pharmacy Operations Reporting tools to help manage pharmacy business.

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1 Pharmacy Operations Reporting tools to help manage pharmacy business

2 Why is Pharmacy Growth Important? Pharmacy Represents 70% of total revenue generated at CVS. An efficient running pharmacy equals a profitable front store business.

3 Waiting Bin Waiting Bin Inventory is performed every second Saturday of the Month. Waiting Bin can be performed the earliest is 2 hours before closing (non-24hr store) It is best to perform a waiting bin after the pharmacy is closed if possible. In a 24hr location waiting bin can performed in two time frames. 10p – 11:45p or 1a – 3a.

4 Purpose of the inventory is to capture all loss prescriptions There are four places a completed script can be POS – Script was scanned at register and given to customer RTS – Returned to Stock Waiting Bin – Still in the store in the waiting bin Shrink What is a loss script? Missed ring at register Missing Label RTS – not performed properly Stolen

5 Reports To Maintain Cash / Loss Report Shows all scripts that does not have POS activity. (Not Rung Up) Refunds will not show up on this report Used to verify all scripts have been accounted for POS Discrepancy Report Helps determine any refunds that was not properly RTS Shows double rings on same script Cash script discrepancy (30 pills instead of 90)

6 RF Directions 1. RX Item Management 2. Waiting Bin 3. Log On 4. Hit enter after welcome screen 5. Work off the Cash/Loss Report and find and scan all labels. If script is missing (find it, reprint label, RTS) 6. Hit “C” to complete 7. Report will print in FS office 8. End of report is a grand total that should match the cash/loss total.

7 AIM Out Of Stocks Why- To true up Inventory BOH Complete day before poll day Minimum of 10 items to be scanned Print Report in FS controller Partner with RX to scan accurate results

8 Perpetual Inventory Out Of Stock Scan Automated Order Delivery

9 Printing the Out of Stock Report Store Operations Workbench Order Entry Order Report Menu AIM Out Of Stock Report Pharmacy Report (Enter) Enter Range Dates F4 to Display F4 to Print

10 Pending Inventory Metrics Report This reports gives you the actual total and percent of scripts that could not be filled due to out of stock product in the pharmacy. Having an out of stock will have a negative impact on your business, if a customer can not get their medication they will go somewhere else. Goal of the company is 1.5% or below in outs.

11 How To Access in RX2000 Main Menu #11 Management Inventory Reports #2 Pending Inventory Metric Enter Date Range (can be a three month range) #3 Drug Detail Report

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