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´Love in the Sky - London´ 18th October The Gherkin The motto of ´Love in the Sky´ is to promote local and international interdisciplinary artistic.

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1 ´Love in the Sky - London´ 18th October The Gherkin The motto of ´Love in the Sky´ is to promote local and international interdisciplinary artistic talent and to create synergies and network opportunities for both artists and sponsors of the arts in the most iconic and privileged buildings in world.

2 ´Love in the Sky - London´ Love in the Sky - London is the first part of this project, which intends to bring innovative art/fashion/design/music concepts into iconic buildings around the world under the common theme of Love. In this particular occasion the chosen city is London, the chosen building is Fosters Swiss Re building the Gherkin and the chosen time is during Frieze Week in October, a week in which London becomes the art capital of the world.

3 ´Love in the Sky - London´ ´Love in the Sky´ is a creation of award-winning composer and sound artist Toni Castells, who will perform his new ground- breaking interactive performance in this opening event. Several proposals from different artists and fashion designers are being reviewed at the moment in order for them to also be part of ´Love in the Sky – London´ ´Love in the Sky´ is intended to become a worldwide hub where international and local talent from the world of art, music, fashion and design gets in touch with brands/sponsors/other networks which can ´use´ art as a channel in which to target this cool/young/exciting/arty audience from London and other major cities in the world that have become the new tastemakers and trendsetters of choice.

4 ´Love in the Sky - London´ In exchange, artists, musicians and designers can benefit from these resources/networks/connections in order to expand and develop their practice and to promote and showcase their work to a wider audience. In a scenario where institutional support for the creative arts is weakening significantly in most developed countries, the need to create new platforms in which these synergies can be nurtured and developed has become an imperative necessity. The target audience for the event is a hand-picked sophisticated audience which may include the current movers and shakers of the art, music, design and fashion world on an international level. Holding the event during Frieze Week makes this a much easier task.

5 ´Love in the Sky - London´ The Love in the Sky team is in the process of selecting the right sponsors that would like to be associated with the brand ´Love in the Sky´. Sponsors might find such events as an opportunity to push their brand, to establish new business connections, add value to their brand or they might just want to bring their best clients/guests to such exciting event in such a privileged location on such a significant date in the art world. ´Love in the Sky´ will become in the near future a worldwide franchise with the concept being developed in cities like Shanghai, Barcelona and New York. Having a successful London event will provide key for this future developments. As a result it would be desirable that the sponsors for ´Love in the Sky´ shared also a global vision and had interests at an international level in order to be associated with the ´Love in the Sky´ in the long term.

6 ´Love in the Sky - London´ Swiss Re, owner of the Gherkin, has already become the first sponsor of ´Love in the Sky´ due to their interest on being associated with such an innovative idea and they are extremely happy to host such innovative idea on their wonderful building. A a result, they have offered their top two floors, where the event will take place, at a minimum cost in order for it to cover the expenses of having such space open (staff, security, etc.) We´ve had huge interest from a large number of possible sponsors and we are in the process of selecting the right partners for ´Love in the Sky´ who can help it grow and develop into all its full potential.

7 ´Love in the Sky - London´ Sponsors would be able to: -Bring guests to the event (numbers negotiable). The top two floors of the Gherkin hold up to 260 people. - Promote/push their products/business ideas to the exclusive hand-picked crowd. - Bring their own sponsored artists/designers as part of the creative talent showcasing their work in the event. - Use the event to launch new products or open new markets. - Use the name ´Love in the Sky´as part of their promotional strategies.

8 ´Love in the Sky - London´ Costs of ´Love In the Sky - London´: Gherkin Hire of top two floors (to cover costs) - £2,500 + VAT Minimum Food Expense of £7,500 + VAT (That could be increased if the sponsor plans to bring a large number of people and want to increase the food/drink allowance per guest) Production Fees £4,000 (these are approximate and may vary slightly)

9 ´Love in the Sky - London´ Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. You can reach us on or on (until the 10 th of August) and on (from the 10 th of The ´Love in the Sky´ team looks forward to hearing from you!!!

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