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Mobile TV Future Innovative Service from Broadcasters Perspective.

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1 Mobile TV Future Innovative Service from Broadcasters Perspective

2 HDTV DMB DVB-TDVB-H IPTV New Media Technologies Contents (TV, Films, Internet, …) Better Quality On Demand Ubiquity Adaptable Bandwith Individual Interactive New Platforms

3 Regional Contents by Regional Broadcasters: New contents (regional traffic, news, weather, shows,...) Better use of contents (multiple-shift usage) Interactive participation of viewers (local events – viewers send mobile phone generated video files, games, …) Regional broadcasting becomes more useful and interesting! New markets – new opportunities

4 Mobile TV- third screen for the viewers classic and mobile television do not compete with one another online, television and mobile TV complement and support each other mobile TV still unknown medium and therefore associated with a lot of uncertainty by consumers (standard, costs, network, end device)

5 Current Situation in Europe vast majority of European Countries use UMTS with mobile high flow Problem: network is overloaded / quality is very poor DMB and DVB-H are now being experimented DVB-H standard is expanding only Italy has launched a commercial service for mobile TV with DVB-H

6 Required Contents for Mobile TV 47 % 31 % 15 % 10 % 9 % 5 % 4 % news sports films documentations music videos TV series sitcoms / comedy

7 NEWS 100 sec Tagesschau

8 via UMTS or download updated every hour; 8 a.m- 9 p.m available for all video compatible mobile phones in the mobile internet available as stream or download content free; however the telcos charge fees NEWS 100 sec Tagesschau

9 SPORTS True start of MOBILE TV in Europe Beijing Olympic Games European Football Championchip

10 Mobile TV WM 2006 in Germany UMTS difficulties with the connection to the WAP server clear time offset interruptions and strong motion artifacts DVB-H very good reception sharp display, high audio quality, no audio interruptions, 10 sec. of time offset programme selection via WAP, therefore no SIM card from the mobile phone provider necessary DMB various transmission capacities in some cases urban areas only reception difficulties in open rooms good and detailed display, but artefacts in fast sequences

11 UMTS reaches its capacity limits quite fast broadcast networks are indispensable for mass attractiveness mobile television is a new, interesting element in realisation chains specialty programming is quite promising feedback channel makes interactive offers with added value possible first DMB and DVB-H tests are evidence of high visual and audio quality as well as of reception coverage Conclusion

12 Thanks for your attention!

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