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FASHION TV "Shaping the trends to come" TV Loves Mobile Budapest, June 2004 Xavier LECLERC.

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1 FASHION TV "Shaping the trends to come" TV Loves Mobile Budapest, June 2004 Xavier LECLERC

2 Founded in 1997, Fashion TV is an independent channel which is the only global 24/7 TV network dedicated to Fashion, Beauty and Style. After only 7 years, FTV became: –One of the major thematic channels in the world –A worldwide brand –The media of reference for Fashion & Beauty FTV developed the concept of glamour entertainment by offering to its viewers an exclusive access to the front rows of all fashion shows around the world, from the most famous (Milan, NYC, London, Paris) to the upcoming ones (Bangkok, Shanghai, Melbourne, Cape Town, Warsaw, Zagreb…). FASHION TV : a success story

3 "I see it first on FTV Fashion, as a passion or profession (B2B) Music: trendy & modern Beauty of the images: models and clothes Strong representation in public places: bars, clubs, gyms, SPAs, hair salons, hotels, airports, lounges… 4 Reasons to watch FTV

4 FTV always implemented an innovative business model in tight relation with combined network operators: Subscription fees Airtime & Program Sales Merchandising Strategy

5 Fashion TV is present in 132 countries on 5 continents and reaches 138 million households through 32 satellites and over 1,000 cable networks. Europe38.9 millions 28.2% Asia78 millions 56.5% Africa/Oceania2.7 millions 2% America18.4millions 13.3% Global Reach

6 "I see it first on my mobile

7 Why today? Mobile Operators want to push their subscribers to switch from 2G to 2.5G & 3G services. Aim of Mobile Operators: increase consumer data consumption and their ARPU by offering easy to use applications and attractive services. Strategy for 2004 & 2005: Focus on value adding services, including video content, to give evidence to switch to 2.5G and 3G platforms. Content acquisition is key for the success of the Operators strategies. Operators need to have addictive content to push data consumption and lead the customers to log on several times per day.

8 FTVs quick development is due to its technologically at the edge policy: A primary network in MPEG2 (Eutelsat HotBird, Asiasat, Intelsat, EuroBird) to ease the delivery of the signal to cable networks & DTH platforms; Key terrestrial free to air agreements aimed at increase the channels popularity; A complementary broadcast in MPEG4 (partnership with Eutelsat) for the broadband operators; Why today?

9 Mobile Development is natural in FTVs strategy. –FTV is a channel, not just a content provider; –Mobile as part of FTVs wide distribution network; –Mobile broadcast is part of FTVs core business and the business model is similar to carriage fees. Why today?

10 Fashion TV benefits from three advantages: 1. Attractive content: People, glamour, sexy, trendy and chic (images and videos); 2. A worldwide brand, as FTV beneficiates from a high end image, strong brand awareness and an easy concept to communicate on; 3. An innovative and ready to be launched video for mobile offer to lead customers toward the use of 2.5G and 3G. Key targets: FTV viewers fit perfectly the core targets for new mobile services. Global Symbol: F.TV is recognised as a global symbol for the newest designer trends, the lifestyle of fashion professionals and the glamour of models Why choose FTV?

11 FTV focused on a clear theme and developed original & strategic editorial choices geared at creating a globally attractive channel. A subtle mix of beautiful images and trendy music Catwalks are at the heart of FTV s programming but new magazines (Designers@Work, One day With a Model) and series (Shoot Me, FTV Model Awards) are being developed. 1. Content

12 Fashion TV is now an international brand, with strong added value and an high end image; Various products and franchises support Fashion TV around the world (CDs, FashionBars, Fashion TV Parties, FTV Model Awards…) Operators do not have to educate their subscribers about what their offer is; 3G phones are fashionable must haves for FTV viewers Cross-marketing opportunities (launch parties, program sponsoring…) FOR Global Brands TO Global Audiences 2. Worldwide Brand

13 1.Fashion TVs video offer is based on the following principles: –Strong refreshment (up to 3 new clips per day) –Flexible duration : 10 to 60 sec video clips adapted to GPRS 1 to 3 minutes video clips adapted to UMTS –Three thematic easy to identify: Fantastic Fashion, Gorgeous Guys, Gorgeous Girls With music ! 2.24/7 MPEG-4 signal for live streaming to your subscribers. 3. Content Offer

14 Young, urban, trendy, active people !!! Men (67%) Women (33%) Adults between 18 & 49 (78.4%) with its core group 24-39 (50,2%) 67% of viewers are A & AB. 3G phones are fashionable must haves High spenders, technology sensitive, travelers, active, receptive to publicity, plugged-ins, early adopters & trend-setters Source: EMS 2003, BARB 2003 4. Viewer ship

15 FTV ranks 1st as 2 out of 3 FTV viewers are Heavy Mobile Phone Users. FTV viewers are used to out of home viewing !

16 FTV is broadcast and well known in all the territories where video services are being launched and services have been launched in many countries: France Orange (2.5G & 3G) UK O2; T-Mobile; Flix; Vodafone IsraelCellcom (2.5G & 3G) ItalyTIM (3G); H3 (3G) Hong Kong Hutchinson 3G ThailandSamart (2.5G) JapanFOMA (3G) FinlandDNA (2.5G) FTV is currently discussing with Operators and partners ( network providers) in numerous other countries around the globe Achievements

17 FTV is looking at all innovations to be a first mover: –IP TV (xDSL; Wi Max…) –DVBH experiments (Finnish Mobile TV) –A la carte video based services FTVs strategy for the future is threefold: Increased localization Innovative programming New technology services such as the mobile market What Next ?

18 Contact Contact : Xavier LECLERC – Business Development 12 rue Hamelin 75016 PARIS Tél. +33 1 45 05 45 45 Fax. +33 1 45 04 45 44 Email: Any questions ?

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